Product Empties #2

Disclaimer: All items below were purchased by myself and whatever I wrote was based on the reaction of my skin to the product. Everyone's skin may react differently, so do try the product if you want and if you dare to. :) My current skin condition is of combination and dry skin with a slightly oily T zone.
  • Makeup Remover

Neutrogena Deep Clean Makeup Cleansing Water (200ml)

I cannot tell you how much I love water base makeup remover though I do not apply make up as consistently as I would have. It is really effective when it comes to remove the dirt at the pores of my face after the whole day outside and leaving my skin feeling refreshed and moisturised. Not oily at all too. The downside for me is that i dislike the smell. It smells like a mix of candy + naphthalene solution. But, my brother is okay with the smell.
Repurchase: No. Will try out other cleansing water in the market with bearable scent for me. ^^

CYBER COLORS Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (59ml)

Love how it easily removes my make up, even the waterproof ones.
Repurchase: yes.

  • Toner

Haruhada Collagen (500ml)

Purchased at Sasa for RM39.90. It is affordable for its quantity and price however I was stuck with it for quite some time before I am able to try out new toners out in the market. >.<" Also, I do not like it that much as I do not think that it provides me sufficient moisture. It also leaves the slightly sticky feeling.
Repurchase: No. Will try out other products ^^

  • Serum

AMPM Skincare Super Triple HA Serum  (30ml)

Big love for the product. It absorbs into my skin quite fast and improves the moisture level of my skin as I do not need to apply as much product onto my face as compared to that on the first day of using the product. No sticky feeling too! It has a light scent (I have written a full review here).
Repurchase: YES!

Syn-ake Power 10 Formula (30ml)

Lasts 3-4 months of usage, about the same for AMPM Skincare Super Triple HA Serum. I love this product too as it helps to reduce the frequency of acne popping out. It leaves my skin moisturised especially when I went to China at a 10 degrees Celsius (in the mountain area). It also have this slight perfum-ish smell which I am okay with it. ^^
Repurchase: Yes. Probably will try out others of the same line too.

  • Moisturiser

Neutrogena Oil-free Moisture for combination skin (118ml)

Super love the product as I used it to massage my face. Totally emptied the product & would recommend it if you don't mind the slight sticky feeling. It did not break me out at all.
Repurchase: Yes. Still would like to discover more moisturisers out there!  .

FRUIT OF THE EARTH Aloe Vera 100% Gel (170g)

I dare not use this on my wound as my sister said it stings her when she applied on her sun burnt skin. I have tried to apply on my peeled skin too and it did sting me. So I guess there's some content of alcohol or something in there though it says on the packaging that there is "No Alcohol".
Repurchase: NO. Did not even finish it.

  • Mist

My Beauty Diary Rose & White Peony Brightening Mist (60ml)

Bought in 2012. Love the smell definitely BUT I do not think it brightens my skin at all but maybe a little moisturised.
Repurchase: No.

AVENE Thermal Spring Water (50g)

Scentless & no alcohol. Super love its calming properties especially for calming itchy skin and reduce redness. Also use it for setting my make up when I feel like moisturising my skin for a bit. ^^
Repurchase: Yes.

  • Eye care

NARUKO Marjoram & Lavender Brightening Eye Cream EX (15g)

I got this as a birthday self-request gift from my dear siblings. Just can say that I really do not like it. I think it increased the number of oil seeds at my eye bag area. >.<"
Repurchase: No.

  • Night Jelly

NARUKO Taiwan Magnolia Brightening & Firming Night Gelly EX (with spatula) (15ml)

Totally not for my skin as it stings me after 5 minutes of application. I do not really like the smell too as it is like a mix of parfum-ish and natural lemongrass-like smell...maybe magnolia smells like that? lol. Absorption into skin was quite fast but it does leave a sticky feeling which is a big no-no for me.
Repurchase: No.

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