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Thanks to Taiwan Tourism Bureau Kuala Lumpur (TTBKL) and The Butterfly Project, hopefully I will be given the opportunity to re-visit Taiwan.


The main reason I would like to visit Taiwan is for the LOHAS lifestyle. I am not very familiar with the term "LOHAS". So I clicked on the link provided and I indeed would love to experience them. 

LOHAS in simplicity means "Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability".

Personally I am not the kind of SUPER SUNSHINE GIRL but would love to do it this time because it is better to experience whatever desired (and healthy in this case) at least once in a lifetime. Guess now would be a good choice as it will help to relax me before starting to work / after some time of work with my boss. And I will definitely scout for some good sunscreen products to fully optimize my outdoor-sy activities. ^^

Opting for a LOHAS lifestyle for the 5D4N Taiwan Trip worth RM8000 (inclusive of  flights, accommodation, & tours) would definitely open up my perspective of my lifestyle in living healthily.

Back when I was in Taiwan, I have always been a good more known as boring kid who goes to school then stay home or run errands with mom. This cycle repeats throughout the several years of my childhood there. Shopping and food are definitely in the top of my list when I was there. 

I can clearly recall that I was a tom boy back then. Just really boyish and competitive. Sports was my favourite and I played earthworms with my BFF (by the term "play with it", violence or such is definitely not involved! We put them back to their homes). As I grew up, I became more girlish (that's when the norm of the society hits me). Competitiveness seems to deplete but when it comes to hiking or rock climbing, "Oh, I love it! I just feel so alive, if you know what I mean." :)

But less sun please!!

LOHAS lifestyle like spa, cycling or hot spring and etc I have never experienced them back when I was in Taiwan.

Seems so tranquil and an optimal time to meditate (if alone), or bond with whoever I will be going with. :)

Is this mud bath? I think so. Bet there's some good benefit in it. I have never tried it so I guess it would be a wonderful experience. . . Hopefully :)

I personally am more of a lifestyle blogger as I love traveling, taking down pics and note down places of name and food that I see and savour. Then I would tell you what I think of it and my recommendation about the places as well as the food.

So it would be my greatest pleasure if I can do something that I didn't personally experience back then and share it with all of you.

The following pictures are what I hope to experience for the first time.
Then I will definitely blog about how much I have enjoyed and learned in my trip. ^^

Just cycle like I own the road. Maybe take some pictures along the way.
Just love the colours of the surrounding trees or blossoms or whatever.

If I can see the blue view with my own eyes...and capture them for you using my camera. ^^

Explore more and understand the way of life of the people living there. And also taking down more pictures !! ^^

The biggest thrill that I am looking forward to! Flying and directing where I wanna go. Just want to fly into the horizon and it would be great if I can record the view along (do I need to get a GoPro camera the?). *shrieks*
#testmylimit #parachute

I love love structures. One of it is the bridge! :)
See how everything looks so much prettier behind the lens at different time, angle, & perspective.
A scene to die for I would say, at least for me :)
#colours #scenetodiefor #justromantic

Next is the many wonders the mother nature have created.
The first row is I think a pond in the middle of nowhere. Not sure what it is but definitely pretty. Will look more on Google and see (if I get to go). :)
Just so pretty. The blue blue sky and waters with the greens and yellows of the trees. How nice if I can do some sketch or paint on the spot (or from my pictures at least). ^^

Hiking have recently become my thing, especially with my love.
Definitely get to take lots of pictures because we get to walk at our own pace. 
Walk, rest, pictures.
#hike #beontopoftheworld

Another thing is to be involved with how they live. Experience, learn and grow in order to mould myself to become a better person everyday. I thank you for so far that I have lived and am truly blessed for my family, love one, & friends for the love and care they've given me up till now.
I bet I can also star gaze if I live in the countryside. I LOVE STAR  GAZING. It is my favourite activity to do at night. Unfortunately, city kids do not have such privileges. ×.×
#foreverlearning #stargazing  

More lights of city lights, fireworks, stars & nature ^^
Just love them colours.
They make my pictures look so much better almost 80% of the time :)

Like I have said, be a part of another's culture to understand them as well as myself more. Then grow to become a better version of myself. :)
#prettycoloursagain #wayoflife

Just exploring around their town to learn and snap art!!! ;)
Love the structure on top right, I think it looks like a great place to get married or a proposal !! :)
Bottom left looks pretty too- like houses on water or something. So nice. It makes me think of The Hobbit, where he stays.
I do not know what's on the bottom right, but would love to explore as it SCREAMS ART!! :D

That's how I think I will enjoy the 5D4N trip to Taiwan.
(if I get the chance to do so)

Living a life of the free and easy spirit.

The LOHAS lifestyle. (Time for two wheels)

Create the memories.
Capture the moments.
Acknowledge your fear.
Act on it.
Growth happens.

I would like to gain some exposure hopefully and be a better lifestyle/travel blogger.

Just like the lotus.
They struggle in order to bloom.

Thank you once again to Taiwan Tourism Bureau Kuala Lumpur (TTBKL) and The Butterfly Project for hosting this wonderful chance.

For more information of this awesome giveaway (a pair of tickets for this awesome 5D4N Taiwan Trip) click on the link below:
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2) Homepage in English 
3) Homepage in Malay 
4) Facebook Page 
5) For Taiwan images & visuals 

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