Diamond Powder Mask

Powder mask popularity seemed to have died down. But it was hot at that time. I remembered I was first exposed to this mask when in International Beauty Expo 2015 (IBE). Went with mom and sisters. We were just so amazed that it was so cooling and nice when they had us swatched on our palm. Love it. Without hesitation, we got 4 1kg packs and also some mini packs that can be used up to 2 times.

I tried the rose powder mask first and love it.
It was a pleasant experience coz sis did all the mixing, application & peeling <3

This time, I am trying the Diamond powder mask and I forgot what's the ratio and whether to use it with warm or tap water.

This I got for 4 or 5 different small packs for RM20 or RM25 from last year's International Beauty Expo.

Not sure but I am guessing for radiance (reduce dullness), improve elasticity and promote firmer skin

I used tap water + powder = gooey solution
*be sure to spread fast coz it will harden*

Spread on face and wait until it becomes jelly like and touch to check

Then peel...

I know it is really eeeeeewwwwww but I like the result tho slightly drying for my forehead especially.
It was suppose to come out as a piece but I think I applied in the wrong ratio and slow therefore it is like agar-agar

Both are the result right after I have cleansed the remaining of the powder gooey mask. So ok? ;)

Removal process was much easier compared to Jelly tub mask.
Not much scent
Face feels somewhat tight but smooth
It was a tad bit drying for my skin but my snail gel does its work.

Maybe, till all my stocks are finishing ^^

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