Arra TOP FACE Snail Soothing gel

I am not a super big fan of aloe tubs as they are big and not that portable and takes some time to dry.
Still I got a few tubs from different brands in a few hauls ago. ^^

Brand: arra Top Face
Item: Snail Soothing Gel
Content: 300g / 10.58 fl.oz

Claims (taken from coz it is all in Korean):
Contains mucous of snails
Quickly absorbed into rough skin
Moisturizing the skin & maintain moisture
Excellent skin soothing effect for all types of skin
4 Nos': No Paraben, No Artificial Coloring, No Mineral Oil, No Benzophenone

The texture is more hard and have more air bubbles in the product when compared to other aloe tubs (idk why so). It is stickier too. Trust me, a little goes a long way! Initially I appky super generously which took a LONG time for the product to dry on my face. I was surprise with the rather quick absorption rate when applied at a lesser but sufficient amount! Once it dries, the sticky feeling goes away too. I personally thinks that it is not very moisturising for my drier T-zone, U-zone are okay ^^ Will see my stash and open a new moisturizer later!

Nope, will scout for more suiting "moisturizer".
I think it is very affordable as a little goes a long way for normal skin user.
But, if you are dry at your T-zone, like me, try scouting for a moisturizer that is more optimal for your skin.

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