Dermal Anti-Wrinkle Eye Patch

Hello lovelies!
Yes, talking about my eyes tho I do not apply much eye creams. The least I do for my eyes is to have this patches at least once a week (I know it is very lazy, but, I repent!). I quite fancy this brand and thus if you are into Korean skin care products, I guess you might have heard of DERMAL :)

I got this product via an online site ( with my sisters. It was wayyyy back in 2014 and that was how long I have delayed in writing this post. That time, it was only USD1.95 for 5 pairs. So I shared with sis.

Not my image. I got it from here as I threw mine away and later only realized that I have not take a pic of it.

The package says that it is an "Advanced Anti-Aging Eye Care System" offering moisture, overall protection for the delicate eye area, wrinkle care and brightening.

After cleansing, apply the eye patch on eye area for 20-30 minutes

Till this day, I am still very amazed at the size of the eye patch. (No, I am not complaining!) ^^

Mild, citrusy/flowery
Quite liking it.

Not at all when it dries up (drying time is quite short upon tapping motion). There is quite some essence if you still wanna apply it to other areas of your neck and body area.

No immediate effect for eleminating wrinkle and brighten the dark circles (it did brighten a little after 2nd or 3rd use). I do feel more moisturised in my eye area! :)

Yes, coz I simply love its scent and the moisturising factor. Also, continuous use for it can slightly brighten my eye area on my 2nd or 3rd usage. :)

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