First Facial Experience in Subang

All this while I have only had facial done in my home town, Seremban.

Have a read on my purchased cleanser from this facial place at Seremban, it's Michelle Lazar Deep Pore Cleanser which I do love.  It's RM173 (np) for 120ml per bottle which lasts for about 3-5 months depending on how frequent you use and care for your face.

This time, I got to try out my first experience of having facial done in : FACE SALOON by Sam To.
I'd say that it is a hidden gem inside of a hairdresser shop named Difino Hair Studio, located in SS15.

Shop (inside of a hair saloon): Face Saloon
Address: No. 35, Jalan SS15/8A, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Contact: Sam To (012-366 6785)

Brand: Academie Scientifique de Beaute  
(I was told that items of 250ml lasts for about 3 months if you use consistently if not that often and only once a day it last for aproximate 5months)

Cleanser water for face and eyes
RM165 for 250ml  

RM170 for 250ml

Since I did it first, I have time to see what the procedures are on another's face. (It is just similar as we had different skin condition).

♡ Package chosen: RM138 for two masks (tailored according to skin condition/needs)

♡ Procedures:
1: water base makeup remover to pre-cleanse skin

2: cleanse face with gel cleanser & wash off with warm water.

3: steam face with steamer
(I always find it hard to breathe when doing this. Just got to bear with it anyhow)

4: removal of white heads, black heads and oil seeds. (The only painful step in the whole procedure)

5: clay mask for pore purifying purpose. Dry Like wax. Hard to apply and don't need much as it is very efficient in clearing out the impurities in your pores. Leave on till dry. With wet hands later, massage face slowly & wash off.

while waiting for it to dry

6: soothing gel: for calming skin and reduce redness in a faster rate. Also replenish moisture the skin needs. Super cooling. Probably the second part of what i enjoyed the most. Once moisture is absorbed the texture and consitency of gel becomes sticky.

This cooling gel + massage facilitates in reducing the redness from the painful steps of needles and squeezing of whiteheads, blackheads and oil seeds. Also gives moisture for our face. Love love this step :)

*tips: Inflammation (mild) is good for easier removal of the bad stuff inside. But severe inflammation is a big no no....coz itll be hard and painful to be removed.*

7: hydration mask..its cooling at first but becomes warmer once your face absorbs the moisture.
(I think its an interesting invention as the user will know if his/her face is well moisturised or not)
Essence stuff for the mask is added after so that it wont drip all over when applying the mask. Once the warm feeling goes off. Time to go to step #8. :)

Second Mask= time to sleep. When it's warm= your done.

8: moisturiser
(It is light and doesn't leave sticky sensation on the skin upon touch)

9: eye serum
(Same non-sticky feeling) :)

♡ We have tried 2 samples each,

For my combination skin (my t-zone produces more oil while my u-zone are normal), I was given a make up remover (that's the cleansing water and toner) for the face and eyes & a moisturizing toner.

Cleansing water and toner is for combination skin while moisturising toner for normal skin. Both are of clear solution containing no alcohol.

While dry skin client was given a make up remover for the face and eyes & a toner.

The cleansing water and toner is for combination skin. While the toner (in blue color) is for dry skin. No alcohol in both testers too.

Both have perfumish smell , but bearable for us coz we think it works for our skin over time. For me (combi&normal), I don't really have much acne popping out while for him (dry), he finds his white heads and black heads appears more on the surface of skin which allows him to efficiently remove them. And of course, slightly better looking face with less clogging pores. ^^

Each tester contains 15ml. This brand is from France and was once a doctor brand.

Tell me what you think of the brand if you have used it before. I will definitely purchase one or two of the items during this coming promotion (read below). ^^

♡ Good news!!!

From 5th -15th May, there will be some in-house skincare products promotion
1. Purchase Rm300 foc 100
2. Purchase Rm600 foc 250
3. Purchase Rm1000 foc 500


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.. Don’t forget to take advantage of some of the pore cleansing facials in NYC, such as a skin analysis so that the skin care specialist can use the products that will best match your skin type.