My Groupon Voucher Experience at CELMONZE The Signature Lash Extension

Shopping online is kind of a love-hate relationship for me.

I still like to see the items up close and personal before I even decide to buy it.
Am a low risk taker as a consumer :)

I do shop for skincare products and tools more. Less on clothes and stuff alike.

Before I was introduced to buy from TaoBao via with my siblings, I almost always window shop on Groupon site. I buy more on food vouchers.

One day, I was browsing through Groupon and found this voucher.
Eye Lash Extension at Celmonze.
It costs RM38 for 80 lashes (I don't exactly remember how many it was)
+ 1 touch-up within a week.
It was a no guarantee whether it will be a good one or a shady place (like I read online from other bloggers) you know.

After much contemplation, I still purchased the voucher and plan to only go try it after I have experienced a recommended place, "Pink Passion".

After a few months including resting period for my lashes, I visited CELMONZE at Puchong IOI Mall New Wing.

It was a very nervous experience coz I definitely need to say this...the parking there SUCKS! However if you go earlier, it is all good and not that hurry.

As usual,

1) Fill up form.
2) Choose preferred lashes.
3) Lie down and let the professional do their work.
4) After around 1 hours plus I view my lashes.
~ No pain but, the staff did notrim my lashes shorter like the one in Pink Passion. Therefore, it kinda interfere with my glasses somewhat.
~ But it was all good. It sticks well.

The touch up period for mine was actually more than after a week but since there were no available slot, the staff kindly placed my reserved spot a little after CNY period so I was really thankful. I initially thought that they would forfeit the free touch up.
I also topped up RM20 to have them upgrade it to a 120 lashes.

Oh. I gotta warn you, a series of very vain selfies are as below ;)



DAY 14

DAY 24

Touch Up

Touch up for one eye wasn't that great.
But it isn't that obvious from the front view.
The adhesive this time was a little umm.

Touch up lasts approximately 2 weeks plus. I don't know why but this time the glue doesn't seem to stick well.

Overall thoughts?
Quite a satisfying experience.
Adhesive overall was all good till the touch up (for one eye only).
More natural though less volume.
Since it is a one-on-one application, the time for completion is longer.
When it falls, it is also not that noticeable & of no pain.

This time round I stick to water-based products & avoid spritzing alcohol based toner and use cotton pads instead. What I didn't do was to comb my lashes daily. Tbh, I did not comb even once. Only after the touch up I combed them, maybe 3 times. Lol. But I was told to comb them for a neater look.

My usual Lazy Routine:
Pre-cleanse (Bioderma Sensibio Remover) > Cleanser (w/ Himalaya Neem Facial Wash) >
Toner (Naturie Hatomugi) > Moisturiser (Mediclinic Snail Gel)

Natural looking
No-makeup ready face 
Good enough adhesive
No pain

Totally recommend Celmonze for lash extensions as they are very natural and fuss free.
Only its branch at Puchong IOI Mall (New Wing) has this service.

Opens: 11am - 9pm daily (including public holidays
Location: Lot ES06, 2nd floor (New Wing),
IOI Mall, Bandar Puchong Jaya,
Puchong 47170
Contact: 03-80821286

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I have paid for the services and wanted to share my experiences without bias*

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