[Sponsored] My Light Facial Experience by C.Michael Aesthetic Medical Laser Centre // Signature Glow Treatment //

Hello lovelies.

This is my second sponsored post. Thank you C. Michael Aesthetic Medical Laser Centre for the invitation.

This was my after treatment face but..since I am not wearing contact lens, I look blind and awkward. Also tired coz of the late sleeping hours. Sorry about that! :) Also edited coz the lighting wasn't great.

So honored, excited, nervous and scared at the same time coz I am unsure on what to expect. Never have I had a laser treatment before. Luckily they did explain to me what I need to know or asked on that day itself and via the email. So I believe I am in good hands ^^

Anyways, it is not like the normal facial you go to where there is extraction involved. No extraction for this. So it was called "Light Facial" instead of facial "facial".

Difference between traditional laser facial and laser facial (Q-Switched Laser + LASEMD) at C. Michael:

  • 1) Normal facial usually helps to clean the external part of our skin so that whatever skincare we apply will hopefully (not all) be absorbed more into the skin. C. Michael facial helps to penetrate 100% of whatever skincare you apply.
  • 2) Price wise, in my opinion, C. Michael is more steep but they do not ask you to do it frequently. Of course for better result and maintenance it is advised to go for a once every two weeks treatment.
  • 3) Fast and effective. For those on-the-go or busy individuals, only 15-30 minutes max for this "Signature Glow Treatment" to achieve brighter and more even skin tone.
  • 4) No down time (peeling or swelling) like the traditional laser treatment.


About C. Michael "Signature Glow treatment":

Effectively deliver the real glowing results after the 30-min procedure!

An intensive anti-ageing treatment to keep skin youthful. Treatment includes 2 procedures of treatment:
Laser (Q-Switched Laser) and Facial (LASEMD)

Q-Switched Laser is one of the most technologically advanced lasers. Wavelength of Rich-PTP toning delivers deep thermal energy and destroys pigment on skin selectively, thus reduce thermal damage on our skin. The thermal energy are equally delivered into deeper skin for remodeling dermis and helps clear skin. It is highly effective for anti-ageing and collagen lift. Super effective in combating multiple skin problems such as pigmentations (such as freckles, blemishes, melasma, hyperpigmention and complexion), open pores, fine lines, pimples & uneven skin tone. Also can remove tattoo too (but the duration of the process I am not sure). Whole process takes only 15 minutes and is conducted by accredited doctor thus minimal pain and no down time.

LASEMD is a cutting edge cosmeceutical delivery system (CDS) which combines a sophisticated laser system together with its exclusive line of cosmeceuticals (LASEMD Ampoules). Engineered to speed up healing from the inside out. Thus doing this right after the Q-Switched Laser would effectively deliver the perfect skin rejuvenation procedure that accelerates cell renewal, combats free radicals, brighten and strengthen the skin. Moreover, it also reduces all types of acne, controls sebum production, shrink large pores, reduce redness from inflamed acne, safe even for inflamed acne, no medication required, no need to extract comedones, & reduced reoccurrence and inflammation.
LASEMD is recommended for?
If you do not see results you want from your normal skin program and are not ready for downtimes associated with traditional laser treatments
If you want brighter skin tone and improved texture with minimal downtime
If you are looking for a long term skin care program that can prevent skin damage
If you need an after care program to assist another laser or alternative energy treatment
Currently C. Michael is the only one who owns this technology in Malaysia.


Caught your interest yet? :)
Read on coz I am sharing with you lovelies their amazing Signature Glow Treatment and quote my name to enjoy the voucher below! ^^ just couldn't contain my excitement coz it was obvious after my first treatment. Let's delay no more and see what I had asked and experienced that day! ^^


I have received the invitation on October 24th to experience C. Michael "Signature Glow Treatment". I was scheduled for the treatment on November 1st.

BEFORE pics (no edit, no make up, only lash extension and normal lighting):

Under a more brightly lit room. Freaking dark omg. Lol. Anyway, ignore my eye area (black belt dark eye circles etc) and look at my forehead (fine lines and acne and marks), cheeks & chin.

More of the flaws.

Overall dull and uneven complexion
1) uneven skin tone on forehead & acnes & marks
2) redness at the sides of the nose and pores on cheeks near nose
3) acne marks and 1 angry pimple building up


Fill in form (basic info)

1) What should I expect since this is my first laser facial?
Pain (varies according to color of skin tone and pigmentation)
Burnt smell (not your skin so don't worry!)
Redness (will go way at max of 2 hours)
Pain (is like rubber band snapping against your skin) level varies according to individuals

2) How long will it last?
2 weeks

3) Post-care treatment?
Apply loads of moisturiser and sunscreen!
First 3-5 days apply what ever masks and skincare, it'll be fully absorbed by your "activated" pores

Cleansing + Laser (Q-Switched Laser) + Facial (LASEMD)

Skin was cleansed and pat dry.


Video taken by one of the staff. Thank you! ^^

This is the Q-Switched Laser treatment where it goes all around my face for 2 rounds.
First round: like super minor electrical zap or light contact with snapping rubber band against skin. Warm feeling but not burning. Can smell burnt smell. Pain level: 2/10
Second round: like more electric current in staccato speed or more contact with snapping rubber band. More warm feeling and still have burnt smell. Pain level: 5/10
Result: Skin has become less oily and more even.

Facial (LASEMD):

The complete step-by-step of LASEMD facial

They say that my skin was young so Ascorbic Acid ampoule will do

It feels totally like the manual face roller with loads of fine needles. What is it called again? OMG. Pain level starts with 4/10 and then increases to 6/10 coz I think my skin has become more sensitive with the googles covering my eyes. After that, she applied ascorbic acid (viatmin C) serum, moisturiser and sunscreen. This facial (LASEMD) was said to have "microchanelled" aka open pores or activated the pores so that whatever product that is applied for the subsequent 3-5 days would be absorbed by the skin 100%.
Overall result: Skin is definitely clean and not oily. More even and SUPER SMOOTH! Smooth like a baby's butt (not that I have touched one as of recently). My forehead used to have a wrinkle-ish line and it has disappeared, which means my face is now much more hydrated with the dead skin cells gone. Praised the LASEMD machine which is highly popular in Korea, known as "Baby skin Laser". Not to forget, my chin used to be super rough with white heads camping for sometime over the years, also smoother. I am so sorry for not taking a pic of my chin coz the facial I went usually do not really help me extract my whiteheads in my chin area and I just cannot believe it! OMG <3

Right AFTER pics (took this when I am outta the place so I can examine my face shamelessly, lol. But lighting sucks. Regretted for not taking an after pic in the same room):

How is my face? :)

Just some redness for my acne marks especially
Skin so smooth like baby butt and no fine line on forehead <3 <3 <3
Chin used to be rough with settlements of black- & white- heads, now lesser.


Here is the referral promo. Just quote my name or show them any of my social media posting regarding it then you can try this wonderful experience at just RM299. It is the best deal so far lovelies!

Yes, when my skin are better and if there is super important event. And most importantly when I have extra savings, lol.

I think it is super important to not use several products at once coz maybe the absorption was super good and my skin just cannot stand me using all the products at once thus causing sensitivity (how would I know which caused it cause I used a few of the new products at once) and breakout. Also due to late sleeping hours. Not only that, I must think of better ways and products that can moisturised my skin from the inside out. Correction: They replied regarding my concern on my sensitive patches: Skin is more sensitive as your dead skin cells is removed and will regenrate in 28 days. So more after care of moisturiser is needed!!

Skincare routine starting on 1/11/2016:
I did mask every night starting from November 1st till 3rd November (stopped coz breakout and sensitivity patches appeared on both cheeks). Only started applying moisturiser on 3rd November. Did some spraying of Evian spring water coz my face feels tight and when there is sensitive bumpy patches. Slept no earlier than 12am every night. Update again for 6th November: Sensitivity bumpy patches got better from 5th November evening. So I can pretty much say that it is either my eye mask or facial sheet mask that has caused the weird irritation.

08/11/2016 current face (On my face: biore non-tinted sunblock & papulex moisturiser; no edit, no make up):

(Image taken in public bank waiting area. I think the lighting there washes off the color of my face)
Still looking tired. Coz of the sudden sensitivity, I have stopped masking for a few days & have been sleeping late too.

(Image take under natural sunlight)
Skin looks better although major redness appear around nose area. still have pimple marks. overall skin looks more radiant and healthy, I think

What you think about my current skin? :)

More luminous face but....
1) my forehead has become dry once again, not too dry but still ok coz not that visible in pic
2) smooth face but need more hydration
3) acne lesser and not errupting :)


  • Safe: Non-invasive and safe for all skin types. Using FDA approved laser and light machines
  • Fast: 30 minutes including Q-Switched Laser + LASEMD facial treatment
  • Effective: For pigmentation, pores, pimples, rejuvenation, uneven skin tone and fine wrinkles
  • No downtime: No swelling or skin peeling
  • Medical grade: Special and safe laser protocol created by accredited doctor
  • No Anesthesia: Not used except for laser removal

  • Costly
  • Face may be a bit sensitive (counter with loads of hydration masks and products and you are good to go!)

Disclaimer: Although this is a sponsored post, my review is honest and non-biased. They were very kind to help proofread the fact part on their laser facial info and that is it. What you read is based on my experience and skin at that time. 


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