Stalkers Cafe

Late late post back in March.

Just suddenly realized that cafe hopping is a good hobby.

Finally understand why but uhh too little friends who are free to accompany me to do this, so my love would be the perfect choice today since it is my BIRTHDAY. 
(how can he say no to me?lol)

Instead of going for my favourite SUSHI, I opt for a new cafe I saw on Groupon for my BDAY celebration with love this year.
*got promotion so why not give it a try!*

With my great deal on Groupon, it is only RM28 for a RM60 voucher at the Stalkers Cafe.
For more information, click here. 

This is the entrance of the shop. ;) I like it how simple and cool as the name has hashtags  ^^

If you missed it, you can still see a #S (side view)


Address: No.3-1, Jalan PJU 5/3,
Datarran Sunway, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya , SDE

Tel.: 03-6144 6780

I love the surrounding alot!
It is quirky and classic maybe?

•Surroundings (4.0/5.0)
Spacious, cool, classic, & artsy stop. 3 tables outside and around 6 tables in the inside with air conditioner.

So interesting and artsy! This caught my eye when I got to the front entrance. 

Still something artsy 

That's something modern.

Corner 1 in the inside.

Corner 2 & 3.

Corner 4

Corner 5

Corner 6 & 7.

•Orders (4.0/5.0)

That's his ice lemon tea and my hot green latte. Love my green tea very much coz it has a strong milky taste and its green tea tastes like sprulina. 

He ordered it (for us to share, he said). I love lamb chop actually but would prefer to fry and cook myself at home and prolly use my fingers to finish the dish.
Well, it is definitely NOT ENOUGh for 1 stomach. There's only mash potato, lamb chop fillet style, black pepper sauce and also grilled broccoli, cauliflower, beans and carrot.
Good news is that there is no strong scent of "goat" smell.
In my opinion, I do not like the black pepper sauce at all cause it is  very diluted to the mouth. Gravy of mash is also not that great BUT the mash is AWESOMELY soft and nice!

SUPER SMALL portion! Not worth the price due to the portion and also its concentration.
LOVE the bread with carrot puree and mayo though ^^

Portion is sufficient for one as bf is feeling quite full.
He left a bit of the salmon for me and I only had it after I finished my sandwich. Prolly that explains why the fish I ate was SUPER DRYing. I love its skin. ^^ Overall it was just okay for his taste.

Quite a big portion and reasonable for its price.
Also a significant dish for the shop.
Fries, sandwich, and latte to end my day ^^


It is very very yummy but too bad I am quite full with the given portion and the previous ones that I had a few bites here and there. So I skipped on much of the bread and ate whatever that's in between ^^
Can't tell you how much I enjoyed the carrot puree that is used as decoration of little dots on the left of the tray. Oh, and I love the sirloin meat coz I a m a B E E F   Lover ^^ Yum yum. Meat is tender and juicy. I think it is marinatedwith some kind of black pepper and sour sauce. Yum yum!

Bread is quite dry at the sides but super soft at the centre. I bet if I had it with the moist beef it'll taste wonderful!

What's insde?
beef sirloin, cheese, scrambled egg, mushroom, red and green salad leaves.

Side dish of freis and some raw shallot with mayo and carrot puree
Maybe I am not rating this dish fairly coz I ate the whole thing by layer,skipping most of the bread as I already felt full.

  • Night ends with my favourite dessert ^^

My cake. Quite yummy coz it is light and won't make you feel stuffy. Thanks love!

Make a wish. Blow out the candle. Work on what I have and hopefully I'll be on the right