Baviphat Fruit Miracle Mask Sheet Peach Tanggle Jelly

Hello lovelies,
It has been awhile since I last talked about mask,
but as you can see in my last lash extension selfie (HERE)
I did mention about this recent mask sheet that I tried and love.

Pic by me ^^

Brand: Baviphat

Name: Fruit Miracle Mask Sheet Peach Tanggle Jelly
Content: 23g

Pic by me ^^

Where to get (Info taken from eBay) :
From ebay, it costs $5.99 for 2 pieces.
I got mine for free from my HK trip haul back in 2014 (HERE).

Claims (Info taken from eBay) :
Ideal for hydration and brightness

Apply on cleansed and toned face for 15-20 minutes.Follow by serum, cram and/or moisturiser.

This is already my third piece and its finishing soon...
I like the fruity smell, I thought it was apple but
Gotta give credit coz there is minimal stickiness once it has absorbed into the skin.
And it also do not drip during the application of the mask.
Most importantly, there is no allergic reaction.
Face is definitely moisturised but I did not have a tool to measure the accuracy.
Brightening, not sure, coz I did another mask before that.


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