Shoooo Flabbiness with BEYOND Body Gel & God of Patches

These two I got it from my Hong Kong trip last year (click here to have a look at my hauls).

I did not have any particular list of to-buys because I am more of a spontaneous/impulsive buyer who buys when:

(1)  the stock is limited on the shelf (which shows that many buys it for a reason, so I shall test it out myself and find out what it is!)
(2) I tried the tester and it is just soooo good
(3) I simply buy it to share with my sister
(4) my sister said she saw a lot of good reviews :)

Are you like me too? ^^

First of all, I have never tried any product from BEYOND. And I am definitely excited to try this cute looking packages with very creative names.

Oh, I bought these products cause they were selling like hot cakes!!! Not only that, my second sister was telling me that it seemed to work on her but one have to see for its effectiveness by using the patches for 14 days consecutively.

Swiftly, I reached for 14 patches without second thought.

Another client came in after me & wanted like 20 plus pieces. But there were only about 7 pieces so she just took them all.

Then I went to another shop, probably Bonjour or Colormix, and quickly got this body gel. It is said on the packaging that it will enhance its effectiveness.

(1) BEYOND wanna be lovely body (Body Gel) 150ml
To use:
Apply enough of the body gel on the areas where you want to improve. After 5 minutes, effective ingredients start to release heat. Apply this heating Wanna Be Lovely Body Body Gel and wait about 30 minutes. Then attach the cooling God of Patches Bye-Bye to Excess Fat and you will enjoy highly skin soothing effects. It is also nice to apply before working out.

Love the simplistic yet cute packaging. And of course the color too.

The bottom section is written this:
Garcinia Cambogia extract (HCA), caffeine and other effective ingredients enriched in this body gel improves skin in the areas where you have most worries of losing firmness. The effective ingredients and the heat released therefrom work on the skin. Feel your skin getting sleek and firm.

It says:
Dermatologically tested, Paraben free, No chemical colourants, Against Animal Test, Eco beauty lab, & Recyclable package 

Ingredients (if you are interested to know):
Water, Butylene, Glycol, Alcohol, Levan, Cynara, Scolymus (Artichoke) Bud Extract, Citrus Limon (Lemon) Peel Oil, Glucose, Caffeine, Vanillyl Butyl Ether, Theobromine, Methyl Xanthine, Decyl Glucoside, Paraxanthine, Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract, Acrylates / C 10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Phenethyl Alcohol, Triethanolamine, Disodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin  

   My thoughts:
   - It is of semi-translucent light yellowish-white gel texture with a sweet smell which I like.
   - I did not use a lot of product as a sufficient amount goes a long way.
   - After 5 minutes of rubbing the product to my lower abdomen and waistline in circular motion, the effective ingredients starts to release heat and I will also feel itchy. The itchiness and warming sensation wears off after some time.
*30 minutes of warmness and wait, go to step 2*

(2) BEYOND the god of patches Bye Bye to Excess Fat
So cute right! How can you I not buy it?

How to use:
1) Remove the paper in the middle.
2)  Remove the white film from the hydrogel cool patch and adhere the patch at the center.
3) Remove the transparent film cover from the patch.
4) Remove the paper remaining

All in Korean. Cheers to the creator who had the images there- simple, cute and easy to understand.

That's step #1

Step #2 & #3 - checked!
My thoughts:
- sticky patch is quite sticky so you do not have to worry of it falling off in the middle of the night. Mine stayed on till the next morning when I remove it.
- there are sufficient serum in the hydrogel layer. Serum does not simply drip which is good. However, it does go through the sticky patch when you're done. This means the smell of the serum     is transferable to whatever sleeping wear you are wearing.
- smell of serum is the same with the body gel
- hydrogel layer provides good cooling sensation for the lingering warmness
- itchiness is felt but I calm it by rubbing my tummy (patched area) in circular motions

*leave on for 8 hours, remove patch*

Image from top to bottom:
Hydrogel patch is placed on bandage. Stick them on the desired area (for me it is my bulgy tummy). Pulled it off the next morning. Hydrogel patch is quite dry.  Area feels softer and toned in a way but not long lasting. Wash it off if you do not like the patched area.


I have this bulgy stomach every night before I go to sleep. Sorry for scaring you with my ginormous bulgy tummy. Anyways,  I measured the most bulgy waist line near my pelvis = 30.2 inches.

Trial begins:
Night #1 (29-31.05.2015)       : just applied gel and also the patch.
Night #4 (01.06.2015)            : did 1 set of workout (6 minutes long) targetting my inner thighs and                                                      waist from the youtube channel of Joanna Soh (check it out here!).                                                        Love her videos. Only 1 set done, my leg died. Lol. So you can                                                              imagine how long I have not been exercising. Applied gel and                                                                patches at night.
*I noticed a scratch when I removed the patch the next morning; just ignored it*
Night #5 (02.06.2015)            : woke up to flat and flabby stomach (posted in my Instagram account:                                                     beeleec).  I was sore the whole day due to the work out but I decided                                                     to continue and do only 1 set of the workout again and skipped the last                                                   two movement of planking and such.
     At night I continued to apply the body gel expecting it to sting, but it did not =)
So I continued to apply the patches. FYI, the hand you use to rub will also be warm too.

Any of you experienced this or know why?lol
This is a non-edit and non-sucked in tummy. Au naturale. No cheats at all.
But it only lasts from the moment I awoke until my first meal.
So disappointing huh!
Guess I need to tone my tummy muscles rather than depending on these patches.

Night #6 (03.06.2015)           : no workout today as my muscles are still in pain (I walked really funny                                                 today). I did a less than 3 minutes of leg lifting on the bed.
Night #7 (04.06.2015)           : no workout and no patches to let wound (scar and muscles) to heal                                                       faster. Only applied body gel.
Night #8 (05.06.2013)           : no workout, no patch. just gel
Night #9 (06.06.2013)           : SKIP DAY (coz didn't bring it with me)
Night #10 (07.06.2015)         : no workout. Applied gel and patch.
Night #11 (08.06.2015)         : went for badminton. Applied gel and patch.
Night #12 (09-13.06.2015)    : no workout. gel and patch applied
Night #17 (14-15.06.2015)    : SKIP DAY (plain laziness)
Night #19 (16-17.06.2015)    : no workout. gel and patch applied

Waist line:
Day 1 (29.05.2015) = slimmest waist line: 25.25 inches; pelvis/lower abdomen: 30.20 inches
Day 4 (01.06.2015) = slimmest waist line: 24.25 inches; pelvis/lower abdomen: 29.00 inches
Day 5 (02.06.2015) = slimmest waist line: 23.50 inches; pelvis/lower abdomen: 29.50 inches
Day 20 (17.06.2015) = slimmest waist line:23.50 inches; pelvis/lower abdomen: 29.50 inches

Overall thoughts:
I may not be giving enough credits for the patches & gel but I do honestly think that the gel does its work. Probably my bulgy tummy should be fixed by certain exercise or routine targeting for my abdomen muscles as well as my diet. Since my tummy do not react postively to the patches, I am now looking to new exercise routine and diet for a better and healthier body.

I think it is safe to say that I do not recommend it to people with bulgy tummy due to indigestion and etc. I think it would be more suitable for those with real fats (or stubborn fats, maybe?) underneath the tummy to really test for the effectiveness of the product.

Thanks for reading lovelies and would also like to apologize if I have offended anyone...

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