520 They Say!

520 in mandarin simply translates to 我爱你, that is "I love you".

Alot has happened and I am just feeling so excited. Cannot wait to share with you the news!!! But anyways, in my opinion, love starts from loving yourself.

Easy to say but hard to do.

Honestly speaking, I did not truly love myself 100% until yesterday, wtf. No lah. Not 100%, but more than I was before.
Below are a few steps that I stick to to maintain and sometimes increase my happiness level! :)

1) I have started by eating clean for a few days & then reward myself by eating slightly dirty food coz I have been withstanding my cravings for a good few days (I am not going for full clean eating yet, so if you are planning to go for that, good for you!). 

2) I just realized that buying lingeries (eg bralettes etc) can boost my confidence (short term for now and expecting that it will grow in long term too) as well as starting to like my natural silhouette though "boosters" can help greatly.
("Boosters" that I am referring to here are the supplements/pills and also shapewear).

3) Spend some "me-time".
Do what you like!!
You do not need to be a pro at it as long as you are feeling satisfied during and after the process!
For my current "me-time" I go for my full skincare routine, blog, watch my favourite movie/series (loving series like iZombie, The Flash & The Grimm), have my scented oil lamp on, reading, dressing up or even a little cooking and etc.

4) Hang out with family/friends.
I don't know about you but I believe that my family & closeee friends are ultimately the pillar that I can hang onto. I may not be one with the best temper, a good friend nor a good expressor but I thank you for those of you who have tolerated with me and cheered me up when I needed it the most.
Thank you is not enough but I pray that you are always in good health and may this year be more fruitful for you!
(You know who you are!)

A little tips that I read to be happy:
•eat chocolate
•note down things to be thankful for at the end of your day (still incorporating it to my habit!)

A mini collage of what makes me happy! :)

So what do you do to love yourself?

Thanks for reading lovelies!


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