Journey to Cure my Breakout with《Specialist Skin Clinic, Dr Yap》

I know. It's been awhile.
My face was soooo bad I was just demotivated.

On March 3rd, I visited this dermatologist.


I was advised to stop my simple skincare routine.
Rewind back
On January 1st, my breakout started after only three days of using this Apple Gel Cleanser. The breakout never cleared out, it was a on-off thing that went on for nearly two months plus. I selfie lesser and even if I do, it was super-well filtered before I would want to post it up in my social media. Confidence was rolling down the hill too.

During my breakout I used Himalaya cleanser (Full review here) but it didn't help in reducing the chances of pimples popping out. Condition also aggravates when I sleep late too, duh, obviously.

First month of my breakout, my skincare ritual:
Himalaya cleanser > Avene thermal water
*medilink gel was used sometimes as my last step*

During the last half month, my skincare ritual:
Dr Ko purifying cleanser > Evian spring water

Finally, I was referred to visit Klinik Pakar Kulit Dr Yap (Skin Specialist Clinic Dr Yap) by bf. Sooooo long and hopefully the one month prescription would be worthy.

Gotta sign off now. Will be updating you about my skin condition after 1 month :)

Thanks for reading lovelies!!!


  1. How is it after visiting Dr Yap?

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