Prettia Hair Dye in PINK

It was on the 10th that baby sister told me of the ONLINE SALES happening in Natta Cosme. She was scouting for the colour and finally, we have decided to go for Prettia Fluffy Foam Hair Color Sweet Pink and Raspberry Brown

Why I was persuaded?
1) I have never heard of the brand. Baby sister Google it and found out that it is under the brand of Kao, which means it has different names in different market. Thus, Liese and Pretttia are the same product. So my level of trust to this never-heard-before brand have greatly elevated. (Lol, that's me!!)
2) Affordable (Only 15, so much cheaper compared to other brands sold in the market)
3) Easy to use (foam type of hair dye, just like shampooing your hair)
4) I am not trying it alone ; )

The following day , 11/02/2015, we paid online and planned to collect the items at the physical shop of Natta Cosme. Earlier baby sis received a call notifying that the colour I chose (Raspberry Brown) wasn't available so we can choose it when picking up the other item at the shop itself later.

In the end baby sis chose the replacement item and I go with the pink one that she chose. We were very excited.

Left is mine (Prettia Fluffy Foam Hair Color Sweet Pink) and right is baby sister's:

Thank you for choosing for the replacement colour. ^^

(Left is mine, right is hers)
The colours look rather similar from the packaging. Mine seems to have a tinge of red/pink while sister's is of no red/pink element in it.
Let's take a closer look of what we have here...

Pour bottle #1 (small red opaque bottle) into bottle #2 (big translucent bottle, already contain a solution). Then insert the  foamer cap (nozzle) to bottle 1. The packet is conditioner for your hair afterwards.

(It's all in Japanese so I gotta copy-paste instructions from Amazon, thank you!!)
* Perform Skin Allergy Test 48 hours before using this product.
* Wear gloves before handling this product.
* Make sure your working area is cleaned.
* Use this product on a DRY hair.
1. Add the No.1 Bottle into No.2 Bottle.
2. Cap the No.2 Bottle and shake well to mix the content.
<<DO NOT SHAKE VIGOROUSLY as I have read from other blogs which says that the mixed solution should be foamy when dispensed; if shaked too vigorously, foam would have formed in bottle and when dispensing it won't be the the form of foam but liquid, thus reducing the efficiency of dying your hair even I guess.>>
3. Switch to the Foamer Cap (nozzle).
4. Squeeze the No.2 Bottle gently and apply the foam to your hand.
5. Apply the foam to your Dry Hair. 6. Massage your hair firmly and gently.
6. Make sure the foam is all over your hair.
7. Leave the foam on your hair for 20~30 minutes.
8. Rinse off thoroughly.
9. Use the hair conditioner to coat your hair.

Before I wash them bubbles off :)

Waiting patiently for 20-30 minutes and click away with my camera. ^^

The before and after of my hair!!
Top left is BEFORE I dye it. So golden and not even huh?
Bottom left, done rinsing my hair (no time to snap 'coz hurry off to fetch daddy). Nonetheless, you can see the more redd like hair huh! So glad but not that obvious in pictures. It somehow have made my hair darker though ^^
Right, was taken 4 days later. quite even, less red, more like a caramel brown colour. Okay right? ^^

Thoughts about product:
Smell? Super pungent of ammonia. When inhale there is this super chilly sensation and when it us near my eyes, they feel cold and uncomfortable too..  . :/
Effectiveness? Not as reddish-pink as shown on illustration of box. Colour was transferred quite fast and even colour almost. I only left the bubbles to rest on my head for a good 20 minutes only.
Price? Rm15. Very affordable
Repurchase? YES for me as it was quite effective and affordable. But a BIG NO to those of HIGHLY SENSITIVE SCALPS /nose and also eyes.

*awaits for my baby sister's review about her hair dye soon!*

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