Product Empties / Trash #1 : ACNE-oily SKIN

Hello lovelies!

I was surprised by myself for not posting for so long.

So this time round a "Mini Product Empty Or Trash" kind of post on what I find effective and the other way round in treating pimples when I have them. :)

My current skin condition is more of a oily combination skin. Once a while pimples will pop out on my face, especially my T zone, so I assumed I have acne skin. Then I was told during my last facial that I actually do not have acne skin, but more of a oily combination skin. So she stressed that I need loads of hydration to soothe the acne/pimple as well as overall skin condition. So in my stand, I think it is okay for me to use acne products (especially on my T zone that are the most blemish prone areas).

A'PIEU NonCo Tea Tree Emulsion (125ml)

I was given to use this product by my baby sister since she don't find it suiting her sensitive skin. It didn't work that great for me as it doesn't says what it does for my skin (that is, maintain clear skin and preventing skin problems). However I do love the mild scent of tea tree that's not too overpowering. I can only use this product on my T zone that is more of the oily-acne skin at that time.
Repurchase: No
Not recommended: Not suitable for dry / non-acne skin.

NARUKO Tea Tree Shine Control & Blemish Clear Skin (30ml)

It didn't work that great for me as it doesn't says what it does for my skin (doesn't balance the oil secretion of my skin, my acne still pops out & the size of my pores are still the same- not minimized at all). The tea tree scent is much overpowering as compared to A'PIEU NonCo Tea Tree Emulsion. I do not really like it as it leaves a rather sticky and oily feeling. >.<"
Repurchase: No

OXY 5 (10g)

Definitely good at drying out the pimples BUT please do not over apply it as it will really dry out your skin.
Repurchase: Yes

Dermedex (10g)

I heard a lot of good reviews from my second sister and the product gave her positive results. So my baby sister and I gave it a try. Unfortunately it broke me out so I don't dare to use it anymore. >.<"
Any of you experience this?
Repurchase: NO

Mentholatum Acnes Medicated Sealing Jell (18g)
My second sister gave me this product and dared me to try this rotten egg (because of the sulphur content in the tube) smell product. Lol. It took me some time before I had the courage to really try it. Lol. And I also asked baby brother to try with me. Upon application it don't really have the rotten egg smell but after awhile the smell came. Obvious.
Repurchase: No. Don't think it dries out my pimples at all.

**  All comments are based on my skin and my opinion  **
**  If the products below work for you, good for you! ^^  **

Lucky Ten Western Food


Address: 11 Jalan Tiara 1, Bandar Baru Klang, Shah Alam, Selangor, 41150

Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday 1730 hours - 0100 hours

Phone: +6 012 234 9380

  • Environment

That's the big signboard  :)

Such bling! How can you miss it? :)

It looks nice, very well lit and airy. BUT, the service was just okay. It wasn't that great when you were made to wait for making your order (understandable when there's a big crowd) & also the payment (but not when there's a few table left?).

Why come in the first place? Bf decided that we should have dinner and brought me here saying that there are crowd almost every night. So I agreed and probably have a certain expectation for their dishes.

  • Menu

For all main course and side dishes :) Man, there's beef, wanted to order it but....he's not a beef eater so I shall skip it for now (will eat behind his back when I have got the chance and tell him later ^^). Lol. We also saw escargot, but I dare not try. The minimum order for it is half a dozen. Maybe I shall try next time as one of the highest vote in HungryGoWhere site (below is the link) is the escargot dish.

All beverages on the other side. 

  • Food

(1) Mushroom Soup (Share)
Quite affordable for the price so I guess I shouldn't be complaining about it. Enough for one person. It is of a powder-y concentrated kind of soup with plenty diced button mushrooms. I however would love my soup to be more of a creamy kind. The downside is, it is quite salty and chicken-y smell and also like ajinomoto-ish smell. When I taste more of it, it reminds me of the Maggie Chicken seasoning powder.

(2) Mushroom Chicken (His)
His only complain was that the sauce is too little. And gave a one word comment, "It was just normal!"

(3) Chicken with Cheese (Mine)
Not that great as expected. But again, I shouldn't complain about it because of the price.
- cheese is BAD! It is the slice kind where I also tasted butter. I don't like it when this two come together.
- chicken texture is SOFT. Outer layer of the meat have taste but not the inner layer of the meat.
- GOOD thing is the chicken fillet is fried W/O the SKIN, which makes it overall slightly healthier.
- Okay for the salad. Taste of salad very similar to that served in KFC. Only difference is one is diced (KFC) and another is sliced.
- Fries are just NORMAL---dry
*My suggestion: better to serve whatever of this kind with cheese/black pepper/mushroom etc. sauce or whatever to enhance taste of meat

Would I recommend?
Yes, but please don't order the one I have ordered (chicken with cheese). Will try escargot and others as recommended in the links below. :)

For more information, visit Hungry Go Where or go to their Facebook page.

Have a good day :)

All about the Eye Liners

Hello lovelies! ^^

It's been awhile since I last blog.

Am very inspired by the many bloggers who did the concept of product empties so below are my product empties specifically for eyeliners....

I love eyeliners as it helps me to accentuate or beautify the shape of my eyes. I love to draw dramatic eyes once in a while, but as of lately, I love to only draw the tails for a more natural look, not the whole of the upper lash line. I love tight lining too so it is important for me to get pencil liners.

I cannot exactly remember when I bought them all. Probably starting from early 2013 until now.

#7, #8, & #9 are not empty yet but I figure it's good to blog them together here for easy comparison :)

#1: MAYBELLINE New York Hyper Diamonds Liquid Liner (black)
#2: KATE eyeliner (BR-1)
#3: Nachu Deka eyeliner (brown)
#4: ETUDE HOUSE Drawing Show Brush Liner (BK801)
#5: Miss Hana (the complete review is here)
#6: IN2IT Pencil Tip Waterproof Gel Liner (WG02 dark brown) *free sharpener*
#7: Holika Holika Jewel-Light Waterproof Eyeliner (08)
#8: A'PIEU Nature Color Gel Eyeliner (01, brown)
#9: ESSENCE Eyeliner Pen Waterproof (01, black)

From A>B>C>D.
A: color intensity and thickness of line.
B: running them under water.
C: run them again under water.
D: I also rubbed under the running tap and this is the result.
*all almost washed off, especially #4*

A: Color intensity and thickness of line.
B: run them under water.
C: see the slight smear of the black liner.
D: after rubbing them with the running tap, this is the result.
*#6 lightened a lot but #7 still looks untouched*

As seen, this gel liner is the strongest in being waterproof and smearproof. Amazing! !

  • Pros and cons of each eyeliners :

1: Good for party and easy to adjust thickness of lines.
    Bad part is it takes some time to dry up and also it is not waterproof.
2: Good to use when new and very natural looking.
    Bad point is the color intensity is less concentrated when apply on the skin after three to     four months of inconsistent usage. Not waterproof too.
3: Felt tip is hard felt tip kind. Just don't really like to use it though I love how the color             makes everything looks natural. Non-waterproof.
4: Of soft felt tip liner. Have a metal ball inside to reduce the rate of drying for the liner           liquid inside. Quite nice to use but the color intensity reduces making it harder to apply       on the eyes. Non-waterproof.
5: Medium hard felt tip of smaller size. It isn't waterproof at all and I can easily remove the     eye liner with my fingers.
6: Good thing is I bought it cheap, for only RM9 at Parkson and there's a free sharpener.       Love how smooth when I glide the pencil on my eyelid. Unfortunately, it breaks when I       use about 3/4 of it and sharpen all the way but it still breaks so I give up. :(
7: Very water-resistant. But not smooth when apply on skin (hands/eye lid) so it looks nit       that nice or natural as expected it to be.
8: Very good in being waterproof and smudgeproof. However it is very dry such that I do       not know how to use. All these while I have been using brush-like or felt kind of                   eyeliners which will glide on smoothly. This is just dry. Even if I add water on my brush       it is still not that smooth.... please help me!!! :o
9: I bought it because I need one and it said that it is waterproof. The test is just                     disappointing. Love how the thickness of lines can be easily adjusted :)

Overall, I would recommend A PIEU if it is smooth during the application but it is not for me.
For non-waterproof, I highly recommend IN2IT  Waterproof Gel liner (pencil tip) & also ETUDE HOUSE Drawing Show Brush Liner / ESSENCE Eyeliner Pen Waterproof (not waterproof).

Please recommend me eyeliners you like that are waterproof and also non-waterproof.