Review: Rich Natural Lash Extensions at Pink Passion

Disclaimer: This review is not a sponsored review. Everything is paid by myself and all comments are honest. Beware of the vain selfies too!! (most of them are not edited while some of them had filters of beauty effect. I do apologize if any of my selfies scared you)    :)

Hello beautiful! How are you all doing?
I was quite busy with work thus am less active in blogging.
I do miss blogging, but yeah, will try to be more active in it for this coming month and so on. ^^
Was sooo excited to share with you this news!
(After 5 days later)
I finally had the chance to try out my first ever eyelash extension at Pink Passion Signature Salon.

"You cannot miss a color like that!" - just like what Ms. Leona wrote in her blog. This was what I kept in my mind when searching for the place blindly and only trusting my GPS.
One question I ask myself before deciding to get this extension is, "Why extend one when you can actually change different kind of eyelashes (or not at all) according to your mood / event?" My answer is, "I am lazy but I wanna achieve that natural no-make-up make up look."

Personally I have never tried wearing fake eyelashes myself. I did wear them though, with the help of others for wedding occasions or school occasions.
I do not really like the feeling of eyelashes that are about to fall off.
Felt that once and I just wanna hide my head in a hole.
After that, I never want to wear them.
However, I have this not-so-guilty pleasure- I buy fake eyelashes (5 pairs) once in a blue moon and then keep them under my drawer. They just looked so pretty. So I had to.

Thank god to the creator of eyelash extensions and its durable eyelash glue, now I can have beautiful fluttery lashes and caption my pic like this: "I woke up LIKE THIS!" :D

Before I start, I would like to thank Leona for her blog posts whereby her reader gets to use the voucher WITHOUT printing it!

I would also like to thank Tammy mamasan for recommending me to try my first eyelash extension at Pink Passion. ^^

Here I am sitting at the reception pink. Just like its name.

Just chilling and feeling nervous at the same time.

Luckily the staff who attended me was friendly.

The conversation went on as follows:

Q: "Have you ever tried eyelash extensions?"
A: "No. First time."

Q: "Can I see your side view?"
*turn to the side with glasses on*

Q: "Then I cannot make a longer set of lashes for you as it will touch your glasses."
A: "Okay."

Q: "There is two choice for you since you do not make up that often (natural looking lashes). One is like a fan type (longer in centre ie. 10mm and shorter at both ends ie. 8mm) and another is like cat eye (longer at ends only).
A: "Fan type then since more natural, horr."

*lie down*

*tape on eyelid, stick eyelashes one by one*

Q: "You actually have long lashes."
A: "But it is straight.." 


Tadaaaaa... (gonna spam you with my pics of vain selfies!)

I feel like my lashes have just turned over a new leaf. Lol. I know I am mean to say this to my lashes but...umm...oh well, no choice. It is a fact and look at me! I feel beautiful instantly (sorry for being so vain, but every girl has the right to being vain! Don't stop her!) without the need of make up, oh, and also a little cheat of "beauty effect" in my camera. Lol.

Even with me wearing the glasses, you can see the obvious thicker and longer lashes screaming for attention.! (this effect is more obvious from the up-close view)
Left vs. Right. Though she commented it was originally long, still, the difference is VERY obvious.

Some angle may not be that obvious in length but the thickness makes it seem like I wore eyeliner... <3

Lemme end this post with my most preferred selfie of the day,
What do you think? Pretty right? If you would like to be effortlessly pretty , save that voucher below and quote my name! This is my bare face selfie with "beauty effect" coz of my super severe dark eye circle.
As for the touch up, I was reminded to redeem it for free WITHIN ONE WEEK after my extension was done (if you forgot and wanted to do touch up after that one week, rugi-lah you, coz' it won't be free anymore). Do Not Forget!!

Oh, here is the voucher, just screen capture or flash it & quote my name to get 65% off your FIRST eye lash extension done at Pink Passion. ^^


Progress of the lashes
(& vain selfies!)

day 2 (17102015)

day 3 (18102015)
This happened.
Actually horr, I think it is my fault coz I do somehow recall a slight pain when I was sleeping dead during my semi-deep sleep.

And this is how I look (front chunk of one of the eye is missing)
OMG. Quickly made an appointment, luckily there are free slot at 4pm.
My eyes were also slightly irritated.

Feeling more refreshed after the touch up.

On 19th October I attended a wedding dinner (just in time, phew!),
looks natural horr?though my skin is imperfect, I think I look alright.

On 21st this is how my lashes look...
Actually, the front chunk of one of the eyes was missing again. So I kinda pulled my other side of the extension that was also already loose. I know my action of pulling isn't advisable but, to look pretty, I just had to. Honestly, my inner ends were very prone to be loose Idk why. Do you guys experience this? I already started using my Bioderma cleansing water coz they say CANNOT CANNOT use OIL based product.
That is all for now. Will update again when it falls and when I remove them.

Oh, for the removal of eyelashes, you actually need to pay RM50 or RM60.
After my calculation, it is actually worthy!! WHY?
(don't forget about all the costs of eyeliner and mascaras!!!)
For the extension done with the voucher, it costs RM88 (np is RM258!!).
In Leona's post, she did mention that "BUY 1 Free 1" refers to the touch up. And that touch ups normally cost up to RM160.
So, it is a DEAL, right?

Think no more and reserve a slot now girls!!
Save the voucher and quote my name to experience your first ever eyelash extension (Rich Natural Lash Extensions) done at Pink Passion, BEFORE NOVEMBER 30th!!


If you still need to consider, let me tell you what I think about these lash extensions,

No more rubbing of eyes
Thus, less wrinkle formation
More awake eyes 
Bigger looking eyes
Sexy looking eyes (depends on the kind of eyelashes applied!)
Time to get ready is reduced by A Lot!
Also save cost on mascaras & eyeliners!!

It may be weird for first 2 days (but you'll get used to it)
Cannot rub eyes anymore (my love-hate relationship)
Cannot use my cream removers that I got from my HK haul (nvm, can use after I remove 'em lashes)
It's temporary (3-4 weeks max!, so gotta become less appealing again...)


Information on Pink Passion:


Pink Passion 001669287-T Sunway Mas Branch
37-1, Jalan PJU 1/3C,
Sunway Mas Commercial Center,
47100 Petaling Jaya,

Tel: 03-78057285
Fax: 03-78057286


  1. I am so sorry for your lash droppings but we all learn something here. Great review! Btw, you look gorgeous :)