eChoice Apple Cleansing Gel: Cause of my Breakout, Maybe!!!

I almost forgot to blog about this cleanser as my skin was recovering from a M A J O R breakout. It may not be a major thing for you but it was for me. And, right now, the pimples decided to colonize my cheek area. Its an on-off thing but a few of it really becomes big and angry.


This breakout made me not selfie for a reallllly longggg time. The longest. So far. Lol

Sis got this real cheap from her trip in HK last year. I tried it once. Nothing happened. After a few months later when I was home and forgot to bring my own cleanser (For full review!), I tried it for three or four consecutive days and nights. And the clans of acne/pimple decided to be permanent residents on the North, South, East and West of my face. Pity me.

I am quite sure. But it may also be my hormonal thing. But not such a big influence, hopefully.


Brand: eChoice (according to the packaging, its from Korea)

Item: Apple Cleansing Gel

This was the bottle. Just simple and not too "ciplak" (cheap, I mean) looking right? I think it was okay coz they got it for a real affordable deal.

Content: 150ml

How-to (according to my big sis): Use it like a normal cleanser EXCEPT, apply on dry face.

Fresh artificial apple smell that doesn't really bother me

Just okay, clean, but not the usual cleanser that lathers up. I honestly don't know its function but clean is the only thing I find.

Initially I wasn't so used to the texture it leaves on the face therefore I don't feel 100% clean. But after a few usage I gotta admit that it seems mild on the face. However, after my third or fourth day of using it, I had a major breakout...M A J O R! I did recover somewhat, but the acnes just keep coming back and a few of them are just so angry.... Let me show you my pre- and post- breakout face!

Repurchase? NO, 'coz I think Himalaya is better.


Below is a string of photos in chronological order:

Pre-breakout ; just once a while visiting pimple that disappear

During recovery of breakout (left cheek)

During recovery of breakout (right cheek)

Major breakout currently (left cheek)

Major breakout currently (right cheek)

Major breakout currently, but you cannot see it when I have a front face snap (also, it is without filter like the above photos)

Thank you for reading lovelies!
And, please do recommend me remedies in curing my current situation, thanks a lot!