Diamond Powder Mask

Powder mask popularity seemed to have died down. But it was hot at that time. I remembered I was first exposed to this mask when in International Beauty Expo 2015 (IBE). Went with mom and sisters. We were just so amazed that it was so cooling and nice when they had us swatched on our palm. Love it. Without hesitation, we got 4 1kg packs and also some mini packs that can be used up to 2 times.

I tried the rose powder mask first and love it.
It was a pleasant experience coz sis did all the mixing, application & peeling <3

This time, I am trying the Diamond powder mask and I forgot what's the ratio and whether to use it with warm or tap water.

This I got for 4 or 5 different small packs for RM20 or RM25 from last year's International Beauty Expo.

Not sure but I am guessing for radiance (reduce dullness), improve elasticity and promote firmer skin

I used tap water + powder = gooey solution
*be sure to spread fast coz it will harden*

Spread on face and wait until it becomes jelly like and touch to check

Then peel...

I know it is really eeeeeewwwwww but I like the result tho slightly drying for my forehead especially.
It was suppose to come out as a piece but I think I applied in the wrong ratio and slow therefore it is like agar-agar

Both are the result right after I have cleansed the remaining of the powder gooey mask. So ok? ;)

Removal process was much easier compared to Jelly tub mask.
Not much scent
Face feels somewhat tight but smooth
It was a tad bit drying for my skin but my snail gel does its work.

Maybe, till all my stocks are finishing ^^

ReEn Yungo Ampule Drop Essence V.S Mise en scene Perfect Repair Hair Oil Essence (for damaged hair)

Hello lovelies!

~~ OMG ~~

I just accidentally deleted my whole post while trying to edit in a comparison table in the html section! OMG! I did not delete it at first but it is after several tries yet I still cannot get it
*give up,*

Can comment down below to help a fellow IT dummy here? thanks so much!
*don't wanna give up, yet* 

~~ So sad ~~

Anyway, it started out with "Who cannot live without hair oil / capsule?"

blah blah blah...

Okay, lemme think, I got my first hair capsule product in Form 2 I think. It was a birthday gift from Ms N. *thank you* That was when I first knew about the existence and had it incorporated into my super lazy hair care routine (daily shampoo with 1 or 2 times of conditioner in 1 week). Thanks to the hair capsule, my hair is less frizzy.

About 2 to 3 years ago, I bleached (twice) half of my shoulder-length hair for the first time coz I finally decided to go for a dip-dyed purple. Oh well. It did not last very long and I dyed and dyed my hair for around 2 times annually. Hair oils then became my must have in my hair care routine (daily shampoo, conditioner & hair oil ; treatment once to twice in a week). I feel like my hair ends are like the clip on fake hair I got from taobao. Ohmygod. That is why my first ever Althea Haul was more on the maintenance on parts that people might not really notice or bother. *lol*

The 2 hair oil today is my Must-Have where ever I go:

Photo by me :)

Brand: Reen
Item: Yungo Ampoule Drop Essence
Content: 80ml
Where I got it? Hong Kong trip by sis


Photo by ne :)

Brand: Mise en scene
Item: Perfect Repair Hair Oil Essence (for damaged hair)
Content: 70ml
Where I got it? Althea.kr

Answers to questions I think you will ask me (all answers are based on my current hair length and condition):

This is my current hair length.
Ends are dry.
If I do not use conditioner, I think my hair will all be tangled.

1) Smell?
I like Yungo better coz it is perfum-ish flowery smell while Mise en scene is more of the powdery and later turn sweet-ish smell. Both smell do not linger for too long. Yungo scent, I think, is slightly more lasting on my hair.

2) Texture?
Yungo is more watery/runny while Mise en scene is more concentrated & gel-ish.

3) Which is needed more to optimally moisturise my hair?
I think I needed to pump more for Yungo (5 pumps) coz Mise en scene (4 pumps) is more gel-ish so it feels like a little goes a long way. The next morning, half to one more pump of Mise en scene is needed to detangle the morning hair. The same applies to Yungo.
Conclusion: Yungo= 5.5 pumps while Mise en scene 4.5 pumps

4) Is it oily when you go wash your hands right after application?
Yungo: surprisingly not oily :))
Mise en scene: surprisingly not at all! But if you pump too much and there is excess, yes it does!!and shampoo also cannot remove the greasy feeling  :/

5) Effectiveness?
I think Mise en scene is better than Yungo coz I have a little hair tangled after 1 or 2 days of application of yungo.

6) Cost?
Mise en scene is cheaper compared to Yungo.
Promotional price of Mise en scene is 28 (at Hermo) and 31 (at Althea) while Yungo is kinda limited to ebay and other sites that I do not really frequent, Rm52.90 (at koreansbymalaysia.com and also at a blog)
Non-promotional price for Mise en scene is RM59.00 while Yungo is RM59.90

7) Repurchase?
If there is only two choice, then Mise en scene is my pick! Would love to check out Althea other hair care product and see how they fare on my dry hair.

Just a quickie, I have recently discover this new love, a conditioner that works so so well that I maybe no longer need capsule or hair oil anymore. Hmm..will ask for more feedback and do a compilative review soon ;)

If there is more questions that I did not answer, do comment down below and I will try my best to answer them for you. If any of you have tried any good or recommending hair oils, do comment down below too!would love to try more!

Baviphat Fruit Miracle Mask Sheet Peach Tanggle Jelly

Hello lovelies,
It has been awhile since I last talked about mask,
but as you can see in my last lash extension selfie (HERE)
I did mention about this recent mask sheet that I tried and love.

Pic by me ^^

Brand: Baviphat

Name: Fruit Miracle Mask Sheet Peach Tanggle Jelly
Content: 23g

Pic by me ^^

Where to get (Info taken from eBay) :
From ebay, it costs $5.99 for 2 pieces.
I got mine for free from my HK trip haul back in 2014 (HERE).

Claims (Info taken from eBay) :
Ideal for hydration and brightness

Apply on cleansed and toned face for 15-20 minutes.Follow by serum, cram and/or moisturiser.

This is already my third piece and its finishing soon...
I like the fruity smell, I thought it was apple but ...lol.
Gotta give credit coz there is minimal stickiness once it has absorbed into the skin.
And it also do not drip during the application of the mask.
Most importantly, there is no allergic reaction.
Face is definitely moisturised but I did not have a tool to measure the accuracy.
Brightening, not sure, coz I did another mask before that.


Celmonze Lash Extension -- CNY Promotion

If you follow my Instagram (@beeleec), you will probably see my ridiculous pic. Go see if you haven't! Lol.

Quite a pricey one actually. Rm119 for 120 lashes without touch up. Oh well. I initially bought it coz I thought I would go for a job but in the end didn't. And also, I thought the service was good ma...and it also don't have any deadline :)

My receipt :)
Pricey. 120 lashes.
No touch up.
No deadline

The only downfall in my last post (Groupon Experience with Celmonze The Signature ) was the bad parking experience there. So terrible.

This time the parking experience was better. But. The service at celmonze...they're ok, no pushy sales and etc but my lashes. . .

They turned out okay but I told the staff that my eyes was irritated and she told me that it is probably the gas of the glue. Then I was thinking to myself, "why only 1 eye & not both?"

After returning home I still feel something in the side of my eyes. I looked at myself in the mirror but thought I was sensitive so I ignored. The following day I still feel that "something" but gotta sleep early for my ROM.  The same night I returned home super late coz was having some catching up session with my middle school sisters and bros and crashed dead on the bed. The next morning, i awoke, clean my face, tug the sides of my eyes and finally saw something, a lash in the side of my eye ball. Ohmygod. So I was trying to touch it out but it won't  bug. So i dropped a few drops of eye solution. OUCH! IT S NOT EYE DROP. It's my lash serum in dropper bottle. Washed my eye, drip the correct solution and removed the lash with a semi-wet towel. Phew.
*thanks mom*

So, that's my mini complain this time.
And I must say, the lashes this time falls way faster then my first experience using Groupon voucher. ×.×

Previous 2 lash extensions was the fan shape (centre longer, for a big eye effect). Now I am trying the cat eye (end long, for a sexy effect).

Sorry for the yellow light, it was taken in Shilin Street right before I am heading for my appointment. There was no right after pic coz we were hurrying to do stuff. Earliest pic was today coz I was free a bit.

14.10.2016 was me with my favorite mask (to be drafted later) for my ROM the following morning.
Will be combing my lashes tonight. :)

Can you advise me what i should stop doing to reduce the fall of these extensions?

Like last time, and now, I did all below:
Pre-cleanse with BIODERMA Sensibio Cleansing Water (Full review HERE)
Cleanse with HIMALAYA Neem Facial Cleanser
(Full review HERE)
Toned with EVIAN Brunisateur Facial Spray
Moisturised with Arra TOP FACE Snail Soothing Gel (HERE)
Treat with The SAEM Lavender Sleeping Mask

What I am unsure of:
Can I use eye cream?

Would I re-purcahse?
Not really coz the location is a bit far for me. And the result this time ain't that long lasting compared to the first time I did my lash here. I would like to take the opportunity to try other beauty parlours in my Entertainer book :))

RM145 the Entertainer, worthy?

So excited when I got an email from the founder of Butterfly Project, Tammy mamasan, that the book is on its way in early September 2016!

This is a wonderful opportunity to increase content whilst have fun, thank you to Butterfly Project and also the Entertainer!

The Entertainer originates from Dubai in 2001.
They offer only Buy-1-Free-1 for dining, wellness, leisure, entertainment & hotel accommodation. There is virtually no restrictions as the offers stand any day in a week and all year long!
Just by saying it, I am already giddy and cannot wait to use the vouchers!

These are just some of the participating brands :

I have browsed through the category and would surely enjoy the "cafe" & "beauty" section. Fine dining and others would be a great experience since I do not frequent in the area that much... :))

For more details, check out the video below:

Disclaimer: this is given to me for free with NO OBLIGATIONS! I will be sharing my experiences with #EntertainerMY at my Instagram page (Handle name: @beeleec) soon.