Review: Kobayashi Seiyaku Underarm Sweat Sheet (Soap Fragrance)

Hello lovelies!

If you have been following my Instagram (@beeleec), Three weeks ago, I have been posting a pic asking what it is. Lol. Go check the answers out (HERE)! ^^

I got this from my Hong Kong 2016 trip (I have it blogged and posted & a short video up on my YouTube channel!!):

< Soap Fragrance Underarm Sweat Sheet >

It was my first ever underarm sweat sheet product.

Why buy?
#1 Never have I ever had such product in my hauls!
And I just got to try it!

#2 It was rose scent!
But oh shit, its not.
Did not read the box but misread the price label.
It's soap fragrance, omg. So wrong! Omg.
But nevermind la. Cannot fly back and change liao.

#3 Avoid that "stain" embarrassment!
Sometimes I sweat so much that it went through my clothes...and, that's awkward.

*All info (from here)*
Brand: Kobayashi Seiyaku
Product Name: Underarm Sweat Sheet
Origin: Japan
Content: 20 pieces

*All info (from here)*
Underarm sweat sheet concept is based on RIFF: Refine, Ideal, Fine, Fresh.
Its new packaging & design makes it convenient for application & disposal.
The curve fits human arm curve thus sticking on sleeves are made easy.
Material is only 1mm thick of cotton; feels like nothing and not visible on the outside of clothes.
It effectively absorb sweat and let you feel fresh all day.
No need to be too bothered with your BO as it contains deodourizing agent!


*All info (from here)*
Tear off sticker (1). Stick on the appropriate position below the sleeve.
Tear off sticker (2) and stick inside the sleeve.
Front section of your armpit secretes sweat easier than the back section.
Please stick this product 2cm at front from the middle to ensure entire absorption of  your sweat.

It looks like pad/ nipple cover to me la. Anyway, the dotted lines are the sticky part to be stuck on your clothes.

During application:
It actually smells pretty decent. Not too overwhelming and mainly hope it works.
Sticky part ain't too sticky when I touch it with my fingers. But when it sticks on itself, it really is sticky. Just hope that it won't leave any sticky residue when I removed  it.

After application:
In less than 5 hours, I think, my underarm sweat sheet on my left side has already fell to the lower section of my clothes, and that's bad! What if it fell all the way down on the floor and people will be wondering what it is?

To be fair, my clothes was kinda loose and not tight fitting, so will need to try with a tight fitting top and update you lovelies again.

Sensitivity: no (for me)
Adhesiveness: Not really. One side actually dropped.
Effectiveness: No sweat stains and the pad is actually quite dry and does not actually make me feel sweaty. (the side that stayed)
*need some time to get used to it coz it feels abit like wearing pad for your underarm*
No sticky residue left after sticking it for 1 day.

Repurchase: maybe no coz I use it slow.

Thanks for reading lovelies 


  1. interesting, first time to know of this.
    how much is it?

    1. I got it for HKD$29. Sasa online store sells for USD$5.50 ^^

  2. Never heard of this before. Product looks good for those who sweat a lot.

  3. I saw this before..and it seems like it would work for me...but now it has me wondering...since i mostly use loose tops..

    1. will do a post update again when I have the chance ^^

  4. Never saw this before.. But i think its worth to buy..

    1. A good 1 time buy coz I don't think one will use it very fast

  5. Never saw this before.. But i think its worth to buy..

    1. I think it is, but will need to try out a few more times to finalize what I think about it ^^

  6. Very interesting! I didnt know such product exist. Funny to think what people can come up with. Definitely helps some people out there!

  7. Ah, I've never seen this before. I can't imagine that would happen if it fell on the floor. LOL

  8. new product for me.I wonder if it work for me :)

    1. Definitely worth the try! Do share with me your experience if you do try! ^^

  9. very interesting product! Thanks for your honest review

  10. Didn't know about this brand until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

  11. I've heard about this before but never tried haha Too bad it doesn't really stick tho :/ -Elfie Jane

    1. Lol, will do several more tries and update again! ^^

  12. Japan always comes out with crazy ideas but useful items like this!

  13. First time I heard of this. This is good for people who stay in hot countries.