2015 I-City. Shah Alam

First time I visited this place.

I imagined the place to be more of a cool and fun place filled with lightings. Siblings who went there told me to wear slippers when I go there as they have ended up with orang-y mud on the shoes. That's their only comment that I remembered.

It was on the 15th February 2015. With love. I decided the place. No la....actually I nagged and nagged and finally he brought me here so that I don't nag anymore. Lol.

Why I want to come?
Simply because I have NEVER been here before.
Secondly, he have also not been here for quite a number of years already (according to him).
Thus, good to explore together for a bit before I start work.

Upon arriving, it all looks clean. Well-lit parking area, tarred road and stone pavements for people to walk on. No muddy road. ^^ There's also many visitors!! Bf also said that the place had undergone quite some major reconstruction. Meaning, more place for us to explore. So so glad. ^^

Some mini info in introducing the place to you!
Click here to see the map and various info of the place.

The attractions are divided into 5 major ones:
(1) City of Digital Lights
Over 1 million LED lights lit the night sky in various themes
Not mine. Taken from HERE.

(2) Red Carpet
It is Malaysia's first interactive wax museum (synchronisation of voice and motion) of six themes (World Icons, Celebrities, Sport Stars, World Book of Records, Interactive and All Stars Cafe).
Not mine. Taken from HERE.

(3) Trick Art Museum
Of 2D paintings to 3Ds by illusion of the camera lens. Five themes, namely Masterpieces, Egyptian, Sea Life, Animal Kingdom, and Modern Classic.
Not mine. Taken from HERE.

(4) Snowalk
 A below 5 degrees Celcius Arctic environment with ice sculptures, rides, and more LED lights.
Not mine. Taken from HERE.

(5) Waterworld
10 acres of fun for this attraction alone. Main feature of Tornado Ride (28secs of oscillating ride through a 160-foot water tunnel, plummeting into a tunnel of 7-storey high,inclined at a 45 degree angle and eventually emerges into calm waters to end the ride); Giant Jacuzzi; Children's Adventure Pool; River Adventure (via LED-lit rocky caves); and Wave Pool (with LED screen).
Not mine. Taken from HERE.

Sounds so fun right?
We didn't get to go for the Waterworld as it was already 7pm plus plus that time. To be honest, my hopes and excitement were lowered when we saw the cost of each section of theme park entrances.

Never mind about that.

First stop, ticket counter.
Purchase i-Ticket. It is like a debit card for all entertainment and food purchases in I-city itself.
Staffs were friendly.

Second stop, Trick Art Museum.

This is the entrance I took. Sorry for the slanted picture. Too excited for the inside but not the entrance ^^

Rm25 per person (adults).
Quite worthy coz we can walk at our own pace. ^^
RM2 for a bottle of water.
Have been seeing many uploads of such places. *excited again*
From this point on, it'll just be spamming of pictures taken in there.

Third stop, City of Digital Lights.
RM1 per entry. If want to re-enter, you gotta pay again. And whatever you play in here, also gotta pay again. Once is enough for me.

We then ride on this rail thing to tour around the whole of City of Digital Lights. Very nice. Calm and colourful lights for one to talk and take pics from above. It cost us RM10 per person. Though this time we cannot control the pace but we can spin the car thing around whenever we like. Quite a good one-time experience.
Pretty lightings ☆☆☆

That's what we saw when we were sitting in the capsule thing moving along the railway as you can see. The LED lights make everything look more romantic and pretty. :)
Top view when passing by the fountain. It has music with it unfortunately I cannot upload the video from his iPhone.  ×.×

Then walk more abit and some modeling time.

That's us leaving.

Already cost us RM10 for a near 2 hours time here.
So expensive.
All about money! >.<"

What I recommend?!
Entering ONCE is good enough.
Do not force yourself to try everything if you do not like it.

TOTALLY RECOMMEND Trick Art Museum and City of Lights since both are opened at night. ^^

*For more info, have a read on their FAQs and i-Ticket information here.*

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