Lennox Collagen 5000

I have received the product from LENNOXMY for review purposes. It was my very first advertorial. Thank you Lennox Collagen Malaysia for the honour and opportunity.

The person was also nice enough and open to me such that I can freely write an honest review for the product.

So yes. Appreciate it alot.

Back to the packaging,

Super well packed

With bubble wraps some more

The top and bottom are well wrapped too

Front view of the packaging

Top view of the packaging says that the Lennox Collagen Powder is suitable to be added to boost your beauty with hot beverages (whatever coffee/milo and etc) , cold beverages (such as milk or fruit juices) or even soup (I have never tried this yet though!)

This is the nutritional fact that shows 1 scoop of collage powder provides you with only 32.2 Kcal of energy, 5.83 g of protein, 930 mg of carbohydrate, 5000 mg of Collagen, 100 mg of Vitamin C, and 0g of total fat and cholesterol. Sounds great? ^^ It is for me !! ^^

The main ingredients that makes the wonderful and effective for our skin is the Coenzyme Q10, Ceramide, Amino Acid (Agrinine) and Vitamin C

FYI, this Lennox Collagen Powder is made from high quality fish collagen peptide originated from Japan

Now I am going to show you what's on the inside! ^^
Let's open the cap! ^^

Pull open this metal thing!

There's a small spoon, powder and humi dry pack inside

Packaging: Simple, clear and easy like other collagen powder tubs such as Meiji & Fine collage.

Smell: Super strong fishy smell as it is 100% derived from fish collagen

So before I start showing you my progress and what I mix them with, here is my current face status:
Combination skin (oily at T zone, normal at cheeks area, and once a while before/during/after my menses or late night sleep etc I would have pimples popping out).

Pimple marks and uneven skin tone at my forehead

The left side of my cheek with a pimple mark

The right side of my face always look better than the left ^^

You can see right the pores and uneven skin tone at my nose and slightly extending to my nose crease area... Argh.

And my oil seeds/pimples at my chin area. Gosh. I don't really know how to remove them completely. >.<

So, what do you think of my overall skin condition?  (Ignore my eye bag and dark eye circles please)

Progress (28 serving for 1 tub):

Day 1

Mixed 1 spoonful with ribena and water. Taste with ribena : abit syrupy but still have this mild fishy smell

Day 2
Had it with Milo powder. totally love it. tasted just like the malt milo. Not kidding you! I love it!

Day 3

Had it with chocolate marshmallow drink, so yumm!!

Day 4
Had it alone, it was definitely fishy but not as strong as how it smells. I can stand it 'coz when I consume fish oil capsules, I chew them instead of swallowing them ^^

Day 5
Had it with honey. It left an after taste similar to barley

Day 6 (20/07/2015)
This is how I look by then (no filter, only natural lighting. I just think that my camera is taking better looking photos...argh)

Pimple marks at my cheek & eyebrow area

The right side of my face looking good as usual, I think.
*ignore my eye bag please!*

Can you see my pimple at the chin and also some flaws / redness at my nose and nose area
*haiyo, too bright!*

Close up of my chin  >.<

My forehead. You see any improvements?
(Best to compare my before and after pic at the end of the posts!)

Day 7
By now, you can see my cheeks flush so naturally under yellow florescent lights.
(Can you see that? Idk about you but I took it with my Samsung note2 and loving what I see! ^^)

Day 10
By 24/07/2015, I think my complexion looks quite okay. This is taken under some yellow or white lights at KFC.

Day 18
Marks my end of the consumption of 1 tub.
I was really confused though. Did I over-consumed it? It says 1 spoonful so I followed. *sigh*
Here is the comparison of Day 1 and Day 6 and Day 18 ^^

I personally think there is definitely a better and more even complexion on my overall face. Just look at Day 1 and Day 18 below! ^^

Day 1 (in the bedroom)

Day 6 (in the car)

Day 18 (in the bedroom)

So far I haven't try it with self-blended fruit juices as the one at home was broken so yeah...but many seem to try and loved it so, do that!If you are afraid of even light fishy smell.

I see my face complexion even more out.
I purposely only brought eyebrow powder and nothing else coz I wanna see my au natural face for my short trip in cameron highland a few weeks back. They also blush so naturally. My face doesn't gain weight, totally a good sign!! ^^ I feel energized throughout the day even though when I don't get much sleep. The me last time without collage, umm, I dozed off once at the bus stop while waiting for the bus to come. OMG..scary me huh! Lol. That's the most and final extreme side of my tiredness. The usual was dozing off inside the train and etc. Currently, I have not done that. Acne scars also fade quicker alongside all the skincare routines and whitening pill that I have been taking ^^

Who is it for?
They say anyone who is at 25 will be at war hoping to gain victory in staying young. ^^ For me, I started consuming collagen since 22 or 23. ^^

Best time to consume?
There is NO BEST TIME to consume this powder collagen. Just take it in convenience with your current habit. I like to consume it in the morning as I feel healthier and more energetic when I have my first meal of the day.
(FYI: If it is capsule type, do consume in the morning as it requires some time for your body to absorb it. As for powder type, consume any time you want)

I would recommend for you to start consuming at 24 or 25 (just so you have time to save up as the prices are quite steep in the long run). 'Coz in my experience, if you have fairly normal skin and you consume before 25 years old, you would not see much difference, UNLESS if you have dull, uneven skin tone like mine. I used to look pale. Due to the pale face and me consuming it with determination (and also following my skincare routine) people/friends/relatives around me noticed my improved skin complexion, and also radiance. ^^ So surprised and thankful for trying out these collagens and facial routine all this while. NOT RECOMMENDED for people who are allergic to seafood as I have read there are people who gets allergic reaction to products that are derived from 100% fish collagen and goes for lotte collagen instead.

Where to get?
There is a Mega SALE happening at Sasa.
Collagen Lennox Powder (280g)
Buy 3 @ RM350.00
GWP *Firm Up Plus + Forte Collagen (2's x 50ml)
Worth RM5.30

If it is only comsumable for like 17 or 18 days which is not true to its packaging that states 1 month, then I won't repurchase it. But if it is for 1 month then I would repurchase it. Will maybe stick to Lennox + Bright and Firm Up instead of this new packaging. And will also be on the look out for new collagen products :)

LENNOX Firm+ Up Plus+ Bright Collagen Review

Last year, I have shared about my very fair deal in purchasing the Upgraded version of Lennox collagen drink at Sasa. If you haven't read it, click here. :)

Lennox Firm+ Up Plus+ Bright

  • Function:

- Anti aging complex (from OPC and CoQ10)
- Collagen (for firmer and more radiant skin)
- Whitening (from the grape extract in powder form)

Although I have a very long list of negative analysis of my skin from the previous posts, I am still proud of my already slightly glowing cheeks. Thanks to Michelle Lazar's Deep Pore Cleanser as well as Lennox for helping me achieve that! ^^

  • Don't be like me!!

Oh, let me complain a bit about the packaging before I continue with the product.
The fake cap. Hmm. Not convenient to remove when I have weak arms. I was stupid too and opened the fake cap the hard way. Hmph. It felt like I took forever by doing so.

I destroyed my nails by opening it the hard way. (I know I know, you are going to say, "Why so palia / stupid / etc. ?"  ^^)

Apparently it is not that hard as my mom and sisters can easily turn and pull the fake cap up. (You might have know it huh? Anyway, hopefully I won't repeat this stupid act in the near future).
*sucks for having weak arms and stupid brain fogged by excitement, lol*

This is the whole thing with the fake cap on.

That's the real cap

To show you guys the size of the big bottle. It is almost the same length with my short thighs :'(

The first thing you see after removing the cap: It's the extra bottle of collagen and the powder sachets. :) 
(So Malaysian of me huh. ^^ Gets all satisfied for the fair deal and an extra bottle of collagen and powder sachet!)

That's the collagen solution and powder (whitening purpose). :)

I like how simple and organized the inner container is.

That's the next layer under it. :) yummy!

The smell of victory when I managed to removed the fake and real cap!! :)
Very refreshing grape smell *love love*

  • Smell?

Baby asked me what I think about the smell.
I just thought of this

Plain grapes are what I am thinking (Image taken from Google)

My baby is so much more creative and more close in describing the scent of the collagen drink by associating the scent to the image below   :)

I used to love taking this or the original flavour (Image taken online)

Nice one baby!!! ^^

So basically I just pour the sachet of powder

into the bottle. . .

When pouring the powder into the solution, just remove the cap as such. . .

Then pour into it. 

A pic taken from further away ;)

Throw this away.

Close the cap and shake the mixture well ! :)

And, it is ready for consumption (ASAP). 

I felt like a druggy (in a good way of course, and no physical addiction you know, just that there's this "I need to" every night or every alternate night, lol) every night when I pour the powder in and I can't miss a night of it for the first 10 days (why 10 days? coz the bottle said so. :) After that, you can skip 2 or 3 days in between).

And as a druggy who dreams of being pretty after consuming it, of course I did follow it all.

Sounds like an illusion huh?

So yes, I am putting this on a test!

Let's see how my face would become after consuming it for 28 days.

This is probably how I feel and look inside upon drinking it like a druggy every night. MINUS the dull skin. ^^

First thought when consuming the well-shaken collagen drink for the first night:
I felt like I was drinking this

The Fanta fizzy Soda of grape flavour (image taken online)

It doesn't taste too sweet but left a bitter taste for me.
Maybe it is coz' I am heaty inside? Or maybe coz' it's made of grape SEED EXTRACT. Lol.

  • Trial !

On 25062014 was my to-be 5th day of drinking it. My baby said that my complexion is somehow better. No more pimples popping out, just scars remaining. My peeling lips are almost recovering. My nose still peels. Probably I have slapped on products without waiting for it to be absorbed fully. Argh.

No filter okay? ^^ Just simply took a picture while waiting for food to be served (last year 2014). Go see my previous post....all up close and not that even of a complexion.

The next morning there were pimples popping out. Probably my menstruation was at fault. Can't blame the hormones. Hmm. Let's see how it goes.

On the 29th was my 9th bottle. Yeap. Last day tmr and I'll take pics again to compare.


Forgot where I left my picture so a new and slightly more determined trial will begin once again.

Started my first bottle on March19th 2015. On off taking it and stopped after a week.

how my current face is due to the bad sleeping hours, unhealthy eating, and forgot to drink my collage

First bottle on June 2nd, 2015
And this is my current face now:
(Look back at my first post on this haul and you may see the difference!)

Uneven tone on the forehead and redness at and around nose area

What you think? ^^

Quite okay right my cheeks? ^^ (on and off consumption of this is quite okay too!)

Ignore my eye bag please! ^^

Little pimples/oil seeds at chin area.

The below pic is taken on June 28, 2015

Picture below is taken on July 17, 2015

Overall quite okay just pimples popping out from time to time especially on my forehead, nose and chin area. 

So what you think?
I love how I felt so refreshed and energetic the next day. 
Overall, I love how easy it is to maintain my skin and provide the collagen earlier though many of my friends did comment whether it is too early for me to start consuming collagen. Lol.
My bf, mom, and sisters did notice my overall complexion improved (& also radiance too!). And yes, just cannot stop telling them how I love my natural looking flush ^^
Overall it is rather easy to stick to the night routine IF you sleep early, however, I am not an early sleeper....so.... *face palm*
It is quite convenient to bring around when one is on a holiday. Just bring the number of bottle and sachets you need and viola ^^

Individual packaging
Love to consume when it is chilled; bitter taste reduced
Working wonders on my skin
Improved overall skin tone
Flushed face (Check)
Radiance (Check)
Hydrating, supple face
Less pimples
Pimple marks recover slightly faster
Face not that oily the next morning
Peeling lips reduced (with loads of water consumption)

Taste is not constant, some are sweet-bitter while others are sour-bitter
Convenient but slight heavy to bring around if going for long trips
Not hydrating enough for limbs (thus, apply lotion and drink more water!!)

So, what you waiting for? ^^

**Disclaimer: It may work for me but may not work for you. Try to consume it as stated in the packaging and do sleep early and consume plenty of water!!**