Review: Elixir Blossom , Bust Enhancement Drink

Hello lovelies!
How have you all been doing?

It's about my boobs again. Still ain't giving up in (hoping) enhancing its size.

I was told about the many good reviews on Blossom Elixir drink during my trip to Thailand...

You heard about Blossom Elixir?

I like the packaging.
Neat & Flowery.
The tumbler with measurements was free ^^
As I was taking pics, I was getting excited too.
I was in doubt (as usual) too. But. The reviews I heard was from friends' relative & friend. 
P O S I T I V E !!
How to not feel like I NEED IT. Lol.

So I did some google search and well, blogs/ads were usually of people with good body shapes.

The usual pretty face, nice skin and big bust.

But it ain't making me really reallly want to try. You know. The marketing these days are just making me doubtful. I just cannot really find blogs with more "normal" person who writes a "real" review on this product.

Man, I just need it maybe a cup bigger.

Let's just hope it helps.

So I went to Instagram and searched for a hopefully credible seller.

I stumbled upon Instagram account: JCBeauty0219.
The reviews posted on it were all so positive and the account seems active!
I wechat (ID: juzcase0219) her and asked her if there is any promotion.
She then told me there were discounts instead. ^^

For RM500, I bought 4 boxes of it.

I must say the shipping was super fast! Thank you!

18 sachets in 1 box.

Powder already smells great.
Like Berry, and some sourness to it.

Powder in 100ml water.
Smells like gummy bear. <3

Shake & Drink.
Tastes like sweetened sour plum and berries mixed.
How To:
(1 box have 18 sachets)

For enhancements, drink 2 sachets daily after dinner.
For menstrual regulation, drink 1 sachet daily after dinner.
Mix the sachet into 100ml of water and shake it.

I was told to drink 2 sachets daily for the first 3 boxes and 1 sachet daily for the last box.
But according to the instructions behind the box, it says to only consume 2 sachets daily for the first 21 days then the remaining sachets I only had it for 1 sachet daily.

Drink at least 2.5L of water throughout the day too for full effectivenss!
DO NOT drink this elixir when you are menstruating. Only continue after that.

On March 3rd - I am already halfway on my third box.
Less than 10 plus sachets and I can complete this review.
Tbh, it was working its magic when I am finishing my first box....with the condition of LOTS OF WATER! I guess it was rounder now but like I said, no obvious increment in size.
(Also maybe coz I didn't drink that much of water)
So far I guess this is the most effective breast enhancement product among the others that I have tried.

Would recommend you to try if you are keen. Results may vary from one to another.
For my case, I may have failed in drinking that 2.5L after the second or third week of trying the product. Nonetheless, it was the more effective breast enhancement product that I have tried.

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