Review: MDM 3D Breast Enhancement

Hello lovelies. The topic today might be a little awkward but yeah, I have been trying several products for breast enhancement. Never did I try those that require me to eat it. If you are into consumption kinda stuff, there is this blog that talks about F Cup Cookies!

Let's jump right into this new product I tried 4 months back. FYI, I got it from a seller I saw on Facebook. Her name is Loke Mei Yan.

Got it for RM180 inclusive of postage fees.

Payment made on              : 27/05/2015 (Wednesday)
She received payment on  : 28/05/2015 (Thursday)
Item posted on                   : 29/05/2015 (Friday)
Item reached door step on : 01/06/2015 (Monday)

Quite a nice seller and fast shipping, thank you!

The box is carefully wrapped in sealed clear plastic. Once it is teared open, I can already smell something sweet but not overwhelming.

Products received are in good condition. It comes with a pamphlet that tells you about the product (eg. who should use it, contents, how to use and etc)

Great start for JUNE ^^

Pamphlet's How To:
First apply Firming Massage Cream, massage 5-10 minutes.
Then directly apply Breast Cream, massage 5-20 minutes.

**However, bottle says differently, so I shall trail and error and settle with the one of my convenience**

My How To:
Start with Firming Massage Cream (smaller bottle) first. In the morning I used two pumps for each breast and massage till dry. At night, I used four pumps for each breast and massage till dry. Moving on to the Breast Cream (larger tube), a little goes a long way. Initially I did not know and pressed a two big 50 cents size or more. But it was sooooo tiring that my arms are sore. Lol. So, I think one 50 cents size is enough. for each breast. Also massage till try.  ^^
P.S. Do not over massage 'coz tiny stuff will form like when you are rubbing for dead skins, if you know what I mean.

Left: M.D.M. Firming Massage Cream 100ml
Right: M.D.M. Breast Cream 180ml

The Firming Massage Cream is pure herbal extract (Pueraria Mirifica, Plant Estrogen, Soy Isoflavones and Deoxymiroestrol), flavour with a slightly Chinese medicinal smell.
The Beast Cream helps in whitening, pink, tender and elastic as well as nourish your breast and nipples with Evenimg Primrose, Macadamia Oil. Olive Oil, Ginseng and other fruit goodness.

I tried the product for almost 30 days consecutively. After about 10-14 days I feel that my breast are firmer but regarding the increasing of size.....hmm....just maybe a 1 cm. It then will not increase anymore. I did not ask the seller further coz I just think that I should just let my breast be what it is as naturally as possible, for now. The seller also told me that in order to maintain the result one would need to use the product for 2 months time.

Maybe after my first pregnancy (very very long time from now, lol) because I think that the massage and cream routine does help my blood circulation and probably rectify my saggy breasts after giving birth. And people says that most boobs will increase in size after pregnancy. As for now, I will just love my petite boobs :)

Thank you for reading.
Do comment on products you think that works for you! :)


  1. Hi yacoob ali, I got this product via a random seller in Facebook (Loke Mei Yin) but she isnt really responsive. Will be trying another bust enhancement product in February and review it when I am done with the whole course. Thanks for reading :)

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  3. Hi...may I know will it shrinks back when u stop using the cream after u have got ur desired cup size?

    1. Hi Joan, I think in order to maintain the cup you want you will need to continue taking it for one or two cycles at the recommended dosage. After that you are advised to take it at a lower dosage for long term. Just like flowers that are turgid need to have long term water, sun and nutrition supply. That's what I think and was advised when taking another brand of breast supplement.

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