Restoran Setul (Seafood Restauarant), Seremban

DINNER with a good VIEW 

Venue: Restoran Setul (Seafood Restaurant), Seremban.
Location: It is near the exit of the LEKAS highway exit but not reaching it yet; meaning, you are still under the state of Seremban (there is no given address anywhere at that time).
When: 9th January 2015

At first sight, I really think that it is similar to the concept of Valley Resort, Pahang.

Not to be judgmental so fast... so I just snapped pictures and move along.

First snap with the great view of the place. ^^

The entrance of the restaurant :)

Picture taken with flash. Love the scenery already with the colourful lighting. 

Picture taken without flash, but blurred... sorry for my wobbly hands.

Here were the food.

A full capture of all the ordered dishes. The Centre is of some spicy flavored sauce with fish. I think it is okay only. But if you were to ask me which is my favorite in order I would say this is my 2nd preferred dish. ;)
Fried prawn with bread crumbs or something. Since I don't really eat prawn I can't tell you what I think but majority said it was OK. :)

Of "sotong", Japanese tofu, mushrooms and carrot. I just had tofu and mushrooms. Just a normal dish I think.

The left dish of vegetables was my favourite. Since most are seafood it was easy to select my most preferred dish. ;) The vegetables were well-cooked and not too oily if I remember correctly. The dish on the right is of calamari or something. I did try to eat the crispy crumbs as big sis strongly recommend me to try it. Lol. I guess you should order this? :)

On the far end was of french beans with minced pork and pork fat covered with soy sauce. Quite good too :) we were all fighting for the pork fat. Lol. The dish on the front was not that great and the portion is very is "marmite chicken". Our first impression was, "what is this?" & "so less??!" 

I wouldn't say that the food were that great of a taste to my tastebuds so I got some polls going and yeah, sad to say the food wasn't that great overall. It made me think if this food post was post-worthy...and I say I should post to inform you that you SHOULDN'T SPEND YOUR $$$ HERE!

So we went to walk around for a closer pond view.

Here we see the chicks or ducks ...

And we came back for dessert of "gui ling gao".

Not so yum. Quite bitter I would say. Baby sis and grandma don't want to eat. So I "sapu" (it's a Malay term meaning that I ate it all! ^^) all, plus baby sister's mini help in eating a very little portion for me so we can all leave the place fast fast. You know why? Coz the toilet place wasn't fully constructed....just floors and tap for the females toilet. (I don't think the construction is done yet?!)

Overall, I would say that the place is good for its ambience but not great for its food or your pocket of $$$ as it is quite expensive for a small town to charge that kind of price. Even the price of fishing is expensive. You MUST pay for a minimum of 3 hours (that is RM 30 already) and the subsequent 15-30 minutes for RM 5 or the subsequent hour for RM 10.

Of the similar concept of the restaurant, I would still say Valley Resort, Pahang WINS!!!

Thank you for reading. Have a good day :)

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