June: An Impromptu Hong Kong Trip HAULS

Hello readers & friends,
Sorry for the lack of update.
Internet connection has been limited and I was a bit busy moving around.
Anyway, if you haven't already read about my Hong Kong EATS, have a scroll here.

I don't know why, I just feel a lot more demotivated these days to quickly use up my products.
Would like a simpler version, may I?

Anyway, I'd like to talk about my HAULS!
You hear right!
Moving on to my HAULS I got in June!
The items I bought turns out surprising as it wasn't my usual 95% skincare & 5% clothes etc.
It was actually 95% clothes etc & 5% skincare.
I guess I haven't been shopping much and just went amok there, lol.
Moreover, I just have too much of skincare for now and need a pause button.

Below is a video on my HAULS ^^

Anyway, I am sorry for the quality of the video.
Still picking up editing skill, for you! & for myself.

I am also sorry for the complain at the end there in the point of view as a shopper there.
I do not mean to offend anyone but that is just what I felt.

Thanks for reading and watching my video (if any).
Trying different video.
Gimme sometime of editing it ok?

Good night loves!

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