The Little Black Dress of Hanging Jewelry Organizer

When I think about organizers, we would see reviews mostly about organizing one's beauty stuff and etc. What about those who hoard watches, necklaces, earrings and etc?

On the 17th January 2015, sister and I bought some stuff at MR. DIY Store, Seremban. One of it was:

The Little Black Dress of Hanging Jewelry Organizer.

~ two-sided organizer hangs on arod or hook to maximize space and swivels
~ 36 clear vinyl pockets
~ 18 hooks & loop closures 
~ stylish way to store earrings, necklaces and bracelets

Cost for only RM 6.90, which in my opinion is super cheap for an organizer.

So I went and compare similar online goods without including the shipping fee... Guess what? The prices are still slightly much more expensive on Qoo10 site, ranging from RM 12.70 to RM 39.60

At GM Klang, a place where you can get wholesaler price, they also sell much more expensive!
I saw a similar kind of hanging organizer, just that the bottom half have holes for you to hang your scarves.....guess how much it cost???

I don't exactly remember but I think it is either RM 29 or RM 38. Anyhow, it is still very expensive compared to my deal! ^^

So I think this organizer sold at Mr. DIY is a DEAL for us ladies, especially.
Only RM 6.90 to declutter your jewellery a bit if you haven't yet.

This is how my organizer looks like, for now. ^^

Sorry for the mess, was just hanging for the sake of taking a picture of it. ^^

Now that I have the time to write this post, I went and count the number of clear pockets, hooks and loop closures.

Guess what?


There are actually 30 clear vinyl pockets and 14 hooks & loop closures.
Feel cheated right this moment.
But uhh..... the online ones I also went and count. Some are 36 like said but the others are like what I have counted. So I guess it is okay to forgive?? hmm.....

All for you to decide whether this is a to STEAL DEAL or not.

-declutter jewellery instantly
-easy to store, see and use

-personally would not like to store earrings at the pockets coz  I think it looks messy.

No. One is enough and looking for a box organizer kind for my earrings collection. ^^
Any suggestions?

Anyways, thank you for reading and will update more soon ^^

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