First Facial Experience in Subang

All this while I have only had facial done in my home town, Seremban.

Have a read on my purchased cleanser from this facial place at Seremban, it's Michelle Lazar Deep Pore Cleanser which I do love.  It's RM173 (np) for 120ml per bottle which lasts for about 3-5 months depending on how frequent you use and care for your face.

This time, I got to try out my first experience of having facial done in : FACE SALOON by Sam To.
I'd say that it is a hidden gem inside of a hairdresser shop named Difino Hair Studio, located in SS15.

Shop (inside of a hair saloon): Face Saloon
Address: No. 35, Jalan SS15/8A, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Contact: Sam To (012-366 6785)

Brand: Academie Scientifique de Beaute  
(I was told that items of 250ml lasts for about 3 months if you use consistently if not that often and only once a day it last for aproximate 5months)

Cleanser water for face and eyes
RM165 for 250ml  

RM170 for 250ml

Since I did it first, I have time to see what the procedures are on another's face. (It is just similar as we had different skin condition).

♡ Package chosen: RM138 for two masks (tailored according to skin condition/needs)

♡ Procedures:
1: water base makeup remover to pre-cleanse skin

2: cleanse face with gel cleanser & wash off with warm water.

3: steam face with steamer
(I always find it hard to breathe when doing this. Just got to bear with it anyhow)

4: removal of white heads, black heads and oil seeds. (The only painful step in the whole procedure)

5: clay mask for pore purifying purpose. Dry Like wax. Hard to apply and don't need much as it is very efficient in clearing out the impurities in your pores. Leave on till dry. With wet hands later, massage face slowly & wash off.

while waiting for it to dry

6: soothing gel: for calming skin and reduce redness in a faster rate. Also replenish moisture the skin needs. Super cooling. Probably the second part of what i enjoyed the most. Once moisture is absorbed the texture and consitency of gel becomes sticky.

This cooling gel + massage facilitates in reducing the redness from the painful steps of needles and squeezing of whiteheads, blackheads and oil seeds. Also gives moisture for our face. Love love this step :)

*tips: Inflammation (mild) is good for easier removal of the bad stuff inside. But severe inflammation is a big no no....coz itll be hard and painful to be removed.*

7: hydration mask..its cooling at first but becomes warmer once your face absorbs the moisture.
(I think its an interesting invention as the user will know if his/her face is well moisturised or not)
Essence stuff for the mask is added after so that it wont drip all over when applying the mask. Once the warm feeling goes off. Time to go to step #8. :)

Second Mask= time to sleep. When it's warm= your done.

8: moisturiser
(It is light and doesn't leave sticky sensation on the skin upon touch)

9: eye serum
(Same non-sticky feeling) :)

♡ We have tried 2 samples each,

For my combination skin (my t-zone produces more oil while my u-zone are normal), I was given a make up remover (that's the cleansing water and toner) for the face and eyes & a moisturizing toner.

Cleansing water and toner is for combination skin while moisturising toner for normal skin. Both are of clear solution containing no alcohol.

While dry skin client was given a make up remover for the face and eyes & a toner.

The cleansing water and toner is for combination skin. While the toner (in blue color) is for dry skin. No alcohol in both testers too.

Both have perfumish smell , but bearable for us coz we think it works for our skin over time. For me (combi&normal), I don't really have much acne popping out while for him (dry), he finds his white heads and black heads appears more on the surface of skin which allows him to efficiently remove them. And of course, slightly better looking face with less clogging pores. ^^

Each tester contains 15ml. This brand is from France and was once a doctor brand.

Tell me what you think of the brand if you have used it before. I will definitely purchase one or two of the items during this coming promotion (read below). ^^

♡ Good news!!!

From 5th -15th May, there will be some in-house skincare products promotion
1. Purchase Rm300 foc 100
2. Purchase Rm600 foc 250
3. Purchase Rm1000 foc 500

Hong Kong Trip Hauls 2014

This post was long long overdue.

It was a family trip in August 2014. (16th-23rd)

This post is not any typical travel post where you are taught to take what transport to a certain location but more of a diary to keep track of what I have purchased and note down the places we went and the food we had. <3

I don't think that I am the only one who associate Hong Kong with Shopping Heaven, especially for the skin care products and clothes.


I just couldn't believe that we were already buying stuff on the first day upon arrival.
(If you have missed my HK FAMILY TRIP 2014, click here).
The place we stayed at was super convenient to shop, that's why. ^^ And, it's more of a shopping trip rather than sightseeing or whatsoever. ^^

See, I didn't lie to you. This place is just approximately 5-10 minutes walk away. Just focus on the pink LED signboards and words and you'll see "Colormix", "Bonjour", and also "Sasa" at the far back. FYI, DO NOT use common stores to remember as your checkpoint because they are just so common that they appear at almost every road and turn you can find. Just don't use them.

Not only Sasa, Bonjour and Colourmix. Minors are Watson, Mannings (known as Guardian in Malaysia) and E-Market along the (MongKok area) Tsim Sha Tsui Road.
Just shop at this places and you'll usually get more than what you are looking for.
That's how much sisters and I shopped.

Scared or not?
No worries. Not all are mine. Only the middle stack is mine.
I think it can last me for more than 2 years.

This is my stack alone. ^^
Not too much right?
I think it is enough as I do not need to buy anymore after I have returned from my HK trip.
Yes, every masks and skin care products I see for now are just transparent.
For now.


According to category.
If according to day, I am afraid I will look too much of a shopaholic.

Facial Wash

Biore Foaming Facial Wash
160ml (From Mannings which is Guardian in Malaysia)
Why Buy? Simply coz I do not see foam wash of Biore in Malaysia and I think I have seen Singapore bloggers such as Qiu Qiu raving about it for quite a long time ago if not mistaken. Lol.


Hatomugi Skin Condtioner by Naturie Japan
500ml (From Mannings / Guardians in Malaysia)
Why Buy? It was raved for so so so so long and finally got in in this trip with siblings.
It was know for it hydration properties and can be used as toner, mask, body care, mist, and to treat sunburn.
So nice right? Like an all purpose solution for your whole body.

My family got altogether 5 bottles of this good stuff.


Dabo Waterful Aqua Cream 24hr
120ml (From Bonjour)
Why Buy? Big sister wanted to test the sample.
We stopped and the content surprise.
It looks like matte jelly.
Just think that is is a very unique looking moisturizer.
Once applied on our hands omg, it is sooooo soooooo moisturised.
Leaving supple skin throughout our duration of shopping.
So we immediately bought 3 or 4 of it.

Big sis and I tried the moisturiser once back Malaysia BUT the effect did not meet out expectation.
For my skin I do not know why it breaks me out.
Maybe hormonal? Lol.
I will try it again when my skin is better. ^^

Divinia Rice Whitening Watery Cream
50ml (From Watsons)
Why Buy? Because of the tester that we tried.
Unique looking again.
Matte cream and doesn't leave the skin oily.
So we just buy 3 or 4 of it.


Annie's Way Charcoal Black Jelly Mask
250ml (From E-Market)
Why Buy? have been a fan ever since I tried the Arbutin series and don't mind to try other series of different function.

Annie's Way Arbutin + Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Jelly Mask
250ml (From E-Market)
Why Buy? I have always like the arbutin as I see the result. It also ran out so just stocking one up will do for now. (For my review, click here)

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask
100ml (From E-Market)
Why Buy? It looks cute and big sister said she has read some positive reviews somewhere. ^^

Annecy 14 Days Innocent White Bubble Mask
50ml (From Mannings /Guardian in Malaysia)
Why buy? Tried the tester and it looks unique coz there's bubble forming. After effect leaves smooth skin. *love it*

Sleeping Mask

Collagen Intensive Hydrating Sleeping mask
100g (From Watsons)
Why buy? Big sister and mom tried the tester. I was feeling too lazy as my hands and arms were already covered by quite a number of products.. >.<"
According to mom and big sister, they said that it was nice. Not oily I think.
So I just buy since I do not have much sleeping mask.

The last one I remember I used was by Garnier. The one in yellow bottle. Do not like it. Extremely oily. Do not remember what it does to my skin though. Next, I have been using my snail jelly as sleeping mask. It was wonderful. Will write about it soon ^^

Cloud 9 Blanc de White Whitening Cream
50ml (From Bonjour)
Why buy? It was the last second one the shelf and I feel a pity if I don't get it right at the moment.
Just buy it and is unsure of its uses.
So I Googled and see other blogger's review.
The function seems amazing as it aids in whitening, anti-wrinkle, reduces melanin, reduces redness, and brightens up skin tone. DEFINITELY what my skin needs.


Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery essence Water Base SPF50+ PA+++
50g (From Mannings / Guardian in Malaysia)
Why Buy?  Big sister used this since she was in Malaysia. I tried it when we were in Hong Kong. It was so nice. Leaving moisturised skin and not so much of an oily sensation.
Have already used mine for quite some time and loving it so far.

Divinia Ultra Light Watery UV Lotion SPF30 PA+++ (For face and body)
70ml (From Watson)
Why Buy? Tried the tester with mom and big sister. So nice. Texture is matte kind. Not sticky. ^^

Make Up Remover

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Solution Micellaire
500ml (From ColorMix)
Why Buy? My favourite beauty vlogger have been raving big time over this magical solution. Needless to say, there were also uncountable reviews from many other bloggers. So yes, just buy one to try out myself with my siblings.

Banila Co. Clean It Zero (Radiance)
100ml (From Bonjour)
Why Buy? Actually I do not know of this product when I was buying it but this black one was running out real fast while there were still stocks for the blue and pink version. So I just need to buy it before knowing its true purpose. *just typical me*

Brush Cleanser

Nature Republic Magic Remover
250ml (From Bonjour)
Why Buy? Simply because I never have one before and would love to clean my brushes that has never been cleaned for years. Which explains why I almost always apply my make up with my fingers for so many years. Lol.

Sheet Masks

Dr. Morita Aloe Vera/Arbutin Essence Facial Mask
(From Mannings /Guardian in Malaysia)
Why Buy? It was on sales and big sister was saying she saw good reviews from a Japanese beauty guru on Youtube so we just buy and share between the Aloe Vera Essence Facial Mask and also the Arbutin Essence Facial Mask,

Kose Essence Mask Collagen
(From Sasa)
Why Buy? Big sister was going cray cray when she saw this so I just buy since it is like a daily mask thing.

Timeless Truth Snail Extract with Sakura Repairing Mask
(From Color Mix)
Why Buy? It was on promotion and I love the packaging. Big sister also said that the mask is of a raving brand in Taiwan. Those who want the product can only order online and not available even if they want to get it from a physical shop.

Timeless Truth Platinum Diamond Glow Ultra Moisturising Mask
(From Color Mix)
Why Buy? Like I said, it is on promotion. Good review so should be an affordable deal!! ^^

Beautymate Anti-Blemish Repairing Mask
(From Bonjour)
Why Buy? On promo and bought with big sister.

Derma Skincare Super Triple Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Mask
(From Watson)
Why Buy? It was recommended by one of the sales girl saying it was for moisture purpose. And it was on some buy 1 free 1 promotion if not mistaken. So big sister and I was thinking to just give it a try ^^

Baviphat Fruit Miracle Mask Sheet Peach Tanggle Jelly
(From KOCOS)
Why Buy? I think it was free gifts from buying the nose mask with sister. Lol.

My Scheming Bulgarian Rose Whitening Mask
(From Color Mix)
Why Buy? It was on promotion. Couldn't resist it plus I love rose scents!!

My Scheming Camellia Japonica Hydrating Mask
(From Color Mix)
Why Buy? It was on promotion like mentioned. And my face definitely needs alot of hydration. >.<"


Dr. Morita Bee Venom Ceramide Repair Essence Eye Mask
(From Mannings /Guardian in Malaysia)
Why Buy? It was on promotion with the facial masks so I bought it with big sister. Plus she also said there was some good review from a Youtube beauty guru. So, just give it a shot since I like her too.

Kao Steam Eye Mask
(From Welcome/Bonjour)
Why Buy? I have tried one before from my big sister. It was so so soothing that I did not even realized when I dozed off into my dreamland. It'll be a good backup plan for any road trips where sleep is hard to take place. ^^

Skin Food Royal Honey Eye Cream
30ml (From Color Mix)
Why Buy? Just needed one eye cream coz I do not have one. And, the one that I used before was Naruko's, wasn't effective at all for me.


Holika Holika Pig-nose Clear Blackhead 3-Step Kit
Altogether 10 pieces (From KOCOS)
Why Buy? Before I seriously gave it a try, big sister tried it and the result was AMAZING. Without much hesitation, we just buy 9 or 10 pieces each the following morning shopping. ^^
(Have a read on my review here.)

Lip Mask

Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch
(From Bonjour)
Why Buy? I have tried this lip patch before. It was good. But the effect wasn't that long lasting. So I gotta try again.

Slimming Stuff

Bye Bye to Excess Fat Patches
Altogether 14 pieces. (From KOCOS + Bonjour)
Why Buy? Second sister was saying that it will only be effective to see the result after 14 patches so I just buy 14. And, many places ran out of stock after I bought mine. Even second sister cannot get her hands on it. Aih.

Beyond Wanna Be Lovely Body Gel
150ml (From Bonjour)
Why Buy? Just saw it and it looks like I should just get it for it to be more effective. ^^


Batiste Dry Shampoo (floral and flirty blush)
120g (From Mannings)
Why Buy? Never had a dry shampoo and hopefully it will come in handy when I have oily scalp.

Koji Charming Kiss Eyelash 05
5 sets (From Sasa)
Why Buy? This would be my second pairs of eyelashes bought other than from Elianto or The Face Shop. Forgot which one. But it is a worthy buy. Much cheaper compared to the price sold in Malaysia so I just bought upon my impulse. ^^

Heroine Make Eyelash Fixer
5ml (From Sasa)
Why Buy? Since I am planning to experiment with fake eyelashes, I should just get the glue.

Koji Eye Talk
8ml (From Color Mix)
Why buy? I have always been using eyelid stickers so it seems like a more convenient alternative for creating balanced eyelids.

Mask Tablets
(From Bonjour)
Why Buy? To do mask when I opened my Hatomugi Skin Condtioner. ^^

Menthus 2 in 1 Inhaler and Dropper
(From Mannings /Guardian in Malaysia)
Why Buy? Seems like an interesting thing when one have flu or something. ^^

Dropper to treat ulcer
(From Shen Zhen, gifted by Auntie)
Why Buy? It was a very effective spray to treat my ulcer. Stinging but effective ^^

Natural Real Moisture
(From KOCOS)
Why Buy? It was a free product when purchasing the 3-step blackhead kit

3CE Nail Lacquers (royal blue/glitter)
 (From E-Market)
Why Buy? Super sales going on. So it is a must buy since I have never tried any of their products before. I have also heard from a good friend of mine that their nail polish are quite good to use.

Shills Nail Lacquers (mint/glitter)
12ml (From Colour Mix)
Why Buy? It was on promotion and I like the colours.

EOS Lip Balm Pomegranate Raspberry
7g (From Bonjour)
Why Buy? It has always been a raved since I was watching Michelle Phan's beauty video.

Eyeliner pencil sharpener
(From Color Mix)
Why Buy? Because I lost mine. Just gonna find one and replace.

Jesse Artist Dual Nail
 (From Bonjour)
5.5ml x 2
Black gold, color #17
Blue sparkle with sheer white polish
Why Buy? Big sis said that it looks like VDL packaging, so I just quickly take the colours that I like.
(No pics for it now coz I left them at another place when I am finalizing this post; will update soon.)

As for non-cosmetic products, I have purchased a shoe and a maxi dress. ^^

Shoes (from T-neXt, in Mong Kok area)
Purple maxi dress (From In and Out in Mong Kok area)
(as seen in my outing in I-City post blog HERE)