First China Trip Ever (Part 1)

It was back in October 2014. Never thought my period of 'goyang kaki' (a local term meaning my period of not working & relaxing) can be filled with trips and more time to goyang kaki in a more efficient way. Lol.

DAY 1 

Klia2->(4 hours later) Chengdu airport-> Cosy City Hotel

Sitting in the cab (you are advised to address the cab drivers as "shi fu" or handsome) looking out at the night lights, my hair blown by the cooling air makes me reminisce the old times...back when I was a child in TienMu, Taiwan.

We got off the cab and had a big bite at "RuXuan"...a 24 hour eating place of...

The menu

It is nice and not too oily. Just great as some late night bite. Don't really remember what is it other than just cabbage, egg, carrot and meat.

This is extra spicy. I think it is of stir fried chicken or pork with dry chillies.Yum for me coz it is spicy. ^^

This is similar to the ones we had in Malaysia.

This is like spicy soy sauced mu-er.

Of porridge: carrot, barli in halves, carrot, corns, fish balls made of  crab meat in tear drop shape.


Woke up at 8-ish. Breakfast. 9.30am departed to the next destination.

Our breakfast. Did not really like the dessert though.

One of the dessert looks like mochi that doesn't taste like what I eat in Malaysia or Taiwan. It's more like sticky rice ball with peanut powder that is added with water (I think). Why need water??! I like it to be dry.

Next is wrapped vege with some sauce thing. It is a little spicy, salty and sour. quite refreshing. :)

For tea time, we had cold noodle.

It looks like glass noodle. But I was told it is said as something differently.

The noodle is nice. Cold and not sticky. Spicy. Love it. Snack at a noodle shop. Big is too big for typical guys (appetite that I know of) I think. Texture like vermicelli / glass noodle but thicker and more "q" (chewy). Overall it taste pepper-ish. Added the chillie thing (looking like tobasco sauce with seeds) for better taste. After eating you'll feel hot and NUMB.
No kidding.
Real numb.
The more you consume the more numb it will be.

Heading to MianYang by bus. Approx 2 hours ride.


Woke up late. Quick breakfast; technically  drinking up our pumpkin porridge. >.<"

We hurried and took cab to catch the tour bus that we are following.
Another 8 hours ride to Jiu Zai Gou, Sichuan, China.

During the journey, a thought suddenly spurred in my mind.
"Is it a win-win situation for both the survivors of a tragic natural disaster and also visitors to visit the place ??"

Next, we stopped for lunch and also to answer nature's call.

When eating I can clearly see how much they've enjoyed the food they eat. But. Not me. I wonder where my love for food (and appetite) went. ×.×
Gonna think when I return. Hmm.

It's autumn now Ms. G said. Love to see the leaves in different colors eg green of all shades, yellow and red.

"Thought: Us or Them?? Are we (born in this modern era) more blessed coz everything is made easier by our ancestors or are they (who were born in the olden times) more blessed because they get to truly enjoy the world via their eyes rather than thru the eyes of any electrical items one own."

1979 the place is a protected place from cutting of trees and in 1989 it is a visitors place.
Tourism helped increase living quality of citizens there.
Rule: Never litter, never feed fishes, never climb trees or go into water/wash face/drink....Follow the rules. Water is super cold and one may fool one's eyes of its depth. Only one specific place to smoke. No other place coz there's smoke detection.

While on the way in the bus, I took a few pics of scenery (no filter at all)

Windy road huh! But the bus driver still drive with super speed. Scary but oh well, luckily I am not sitting infront where I get to see the road. ^^ Thank god I am alive after this trip to blog about my experience.

Magnificent mountain view . Good for painting I think. But till now also I haven't paint or sketch. >.<

This dried corns are to be fed to the piggies.  This one reason explains why the pork there is so much yummier compared to the ones we had in Malaysia.

Some random river. So clear and looks so clean when comparing to the ones in Malaysia. *sigh*

This house shows that we are entering the area of Jiu Zai Gou.

Good weather 

More river, mountain and sky.

This shows the scary number of people that visits the place.

Took this by zooming in. Snowy mountain from afar.

Approx 35k++ visitors there when I was there *surprise

French fries look alike is called "tu dou" (aka potato) here. It is boiled till half cooked. Then it is stir fried and you can have it spicy or not. 12 kinda ingredients are added to make the dish super delish!

!! Semo Goddess history !!
Went to watch a four (i think) series theatre role play which was very real and touching. A history of how Semo Goddess came about and their love legend.They also showed the scene of the earthquake that occurred few years back at Sichuan. A mother was killed for protecting her daughter. A pair of lover tying out the at the bridal shop was also killed. If not mistaken the groom's life was spared. So so so freaking sad. I continued crying. Too emotional for me. That's why I don't really like to watch movies under the theme of natural disasters and opt for horror movie with less of a storyline (sometimes) which would trigger me to tear.. . Oh, when they show the earthquake and flooding scene, they made it like a 4D movie where the chair we sat on would tremble and water pours in the mid aisle while sprinkle of water can be felt from further seats.

This is definitely worth the money to watch to get a full experience of the whole purpose of the trip! Technology, lighting, choreography, acting, clothes, make up, sound system are all SUPERB! I have definitely immersed myself when watching it. Bet you'll do too! Though I cannot fully comprehend coz I am only "half a bucket" comprehensive in mandarin but I can understand most of it thru the art of acting.

I especially love the dance from the Arabian (orang Parsi) group. Very sensual and captivating. They move so slow yet graceful and on point. They sway so smooth as if a snake with soft soft spinal cord. I so wanna learn to dance this dance. What is it actually called? ?

* So sorry coz I don't seem to have the videos with me >.<" *
Go see for yourself okay? I bet you will be as immersed as I have been ^^


Woke at 5.30am. 6ish done with quick beak fast of (pic I snap of four dish) plus steam chocolate bun and hard boiled eggs plus porridge.

Having breakfast like the Chinese there. All simple yet healthy I guess, just slightly more heavily seasoned compared to my usual taste. Dish served are rather similar as they are in the same area.

By 7.30am (approx.) got down from the bus.

Journey of sightseeing begins by getting on a bus that will bring us to the top of the mountain,

Eye opening view

Ms. G and I

Let's go

and from there we will go our way down by walking and also taking the bus.

All pictures below are not filtered.
The views are soooooooo pretty. You must come see for it yourself.
All the angles are just great for shots.

Swan Lake: Panoramic View 1

Swan Lake: Panoramic View 2

Details on Swan Lake

From the right top view, you are supposed to see a figure of the swan  forming  on the surface of the lake. But hmm, I couldn't exactly find the spot to take the prefect pic so yeah, you can google it or like I say, "Go see yourself!"

Lovely swan.
To Panda Lake Outlook

Panda Lake: Panoramic View

This waterfall is below Panda Lake. Man, the guy next to me pose better!

To the Colourful Lake (in mandarin it simply means "five flowered lake"

Selfie. It was quite chilly at that time.

Tooo many people. I cannot even take a proper picture of the scenery and I.

Posing as usual.

Pretty huh? It is supposed to be prettier by forming 5 different colors under different lighting but it was kinda gloomy.

Details on the Colourful Lake

I love love love the crystal clear blue blue blue water.

Look at the crowd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Must selfie!

(From left to right): Mg. G, Ms. SY, and I

Didn't go to "zhen zhu tan" coz not that interesting looking (majority vote) and also kind of short on time, BUT snapped a quick pic from my phone.

"Zhen Zhu Tan" is involved in the movie of Journey to the West

Walking down the road took forever. Argh. Not to mention the lot that took the bus down too.not the last to reach the was ald over 5.30pm when we got there ("dao you" said the latest time to be back is by 5.30). ^^

Then we head downhill awhile and reached "Chang4 Jia1". Can't really hear the explanation but just follow whatever we gotta do. Interestingly it is believed tht our left hand is more "holy" as it is said tht tht hand don't kill. We also made a wish using the piece of cloth (with different chanting or se writings I think) they hanged around our neck when we've arrived.

Food wasn't what we normally consume. It is of porridge, braised lamb kind (macam boil saja), seeds of popcorn but they are like cooked and edible seeds. We also have a 10%++ (half of a small cup) alcohol fermented from the popcorn seeds thing. There's also a bigger cup of "milk tea".

Would you try? Well, honestly speaking it is not a cup that I would try. Glad that I have tried a little bit of everything. ^^

At first I was feeling pleasant about the milk tea.....but... Ms. SY & Mr. JP said it's nice and asked me to drink it. I looked at the color feeling slightly weird. But w/o much thought I gave a sip. Giving the unpleasant look.They laughed. I have been tricked!But it's a good one la 'coz I have tried something at least :)

After I have sipped then only they showed me his funny reaction. Lol.

Wefie for us trying their 'milk tea'. Haha.

The day ends with everyone super exhausted especially the foot/leg/ almost every limb and muscles.

Worthy though ;)

Thank you for reading guys! ^^

Part 2 will be up soon.