Ground Rules for my 2016! You?

This is my first draft in 2016. So lazy to transfer pictures outta my camera (coz my wifi connection of the card suddenly don't work *sigh*) therefore my drafts shall remain as it is.
Flashback of my 2015
Let's have a mini flashback on what happened in my 2015:

~Waited for graduation.
~Participated in my first ever event gbgtvXshuuemura and met a new friend Candace and blogger Juneci (Instagram handle: Juneci_Siong) whom I later only found out, nice to meet you girls! :)
~Graduated with peeps (my partners throughout our 3 years of degree).
~Got my first ever sponsored blog for Lennox Collagen 5000, thank you for the opportunity; & thank you bloggers in Butterfly Project and my siblings to help me stay grounded in writing honest reviews rather than writing what the sponsors may want.
~Have been travelling to several places locally & I enjoyed it alot!thank you to dear boyfie! #ilysm
~Travelled to China (I habe drafted it already, BUT I haven't, upload my pics) & made new friends. Learned alot there too!! :)
~Witnessed alot of weddings' of friends. Love is just soo magical & requires 2 strong heart.
~Went for a not-so-complete family trip to BKK, soooo fun! Will be waiting for more to come!!!
~Also visited Hat Yai, a place that totally changed my view about the place (will blog about it soon too, I know I am slow *facepalm*)

There are also the downsides but hmm let's skip that, maybe I will blog about it in a separate post? :)
New Year Resolution, What?
Since new year resolution wasn't a ritual to me, I'd like to set a few not-so-specific ground rules for me to make the most and enjoy what 2016 has in store for me. :)
What's yours? Mine are...
1) publish blog post at least 2-4 times a month at minimum.. (meaning, I should be more proactive and attend events to meet and learn from fellow caterpillars and butterflies of The Butterfly Project Malaysia).
2) set up what I need on two of my online shop in Carousell app & be more consistent in updating the platform
3) spend some me-time (at least a full home-pamper session once a month)
4) eat more healthy (less oil, more fruits and breakfast at home)

A quote that I would like to live by in 2016:


Hoping to achieve more in 2016 :)
#tbpic #lategtam #petite #bleeootd

Fingers cross and hopefully I will stick to my ground rules and persevere ;)

May 2016 be more fruitful than the last for you lovelies!

With love,
Bee Lee