Review: Plotox Facial CRES Wellness

Hello lovelies!

It has been awhile since I last went for facial.
**Have a read on my first ever facial in Subang HERE**

Mom and second sis made me spent money again.

There was a roadshow back in May, at Aeon Seremban 2.

I chose #3 & #5 ! :)

Choose any 2 for a complimentary RM30 voucher that you have to use on the spot for any products that they are selling.

I did not buy and let the voucher burn coz I just have too much stock to use.

Visited CRES Wellness for the first time on 29th May.


1. Fill in a form on personal details

2. Head massage & scratch
(Personally I think it is a bit rough but bearable)

3. Cleansing milk

4. Seaweed cleansing gel
(love this! So soothing and mild on skin)

5. Toner (smells like glutinous rice but I think it is seaweed)

6. Pineapple mask & scrub
(sweet & not harsh)

7. Toner

8. Softener & cold steamer
(Cold steamer works meh?)

9. Extraction & shape eyebrow
Super painful especially around cheeks area. Mix of squeezing with hands and also tool.

10. Wipe & toner

11. Plotox serum and another cooling stuff. machine infra-red like thing (like eye massager connected to a large machine with red lights at tip) for around 5 mins I was also (I think) slightly warm & ticklish (for my forehead near my hair line, lol) & I think the person is afraid that she might apply too much pressure so she did not go over my full face thoroughly. Then manual massage for face and eye area. Cover eyes with eye patch. Apply base mask. Apply netting for 3 parts. Apply mask that will harden. This mask is supppppeeeerrrr dupppeeerr minty. Spear mint. Or like minyak kapak or yu yee oil that is super overwhelming. Meanwhile, she uses lemongrass massage oil for my chest, shoulders and back.


12. Wash away
Slight minty sting at my right eye. More wiping. It kinda went away. Thanks!

13. Treat of tea and sweets

So happy that is why I have decided to take a selfie though I am ugly with my hair up.

Since I have decided to try this facial, I have quite an expectation, ie:

At least 1 out of my two very obvious fine lines at my eyes will disappear!

Fine lines at under eyes are still there. Less visible for one of the lines ;) . Fine line at forehead is gone, good enough for my naked eyes ;)

The result is significant for my face coz I have been using doctor's cleanser and cream with minimal toner, mask, & exfoliant.

14. Follow up call for a few weeks later which is nice and thoughtful. Thank you!

Before & After Pics

Overall Face - Dull (with natural light)

To Radiant ! (Under flouroscent light)
It's hard for me to focus when I do close ups.
Right under eyes have 2 obvious fine line.

From this picture I think the two fine lines are less obvious already, but there was actually still one. Only one of the fine line was less obvious. (Please ignore my dark eye circles and etc coz it was a no-make up face)

There is a significant reduce in fine lines especially under eyes and on forehead.
However after a few days I experience itching and slight sting effect which was told in advanced. After told to apply masks and plenty of moisturizer the itching and all reduced.
This mask is more advisable to more aged skin. For my current skin, it is said to be abit too
**good effects (less fine lines) last me a good 2-3 weeks with minimal maintenance on masks. I believe that the good effects can last longer if you do apply masks frequently to maintain the hydration of the overall face.**

(due to the significant reduction of fine lines around my forehead and eye area)

Maybe when I am older, but not for now.
Shall search for something that is more suitable for my skin condition yet alleviates/reduced the appearance of fine lines.


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