Lucky Ten Western Food


Address: 11 Jalan Tiara 1, Bandar Baru Klang, Shah Alam, Selangor, 41150

Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday 1730 hours - 0100 hours

Phone: +6 012 234 9380

  • Environment

That's the big signboard  :)

Such bling! How can you miss it? :)

It looks nice, very well lit and airy. BUT, the service was just okay. It wasn't that great when you were made to wait for making your order (understandable when there's a big crowd) & also the payment (but not when there's a few table left?).

Why come in the first place? Bf decided that we should have dinner and brought me here saying that there are crowd almost every night. So I agreed and probably have a certain expectation for their dishes.

  • Menu

For all main course and side dishes :) Man, there's beef, wanted to order it but....he's not a beef eater so I shall skip it for now (will eat behind his back when I have got the chance and tell him later ^^). Lol. We also saw escargot, but I dare not try. The minimum order for it is half a dozen. Maybe I shall try next time as one of the highest vote in HungryGoWhere site (below is the link) is the escargot dish.

All beverages on the other side. 

  • Food

(1) Mushroom Soup (Share)
Quite affordable for the price so I guess I shouldn't be complaining about it. Enough for one person. It is of a powder-y concentrated kind of soup with plenty diced button mushrooms. I however would love my soup to be more of a creamy kind. The downside is, it is quite salty and chicken-y smell and also like ajinomoto-ish smell. When I taste more of it, it reminds me of the Maggie Chicken seasoning powder.

(2) Mushroom Chicken (His)
His only complain was that the sauce is too little. And gave a one word comment, "It was just normal!"

(3) Chicken with Cheese (Mine)
Not that great as expected. But again, I shouldn't complain about it because of the price.
- cheese is BAD! It is the slice kind where I also tasted butter. I don't like it when this two come together.
- chicken texture is SOFT. Outer layer of the meat have taste but not the inner layer of the meat.
- GOOD thing is the chicken fillet is fried W/O the SKIN, which makes it overall slightly healthier.
- Okay for the salad. Taste of salad very similar to that served in KFC. Only difference is one is diced (KFC) and another is sliced.
- Fries are just NORMAL---dry
*My suggestion: better to serve whatever of this kind with cheese/black pepper/mushroom etc. sauce or whatever to enhance taste of meat

Would I recommend?
Yes, but please don't order the one I have ordered (chicken with cheese). Will try escargot and others as recommended in the links below. :)

For more information, visit Hungry Go Where or go to their Facebook page.

Have a good day :)

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