My Eyes Feel Naked!!

Hello lovelies.
How are you all doing?

I cannot believe I am back this early to already update you guys about my removal process of my eye lash extensions.

*cry a thousand river*

Its only a mere 10 days and I got to remove it.

Here is a picture for me to admire my Once Upon A Time -- Lush Lashes by Pink Passion.

If you haven't read up my first ever experience of Eye Lash Extension, here you go! ^^

I did it on the 16th October 2015 at Pink Passion.

Touch up was on the 18th October 2015 at Pink Paassion.

Removal process was on the 26th October 2015 at Beautilogy Wellness World.

*a few hours before I found Beautilogy Wellness World*

1.03am - *rub eyes* Felt loose lashes. Went to the mirror. Flipped them lashes and noticed loose ends. Pulled some out and omfg, I cannot stand it. I started pulling out some of it and realized what I did was toooooooooooo unforgivable. Quickly made myself to sleep telling myself that I can go to Pink Passion for the removal ASAP.

9.30am - Woke up to only realize Pink Passion do not open on Mondays (this is my assumption coz the last time I called, they say they do not open on Mondays, if I recall correctly that is).

2.10pm - Quickly then I send sis back and google up salon that remove/apply eye lash extensions in Taipan area (coz I was near there). Two names came up but I wasn't familiar with any of them. Circled and circled around it. Finally saw Beautilogy Wellness World.

Removal was actually RM10 cheaper at Beautilogy (RM40) compared to Pink Passion(RM50 or RM60). I however do think that Pink Passion would do a better removal job than Beautilogy did. Just my gut feeling.

Removal process:
- applied some cotton pad with a kind of liquid to soften the glue used on the lash extensions
- wait
- use calipers to remove the extensions
- apply smtg on the lashes (I think it is serum) which gives a warm (and irritated on the other eye) but bearable sensation. As she wipes it off, the warm feeling subsides and I can open my eyes with no problem. I don't know why or if it is what it is but I felt that the staff might have used a shaver or some sort to help remove the extensions from the real lashes coz the extensions was not originally done by them thus the removal process may be harder for her. Idk. Just another assumption.

Sorry for the assumptions I brought along the way but what I can tell you with confidence is that:
1- let your lashes rest for about 1-3 or 4 weeks as you like.
2- while letting them rest, do APPLY LASH SERUMS. It helps to moisturise and lengthen the lashes.
3- you can have another lash extension done as fast as 1 week of break

I am secretly looking forward to the one-by-one lash extensions.
The one I did at Pink Passion was wonderful, but coz it's a branch sticking onto each individual lashes and then glued together, when I pull them a section falls out instead of one lashes falling.

Thoughts of a first timer and not a frequent falsies wearer, I personally find it:
1- Hard to discipline myself in not pulling or touching them during my sleep (I am not fully aware of what I do when I am in my deep sleep hey).
2- I get irritated when I see loose ends, thus I kinda flip n flap around it.
3- I don't know how one dries the lash when swimming coz I cannot. It just gets into my eyes. I need to pat the lashes against my towel then only I can open my eyes with ease.

Pro is that:
1- I know how inside the lashes can be done so that I will not feel irritated.
2- Definitely love the instant lush lashes

Please share with me on your thoughts regarding one-by-one and also the branches on each individual lashes, if you know what i mean. Would be glad to hear from you lovelies!! ^^

Also, comment me if you would like me to review the lash extensions at Beautilogy Wellness World. ;)

Thank you for reading :)

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