Review: Bikini Boomz

Well, what do you think the title Bikini Boomz is about?

Ahem, it is about my aim in increasing the size of my busts.
Second brand attempt.
(The name and packaging is self-explanatory)

Personally I blame the standard size of bra available in the market, ie, smallest under bust size is 80; petites cannot really fit well and thus making us fall into the smaller cups. *sigh*

I do not aim for a super big cup you know, just need at least a B.
All my life I thought I was a small A but actually if the bra market has a smaller under bust size then I will be bigger by 1 or 2 cups. Lol.

Anyway, I purchased this while I was on a short trip in Thailand last year with friends. I googled for bust enhancements product while in the hotel the day before that coz I perceived Thailand as a producer for bust enhancements and whitening products. Yeap, they really have alot.

Was thinking of Pasjel after I got back, anyone tried this before?does it work??

I was scared though coz I cannot see what the ingredients are.
Well, my will is stronger I guess. Lol.

I like the packaging.
But so "paiseh" if I walk around with it.
So I quickly stuffed it into my bag pack.

Cannot read the ingredients but pictures shall suffice.
It says you will have increment in bust size and also fairer skin.

I only bought 4 boxes for trial.
A lot I read said the result varies with individual.
One of the reviewer said she only saw result on her 7th box.
Even Indonesian or Singaporeans were finding for the product.
So yeah, I just had to try. 
But, my will ain't that strong to make me swallow till the 7th box.
When I finally found a store with the product, I decided to buy only
4 boxes cost Thai Baht 1000
1 box consists of 10 tablets.

Is it true that these silver packaged thing without any printing might be dangerous or something?

10 capsule tablets

Expiry printed on the back

How to consume:
I cannot really find a method in English coz the search was very limited I don't know why. Well, I followed this method by Elixir Blossom
Ie. I took it religiously for the first week with 2 pills at night before sleep. And the remaining 26 pills I took it for almost consecutively at night before sleep too.

By day 7 or 10, there is a small positive increment. Better than the bust cream *here* I used.
Size maintained when I was on my last 10 tablets.

Maybe not. Although there was the slight effectiveness but I personally do not think that it can help maintain size when I stopped consuming it. Nonetheless, I clearly do not know exactly what are the ingredients inside that tiny capsule.


  1. hi, i googled bikinii boomz and thats how i found your blog, may i know where in bkk you can buy bikinii boomz? pharmacy? boots or is there a specific place you need to go in order to buy? i am planning to ask my auntie to help me buy since she's going bkk soon. Thanks in advance!!

    1. Hi Renee, hmm, I bought it at my HatYai trip. I got it at some random stores that sell beauty products and stuff. Coz of language barrier, I show different sellers the pic of Bikini Boomz and they will say whether it is available or not and just ask them the price. Most likely can nego for cheaper price if you buy around 4 boxes or more, I think! :) last time in HatYai, pharmacy stores don't have. But please do ask your auntie to save the product pic in her phone for easier communication! :)

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