My Lil' Thought on T E N D E R

Hello lovelies & readers!

Do you sleep late?
I love to sleep late but if can and if possible, I'd choose to sleep early.
*once in a blue moon*
So that I will have a lighter dark eye circle and better skin for my coming wedding dinner.

I have had limited internet connection these few days and motivation.
So sorry for the lack of updating!
I am glad if any of you are reading this random lil' thought of mine.

At the end of July I have attended a random event with the boyfie...fiance actually ^^.

It was great 'coz there was food involved but the food involved isn't so much my cup of tea, thus tummy ain't full = unhappy tummy! However, there was also a few items that were tendered there and then.


What comes to your mind?

While. Mine is obviously the worth!

Is it worthy?
A picture of talisman started at (I think) below 5k ended with 33k. Wth. I do not have any knowledge about talisman but I am super sceptical about its effectiveness & worth.

Then I asked bf if it was stolen, can it be sold at that end price. He said no.
I was disappointed yet feeling funny.

Seems that people can do ridiculous things (as perceived by a third person point of view with lil' knowledge about the item) when they truly believe what the item can do. On the bright side, it shows that people can and will achieve what they want when they truly want that item.

To end this post, please share with me on what your motivation is ?coz I have been lacking of it lately.

Thanks again for reading!
Comment down below ;)

PS: Sorry if I have unintentionally offended you. Just a random thought.

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