Etude House HA Facial Cleanser

Hello lovelies, this week I would like to share on a cleanser that I have tried and tested for like 1 or 2 months plus... This post has been sitting in my draft for quite some time.

Let's jump right in ^^


Photo credits to my big sister coz I cannot find mine at the moment.
Anyway, this is a cream type of cleanser that is easy to lather. ^^ BUT, continuing reading below to know what we think ^^

Why buy?
It was on some BUY 1 FREE 1 promotion when we walked pass the store while shopping in Palm Mall, Seremban. Plus it says Hyaluronic Acid on the packaging which means it should provide enough moisture for my slightly dry skin (only from time to time I will have dry skin, lol).

Progress on usage?
It was good for the first week when using it. Skin feels so clean and the smell is nice, slightly tight as the time progress tho. Cannot really describe it but it was refreshing and not overwhelming :)
So I have decided to continue with it.
After a month plus or two of almost continuous usage of this product, my face has become rather dry. There were bumps like thing and yes I don't understand is not supposed to be dry right since there is HA in it.... ×.×

My nose, cheeks, & lips are more frequently dry and patchy.

So yeah, it is now sitting somewhere on the desk collecting dust.

Nice refreshing smell
Easy to lather
Easy to control amount required

Drying for my skin
Too large thus not travel friendly
It is not easily lathered when I have already dispensed a small amount into travel friendly jars. >.< or did I use too less thus I cannot lather it like how I did effortlessly when dispensing it right from the tube?

No. It is not hydrating enough for my skin. Just found one facial cleanser that I have been enjoying this one month plus ^^

Suitable for who?
Maybe oily skin? I don't know. Coz' as a combination skin like mine is already drying, and my sister with dry skin..some more la terrible (This is her experience of using it, here) !! If you would like to try this product, go ahead, 'coz what don't work for our skin may work for you! Good luck dearies! ^^

Please share with me your experience when using this Etude House HA Facial Cleanser ^^

Have a good day ;)

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