SKINFOOD Royal Honey Eye Cream

Hello lovelies, how are you all doing?

My eyes are totally not doing fine coz of the many accumulating reasons below. First off, I do not own much eye creams and I simply bought this last year at HK (click here if you haven't read about my massive haul last year!) coz my crow feet and all decided to appear much earlier due to my bad habits of rubbing the eyes, not committing to the ritual of using eye creams and a biological clock of an owl....hmph...

Brand: Skinfood
Item: Royal Honey Eye Cream
Content: 30ml

Function: Moisturises eye area and also anti-wrinkle effect

I have been trying this on and off for about 1-2 months....

Effectiveness: Personally do not think this product work (anti-wrinkle effect) other than providing the moisture to my delicate eye area.
Smell/texture? Mild honey scent with a creamy texture
Packaging? Easy to dispense amount but would not be user friendly in places with higher atmospheric pressure (eg. Genting Highlands etc)
Cost wise? Very affordable for only 30-50hkd for a 30ml eye cream.

Will not recommend to one looking for effectiveness (anti-wrinkle effect) but it won't hurt anybody for that moisturising effect, you can give it a try if you don't mind. :)

No, coz I really really wanna get rid of my dark eye circles and crow feet (I know Indeed Lab have great stuff for the eyes, but, hmm, am trying to look for a lower end eye cream that would work magic on my eyes. Lol. Maybe after a few tries and when my purse have enough, I would try Indeed Lab's product!)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day! ^^

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