Review: Elixir Blossom , Bust Enhancement Drink

Hello lovelies!
How have you all been doing?

It's about my boobs again. Still ain't giving up in (hoping) enhancing its size.

I was told about the many good reviews on Blossom Elixir drink during my trip to Thailand...

You heard about Blossom Elixir?

I like the packaging.
Neat & Flowery.
The tumbler with measurements was free ^^
As I was taking pics, I was getting excited too.
I was in doubt (as usual) too. But. The reviews I heard was from friends' relative & friend. 
P O S I T I V E !!
How to not feel like I NEED IT. Lol.

So I did some google search and well, blogs/ads were usually of people with good body shapes.

The usual pretty face, nice skin and big bust.

But it ain't making me really reallly want to try. You know. The marketing these days are just making me doubtful. I just cannot really find blogs with more "normal" person who writes a "real" review on this product.

Man, I just need it maybe a cup bigger.

Let's just hope it helps.

So I went to Instagram and searched for a hopefully credible seller.

I stumbled upon Instagram account: JCBeauty0219.
The reviews posted on it were all so positive and the account seems active!
I wechat (ID: juzcase0219) her and asked her if there is any promotion.
She then told me there were discounts instead. ^^

For RM500, I bought 4 boxes of it.

I must say the shipping was super fast! Thank you!

18 sachets in 1 box.

Powder already smells great.
Like Berry, and some sourness to it.

Powder in 100ml water.
Smells like gummy bear. <3

Shake & Drink.
Tastes like sweetened sour plum and berries mixed.
How To:
(1 box have 18 sachets)

For enhancements, drink 2 sachets daily after dinner.
For menstrual regulation, drink 1 sachet daily after dinner.
Mix the sachet into 100ml of water and shake it.

I was told to drink 2 sachets daily for the first 3 boxes and 1 sachet daily for the last box.
But according to the instructions behind the box, it says to only consume 2 sachets daily for the first 21 days then the remaining sachets I only had it for 1 sachet daily.

Drink at least 2.5L of water throughout the day too for full effectivenss!
DO NOT drink this elixir when you are menstruating. Only continue after that.

On March 3rd - I am already halfway on my third box.
Less than 10 plus sachets and I can complete this review.
Tbh, it was working its magic when I am finishing my first box....with the condition of LOTS OF WATER! I guess it was rounder now but like I said, no obvious increment in size.
(Also maybe coz I didn't drink that much of water)
So far I guess this is the most effective breast enhancement product among the others that I have tried.

Would recommend you to try if you are keen. Results may vary from one to another.
For my case, I may have failed in drinking that 2.5L after the second or third week of trying the product. Nonetheless, it was the more effective breast enhancement product that I have tried.

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Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioner

Hello lovelies!

How are you?

Finally back here with a skincare review.

Actually I have been using this for a very long time but didn't really have the time to draft on it. And as of lately I have not been using it coz there are several other toners that I gotta use it before they expire. Lol.

Well, how I come about to know this product is via Bubzbeauty's video.
She say until it was soooo nice and the pro is it is a multipurpose skin conditioner.

So we went crazy during our HK trip back in 2014 as there is also a free mini dispenser bottle (travel friendly).


Hatomugi Skin Conditioner

500 ml

Water, Butylene Glycol, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Coix Lacryma-Jobi (Job's Tears) Seed Extract, Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer, Dipropylene Glycol, Alcohol, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Methylparaben, Propylparaben.

As toner - Apply with cotton pads onto cleansed face.
As mask - Soak enough pieces of cotton pads / mask tablet with the solution and leave on cleansed face for 3-5 minutes.
For the body - Either spritz or pat wet cotton pads onto cleansed skin (body & limbs) OR when you feel dry/itchy OR even when you need to treat a sunburn.

Love it. I use mask tablets and soaked the cap of the container, omg, my face feels freaking hydrated and supple. I spray my limbs after shower and it feels okay though not moisturising enough for my dry skin. It can be sprayed directly on the face or on cotton pad depending on your convenience. :)

Yes! Coz it is so affordable and effective! :)

Friendly tip:
I think when you do eyelash extensions, do not spritz it on your face coz from my experience (you can have a quick read here), the alcohol in it just makes the adhesive loose faster.

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And also my cray cray but satisfying mini haul there! ^^

How Far Are You Willing to Let Go for?

Emotions and thoughts run wild especially during wee hours...

I have been wanting to draft a post, "Thing(s) you get during trying times might possibly be a positive thing."

Scratch that.

Tolerance plays a big role for my case.

As a real busy entrepreneur he is, he just cannot tolerate being "tied to/by" my new pet.

Lady is her name.
She is just the most adorable & friendly dog you will ever see.

Anyway, I am the one taking care of it, so why do you even bother?

Truth be told, my time is equivalent to his.
When we are free. We go jalan-jalan.
I would be always on my toes and pester him to go back home earlier just so that my Lady won't starve.

I bet if you are in his shoe, you would feel irritated too. Coz we can no longer truly enjoy our time out and worry for her.

Being her "mom" for maybe 1 month plus was a gift. A joy. Annoying moments too. Lol. These moments made me realized that I am 95% an overly protective mother.

*I salute mothers coz they have learnt when to protect and when to let go in order for their child(ren) and themselves to grow*

I not only take care of my stuff but somehow I think I am being possessive. It is still a learning process for me.

Because of my nature too, I think, have elevated our unhappiness.
Still learning to juggle between handling my online sites, blog, and training her.

Can I ask you a question?

Pardon me. I am still going to ask no matter what your response is going to be.

If you are me who is currently quite occupied in building a career and is going to establish a home soon, would you still keep Lady?

Moreover, your other half is super busy and there is just some time for you both to enjoy, would you still keep her?

"How far are you willing to let go for your ultimate goal," I asked myself.
Over and over.

I know, I know.
You are going to ask me why I wanted her in the first place.

Well, as a birthday gift, he granted me a wish.

"You can rear a pet. But, do not let it be a reason for you to not spend time with me & also to not be off the rail on your career."

Swiftly and happily I decided to rear her.

Little did I know that I grew so attached to her.
I no longer want to hang out as often as I have with the bf.
When I am going to leave her home (my mom's place), I felt so heavy-hearted.

Now I am also thinking that IF I leave her home (where I stay), it is also a pity that she is all alone at home.
If I leave her with his family & his younger sister (I am thankful that she loves her and takes care of her unconditionally) TOO OFTEN, I think I loose the point in rearing her in the first place.

What should I do?


Gonna sign out now.

Please leave your thoughts and help me out a little bit.

Appreciate it lots! :)

Review: Bikini Boomz

Well, what do you think the title Bikini Boomz is about?

Ahem, it is about my aim in increasing the size of my busts.
Second brand attempt.
(The name and packaging is self-explanatory)

Personally I blame the standard size of bra available in the market, ie, smallest under bust size is 80; petites cannot really fit well and thus making us fall into the smaller cups. *sigh*

I do not aim for a super big cup you know, just need at least a B.
All my life I thought I was a small A but actually if the bra market has a smaller under bust size then I will be bigger by 1 or 2 cups. Lol.

Anyway, I purchased this while I was on a short trip in Thailand last year with friends. I googled for bust enhancements product while in the hotel the day before that coz I perceived Thailand as a producer for bust enhancements and whitening products. Yeap, they really have alot.

Was thinking of Pasjel after I got back, anyone tried this before?does it work??

I was scared though coz I cannot see what the ingredients are.
Well, my will is stronger I guess. Lol.

I like the packaging.
But so "paiseh" if I walk around with it.
So I quickly stuffed it into my bag pack.

Cannot read the ingredients but pictures shall suffice.
It says you will have increment in bust size and also fairer skin.

I only bought 4 boxes for trial.
A lot I read said the result varies with individual.
One of the reviewer said she only saw result on her 7th box.
Even Indonesian or Singaporeans were finding for the product.
So yeah, I just had to try. 
But, my will ain't that strong to make me swallow till the 7th box.
When I finally found a store with the product, I decided to buy only
4 boxes cost Thai Baht 1000
1 box consists of 10 tablets.

Is it true that these silver packaged thing without any printing might be dangerous or something?

10 capsule tablets

Expiry printed on the back

How to consume:
I cannot really find a method in English coz the search was very limited I don't know why. Well, I followed this method by Elixir Blossom
Ie. I took it religiously for the first week with 2 pills at night before sleep. And the remaining 26 pills I took it for almost consecutively at night before sleep too.

By day 7 or 10, there is a small positive increment. Better than the bust cream *here* I used.
Size maintained when I was on my last 10 tablets.

Maybe not. Although there was the slight effectiveness but I personally do not think that it can help maintain size when I stopped consuming it. Nonetheless, I clearly do not know exactly what are the ingredients inside that tiny capsule.