Arra TOP FACE Snail Soothing gel

I am not a super big fan of aloe tubs as they are big and not that portable and takes some time to dry.
Still I got a few tubs from different brands in a few hauls ago. ^^

Brand: arra Top Face
Item: Snail Soothing Gel
Content: 300g / 10.58 fl.oz

Claims (taken from coz it is all in Korean):
Contains mucous of snails
Quickly absorbed into rough skin
Moisturizing the skin & maintain moisture
Excellent skin soothing effect for all types of skin
4 Nos': No Paraben, No Artificial Coloring, No Mineral Oil, No Benzophenone

The texture is more hard and have more air bubbles in the product when compared to other aloe tubs (idk why so). It is stickier too. Trust me, a little goes a long way! Initially I appky super generously which took a LONG time for the product to dry on my face. I was surprise with the rather quick absorption rate when applied at a lesser but sufficient amount! Once it dries, the sticky feeling goes away too. I personally thinks that it is not very moisturising for my drier T-zone, U-zone are okay ^^ Will see my stash and open a new moisturizer later!

Nope, will scout for more suiting "moisturizer".
I think it is very affordable as a little goes a long way for normal skin user.
But, if you are dry at your T-zone, like me, try scouting for a moisturizer that is more optimal for your skin.

Bioderma Cleansing Water

This has been a BIG LOVE & holy grail to many skincare lovers around the world and I just had to jump into the bandwagon! (tho late, I apologize)

Image taken from Karen's blog , visit her blog for more info ! ^^
Sorry to not post my own pic coz I left mine at KL and currently back in hometown.

I got this since the end of 2014, back from my first ever HK trip. (HERE)

I knew about this product through Bubz's video.

So I got it with sis at our 2014 Hong Kong trip, when it was on sales.

I tried it once in late July, and its removing power was amazing yet soothing for my skin. I have been using it on and off ever since!
But, I find the smell abit weird. It doesn't contain any perfum-ish smell. . .the more I think about it the more I feel it smells like "clay"...yeap, the closest I can associate with for now (sorry Bioderma, I just simply do not know how to describe your scent!)

Anyway, I can easily ignore the scent coz it does not linger. Most of all, it is super effective and my skin does not react negatively to it. Just clean yet moisturising. From Karen's blog, removing power for waterproof products ain't that wow. Fortunately and unfortunately, my so-called waterproof eyeliner from Miss Hana (HERE) and other non-waterproof makeup are just so easy to remove.

Packaging was nice. Clear sturdy plastic. I like things simple.

Scent: ●●●○○
Repurchase: Maybe! Still wanna search similar micellar water products as Bioderma (in Malaysia) sold are quite pricey. Any recommendations?

June: An Impromptu Hong Kong Trip HAULS

Hello readers & friends,
Sorry for the lack of update.
Internet connection has been limited and I was a bit busy moving around.
Anyway, if you haven't already read about my Hong Kong EATS, have a scroll here.

I don't know why, I just feel a lot more demotivated these days to quickly use up my products.
Would like a simpler version, may I?

Anyway, I'd like to talk about my HAULS!
You hear right!
Moving on to my HAULS I got in June!
The items I bought turns out surprising as it wasn't my usual 95% skincare & 5% clothes etc.
It was actually 95% clothes etc & 5% skincare.
I guess I haven't been shopping much and just went amok there, lol.
Moreover, I just have too much of skincare for now and need a pause button.

Below is a video on my HAULS ^^

Anyway, I am sorry for the quality of the video.
Still picking up editing skill, for you! & for myself.

I am also sorry for the complain at the end there in the point of view as a shopper there.
I do not mean to offend anyone but that is just what I felt.

Thanks for reading and watching my video (if any).
Trying different video.
Gimme sometime of editing it ok?

Good night loves!