Life as a Waitress

I have never worked for so hard like I ever did before.

I am not poor nor am I super rich. But I am in general feeling contented with what I have.

Of course I did imagine what I could have done more and some lists of things that I hoped to achieve in a certain time.

I have been helping around a restaurant for about 2 weeks. The shop is officially opened on 20th September 2015, which is like the 5th day of the shop operating.

Guess what? Day 1 was just smooth coz there were 2 ppl preparing water, 1 cashier, around 2 ppl taking orders and another 2 at the kitchen.

The madness started on Day 2. Only 4 ppl operating the whole place. I take all orders and getting payment when the clients call. While most of the time two other person from the back would come help me with water and serving of rice, food and etc.

Day 4 & 5 was better coz there was extra 2-3 ppl helping around.


Now only I realized sleeping for long hours and being able to eat 5 meals a week (especially eating maggie) is a luxury.

Never have I realized eating maggie to be a luxury...but... lol.

Also, being a waitress taking order and settle payment, I also have to check the account at the end of the day. Thus, lesser hours of sleep and I don't eat much the whole day till I get home. Talking about going to the toilet. It is 0. Not a chance will you be seeing me going to the toilet unless it involves washing my hands and also to check on my hair.


I quit

I quit

I quit

This job just sucks the life out of me.
No fun. No me-time. No time to blog. No time to dress up and etc.

Not gonna continue the list as it goes on and on.

Anyone else feel the same like i do as a waitress in an understaffed place?

[Sorry for ranting but hey, I have learnt a lot (good and bad) and all that makes me a better and stronger person. Thank god that I am out of it, for now. May all of us look back at the end of the day and count the little blessings in life. You may never know if those ridiculous moments and etc may bring laughter and smile to your face when you recall / talk about it! ^^ ]

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