To EAT Or NOT in JB, Malaysia.

Family Trip


2 Days 1 Night

Checked in at: Molek Garden Hotel.

That's the entrance ^^

We went for the Deluxe Triple Room.
Promo rate of RM177, plus deposit of RM100.
[Didn't snap any picture but for more info, click here]

Worthy! Coz of:
Good services (during checking-in and the guards/security were nice) .
Clean spacious room, good air-conditioning, & soft blanket.

Food Stops

#1: Dinner
"Ah1 Liang2 Guo3 Tiao2 Zai3" (which translated means "Ah Liang's Kuey Teow") situated at Bakawali, Johor Jaya.

Something very significant and only found in JB my brother-in-law said. So we from Seremban should just try it. ^^
It is like a hawker-stall like place so quite easy to spot! ^^

Only kuey teow soup were available. No rice at all. Very strong herbal smell/taste of the kuey teow soup. They have one or two pork fats in the soup but I dare not try it because baby sister was saying that it is too too oily. Personally DO NOT favour the texture of kuey teow, too soft and soggy but they said it is like that, so cannot complain and just suck them up.

That's the herbal kuey teow soup topped with pork fat.

Let's eat!! ^^

Side dishes are of braised tofu, braised egg, braised duck, braised pork, braised fu-chuk,and braised pork intestine.

From top (moving clockwise) : braised intestine, braised fu-chuk, braised egg and tofu, braised pork and duck

I LOVE the braised duck the most. Others are normal and I prefer soy sauced pork/tofu etc than braised whatever. Lol. Just the matter of personal preference. Intestine, honestly, I have never tried before. Such a waste they say if I were to review on food and not try it.

So here goes, one bite without any chillie and another tiny bite with the chillie provided there.

Without chillie sauce, it does not taste like meat BUT CHEWY....and taste like "shit". Afterall, it is normal for it to taste like shit right? Lol.

With chillie sauce...GOOD to COVER UP the "shit-ty" smell. Lol.

Love the chillie too. It is of spicy and sweet sauce. Just nice in complimenting the braised dishes and noodle.

#2: Supper
Restoran Sing Lok Lok Steamboat
No. 36, Jalan Permas 10/6, Bandar Baru Permas Jaya, 81750 Masai, Johor Bahru.

For taking away orders, you can call 012-799 6556 (Got this number from their truck. Unsure if it is really in service or not).

Quite well lit but uhh....just look at the tables and chairs carefully.
I am a huge anti-insect person.

That's the entrance.
I was told by big sister that this is the main branch and they just had another opened somewhere.

Just choose and they'll prepare for you. Look at the wide array of choices.

More choices and sauces. Sister brought the one on the bottom left. Super spicy and felt sooo good. Spiciness increased as I eat. After a while the spiciness wears off and I can resume eating with it.

Served right in front of us.
Top left (moving clockwise): enoki mushroom wrapped with bacon, golden mushroom wrapped with bacon, veggies wrapped in bacon; fu-chuk and slices of pork or something; fried broccoli and fried oyster mushrooms; fu-chuk, kaya puff like dessert, fried long beans and also pork.
SO MUCH YUMS going on.
So so nice. Never have I ever tried Lok Lok which only serves fried food (vege/meat). Real heaty but you can order whatever drinks that are there.
Love the chillie so so much!!
It is also less greasy as compared to the fried oyster mushroom back in the truck somewhere in SS2.

Restoran Sing operates from 9pm to 5am.
The  price of the food you take are according to the colour of the sticks and kind of sticks.

Duck Skewer costs RM4.50 per stick. It is of pork slices. Quite yummy!

That's how much we ate.
Looks little to you??
There's 27 sticks le!!!
Mostly consumed by big sister and I coz this kinda meal aren't others' cup of tea.
Not cheap la but worthy to try. 

#3: Lunch
You Kee XO Restaurant
1) No 93-93A,Jalan Pendekar 2,Tmn Ungku Tun Aminal,81300 Skudai.JOHOR . MALAYSIA
2) 83 Jalan Dedap 7, Taman Johor jayaTel: 075543879, H/P: 016-7718802
*address taken from Google*

We wanted to make this place our dinner yesterday but they have already ran out of their highlight dish, crystal char siew, so we have decided to make it our first stop for the following morning.

I have been here a few years ago with my siblings too, remembered that I love their crystal char siew and volcano tofu so so much. No words can describe my feelings for them. With such high expectation, let's see how it all taste in 2015. ^^

That's the shop! At Taman Johor Jaya.

If you missed the signboard, do keep a look out for these two gigantic urns. What do you think they are for? 2-in-1, deco as well as a giant pot storing the Soup of the Day. ^^

Here is the menu:

Here, you can choose to have either plain rice (Rm1.80) or wan tan mee (RM3.00).

The plain white rice versus...

The yummy looking wan tan mee. Dad said it was better. 

Firrst up, Soup of the Day. (Small; RM16.00)
Of concentrated chicken and herbal scents. Not too strong though coz my baby brother was enjoying it (usuallly he don't go for herbal soup). Suitable for reducing heat (from the lok-lok yesterday. lol.)

This is size S. Looks small? But we had plenty to eat ^^

Are you tempted to drink it like I did?

Next came the Special Homemade Volcano Tofu. (RM10)
It has been the second in my list from my memory but this time I do not think it is that great. Okay I guess. I remembered it as soft and all. But this time, it is much softer (but not smooth like Japanese tofu) and egg-y smell. The sauce is of salted fished, oyster sauce and also soy sauce. Just normal.

Special Homemade Volcano Tofu

The left is the 'siew yoke' (according to the menu it is called 'roasted pork belly').
Baby sister said that the one sold at Choy Kee, Seremban, is way better as it is more crunchy.

The middle is the roasted chicken. We find it normal but baby brother likes it. ^^

The left is the forever famous and leaves me drooling BBQ crystal 'char siew'. All of us agreed that BBQ crystal 'char siew' is the best!!!!!!! Sauce is great in complementing the texture and overall taste of the meat. It also has a little burnt texture giving a nice crunchy feeling. Fats of it definitely do melt into your mouth upon eating it. Just felt real blessed to be able to savour every bit of it with my family once again.

Left column: Roasted pork belly in size medium (RM10).
Middle column: Chinese roasted chicken in size medium (RM12).
Right column: BBQ crystal 'char siew' in size medium (RM11).
A blessing to be able to eat food everyday ^^
Plus prettily decorated food. ^^

#4: Dinner
Kedai Makanan Laut Yeu Restaurant

That's the entrance of the shop.

Super yummy mi-hun with egg, vegetables, prawns, and fish cakes. It was very well cooked and not the soggy kind. Yum-yum.

Sizzling tofu, minced pork and egg. Nice too.

I didn't try this coz' I thought it was shrimp on top but mom said it's not. Too bad that I didn't try it but it is good coz the plate was all empty.

This is curry with sliced pork. Quite nice. Concentrated with curry smell. Can try.

This is the dish that I dare not try....
Guess what?
It is NOT chicken meat.
It is in fact 2 large frogs. Argh.
But those who knows and savour this will love it alot!
And the others did mention the the soup of it was super nice!!!
The plate was super clean. 

This is the steam fish. I like the sauce of it with the fresh meat. Nice balance of the spices and fish.

Next up was the steamed crab."Looks wonderfully cook.
Taste (according to others coz I dare not try) : Good. ^^
I had the steamed egg right underneath the wonderfully placed body and pieces of the was sooooooo nice and yummy.

The crab with salted egg. HIGHLIGHT of the restaurant they say. So I really tried one which takes me so so long to finish that small portion with a spoon and fork but totally worth it.
The meat was so smooth yet so fresh and sweet. Yum-yum!!!
Shouldn't get bored with this so easily huh! ^^

This is the FROGS I am telling you about from one of the dish above. Such a pity Bred to be eaten. Oh well.

What I Recommend?

#1 : Can try once in a blue moon coz' I am not the kuey-teow soup, braised food kind of eater. More of a typical asian who loves her rice. Lol.
#2 : Lok-lok only fried available. Good experience but very heaty for the body. Will come back again!! ^^
#3 : Will come back for the crystal char-siew
#4 : Will come back for the fried mi-hun with egg and crab with salted egg!!

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