Please Pray for my...Uterus!

Hello lovelies!
I hope June has been good for you!

It's August already.

Let's rewind to 2 months back.

I have been so hyped in May coz he have finally popped the question.
Not much surprises but with quite some coaching (funny yet annoyed coz I gotta tell him what to do/say and he fills in the blank) and mini frustration going on especially during our scout for our desired wedding bands.

Let that be another post, ok?

This post I gotta reveal something serious. Though not totally confirmmed.

On 5th June 2016, I went for a pre-marital body check up + liver and kidney test.

The nervousness built up when the doctor was doing ultrasound for my reproductive organs.

To be really honest, I was quite sure nothing was wrong as I had the three injection for the prevention of cervical cancer some years back. UNTIL, I feel that sharp pain on the left of my uterus whenever pressure was applied.

When she is done, I asked her what's wrong?
She just said that she found a prominent growth at my uterus.
My mind went blank for awhile.
She further clarified that it is a common thing among females (outta 10, 7 have it). So she said that I have nothing to be worried of (you can still have sex and have babies!) as long as there are no heavy bleeding during the first 2-3 days of period (ie. change 6-8 pads per day for the first 3 days).

I am somewhat relieved but still worried.

Later on I asked for the cause of it.
Answer: Probably high production of female hormones (ie oestrogen)

So I enquire if my bust supplements may be the cause & she said most likely as bust supplements facilitates the increasing production of oestrogen.

I guess I gotta quit these supplements and just love my small rack & my overall health. At least I can still have baby with it there.

Doctor also advised that if my referred gynae suggested for a surgery, I should turn it down as the post-surgery scar will make the future ovum harder to attach itself to the wall of the uterus.

Appointement with my gynecologist.
Scanned (like the scanner to scan for babies) my womb and nothing is seen. No growth. No nothing. Another scan was recommended but at that time I was having menses so it was postponed.

Actual day of scan was rather a positive & new experiece. No growth was found. And apparently what they scanned and labelled it as growth was actually the thickened uterine wall (ie. when my period was about to come).

Thank god!

In the end of this post, I'd like to advise those of you who are taking bust supplements like me, to not take it toooooo regularly. I would advise to go for creams and massages instead coz you never know the full ingredients list (I know, I ignored that, coz I was just too desperate for some quick result).

What ever you eat/do, please keep in mind that your overall well being is of the utmost importance. Too much anything just backfires you anyway, I mean for my case. So try something slow and steady!

P.s : do visit another doctor and do another test even if you already did 1 or 2 (if its negative) before that. Outcome may vary from 1 place to another and new things is always happening to you in every passing seconds. Always have faith and take care of yourself well!

Thanks to my readers/friends, fam & love for being there when I need it.

Signing out with positivity.

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