Thailand Trip 2015

As usual. A spontaneous, blind trip with the bf and his friends. It was soooo fun coz you just don't need to plan and enjoy whatever is infront of you ;)

| 13Nov2015 |
●Parked car at Enjoy Adventures & Tours Sdn Bhd (it is located beside Changlun Speed Mart).
●Took taxi to the border.
●Rm1 for the passport clearance queue.

●Took motorcycle to Siam Thana Hotel @ Dangdut.
So pretty, big, beautiful, & AFFORDABLE! Guess how much per night? Only Thai Baht690 (approx RM80plus per night).

A quick video of the room!

Bedroom decor so wow for me!

Spacious toilet

Gonna ruin the clean toilet coz we have been road trippin' the whole day

Mandatory quick selfie ^^

Out for quick dinner

●At around 9pm we had our first meal after refreshing ourselves.

Our super duper cheap dinner. 

It is only about Thai Baht90 for both the rice set and coconut. Yum! And boyfie said its the genuine Thai coconut that has the sweet scent, not like the ones in Malaysia.
It is my first time having it and I personally LOVE it!coz I finished the whole plate and swallowed fast coz everyone is done. Usual me. Slow and steady ^^ lol.

Spider Pub
What is in your mind when you hear this name?
Firstly, let me clarify for you who do not know that this place, Dannok, is 男人的天堂 (men's heaven). And I was told that there are only 2 pubs that shows nudity (apparently after some bombing issue, alot of the pubs were already closed).
One word if you asked me what I think about the place was, "eye opening". At least I have been to it once and last (hopefully, omg), just too much to take in for me as it was my first time. It is also good to know so that I will be more aware of where my bf is going next time. Lol. JK. Surprisingly it was also his first time. (Maybe not?)
What I see just surprised the devil out of me--- most of the girls are wearing bikini-like top and bottom and were paid to go topless and/or bottomless by their audience. They would just sway on the stage (it felt like some bikini contest gone wild? awkward for me coz I don't see my body that much!!)

Suddenly then I felt all emo why girls would have to come to this stage in betraying their body > man/business are just some f-ing salvages/beast > life is just f-ed up and cruel when one cannot cope/handle it!!!

Queen Disco Dangdut
More classy and clean. No nude girls! Just drinking beer, and enjoy songs in different languages by the band.

| 14Nov2015 |
That stoned face morning selfie
Sleepy ride begins!
Dannok > Hat Yai

●Took cab from Dannok to Hat Yai for Baht1300, 1 hour ride (50km)
●Checked into New Season Hotel for Baht1300 per night for king sized bed.
I did not managed to capture a good pic of it coz we were in a hurry to just drop our stuff and continue our day. The link of the hotel is here.
We then had a distance of walk just to eat this so-called famous steamed chicken.

I personally think that the name of the chicken is OVER-RATED.
It was the super small sized "kampung" chicken. Barely any meat but quite some skin; bf and I don't eat the skin at all, thus we are still hungry.

Before we rest in our rooms, we quickly booked a van across the street for a tour in the evening.
Tea time of noodles across the street (just right opposite New Season Hotel). Super yum I think!

●Temples sightseeing

Super pretty but it was drizzling so I just capture the pic and went away.

That one place that didn't rain. Pretty isn't it.

Such an artistic way to put as a table.

To The Great Brahman Shrine

Buy some cages of birds to let go of the birds.
Some says it helps to increase your good deed or something like that but I just do this coz I am not praying later.

Some of them do look pretty.
But I somehow think that they are unfortunate coz I was told that these birds were caught multiple times so that the people can make a living out of the them & the tourists.

Before we leave, a mandatory three-headed elephant shot!

Reached Chang Puak Camp, Hat Yai

The list of activities and cost

There wasn't much going on and the guys wanted to play BB Gun Shooting

I didn't shoot at all. It just wasn't enough to be shared.
Posing like I did. Lol.

Selfie before leaving

Random lunch spot

Different sauces for your tastebuds to enjoy

Steamed pork knuckle or chicken rice available

Next stop, Tang Kuan Hill Lift Station

30Baht per person just to get up to see the view

A little history: Phra Chedi Luang, the royal pagoda at the top of Tang Kuan Hill, is the symbol of Songkhla city. It is an ancient Davaravati art constructed in Nakhon Si Thammarat period surrounded by a cloister. Since 1866, it was restored under the command of king Rama IV and in 1996 King Rama IX gave the Lord Buddha relics for the filling in the pagoda

Tang Kuan Hill Top

Thirst quenchers

Coconut ice cream, nuts, etc.
Didn't enter the Songkhla Aquarium but went outside for a walk.

●Next is the famous, Klonghae Floating Market.
Not as I have expected.
I imagined myself to be on the boat shopping with other boats at my sides.
Not me walking along the bridge and watching the sellers sitting in the boat. :/ 

Customizable flippers

I love these eggs!

Massage time at the hotel before we continue our night out:

Full body massage with oil

●Dinner @ Bon Khao Restaurant
The food, ambience, service and view was great!
There was the amazing skyline view too! 
Google it up for more pics coz I seemed to have lost mine.
We ordered pineapple fried rice too. It was not served in pineapple casing though.

Fried pork knuckle was yum! Crunchy on the outside and juicy still on the inside.

I forgot what it was called but it is not nice. It's called some curry seafood or something. Do Not order it! There is fish meat in it but its overly cooked so it is mushy-like. Eeww.

The fish was just okay.
Pork knuckle is still the best!
 | 15Nov2015 |

So cute! Their half boiled eggs are served in cups.

Personal Haul
A review will be up when I have tried them.

Lash & Brow Serum by Real Hair

Bikini BoomZ
A review is already up here.

Some collagen Beauti Drink people tried when they are in Thailand
● Dinner @ Samila Seafood
Food here was super yum! Like our local restaurant!

●Cocktail / Beer Night at 2-3 random places


Love this!!! It was wan tan noodle with roasted pork.

Love and I are still not 100% full so we walked for more food. 

It was nice for a 100Baht bird nest. Lol.
 | 16Nov2015 |
●Breakfast & Home, here we come

Their milo was such small cups, omg

This was just normal noodles. The good ones only open at night.

●●●That's all for now lovelies●●●