I am Sorry

Hey readers, friends & fam,

I apologize for my last post entitled Please Pray for my...Uterus!! It wasn't my intention to kinda "click bait you" coz of my misunderstanding title.

I plan to keep the title as it represents my initial and genuine feeling when I first got the report.

I did consider to change the title. . . But, I feel and regret that I did not had it posted first. But it also may not be very wise to scare my readers/friends&fam then only update a new post for a rectified error. *phew*
So yea. I was in a dilemma before I clicked post. Didn't know a title like that would make some of my friends worried.

I am sorry.

Hopefully I do not repeat stuff like this in the near future.

Anyways, hope you are having a good day! Mine was a pretty scary & sweaty 59th Indepence Day in Malaysia ;)

Happy 59th Independence Day, my Malaysia! #SayaAnakMalaysia

Gonna edit it soon and upload a new kind of video in my YouTube channel for you lovelies!!! :)

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