Love is the Answer

In conjucntion with Valentines' Day, I would like to share with you on a topic I have heard in a radio station sometime back.


One fine noon on 19012015 one program on the radio was talking about love. That "love suffices any question." (爱是你一切的答案)

I was like...are you sure?it's not always possible...especially in a cruel world we live in now.

In the program they talk about our life as in a bus. Different stops. Either you stay in it or get off it, you'll still meet people who plays a certain role in your life.

Love this saying of life as a bus / bus stop. And I fully agree with the saying. How one's life has become is determined by one's action at one particular time and etc etc. So please do not take blame or blame another but learn to know that it exist and to embrace it.

Acknowledge, Learn, Accept, Grow.
I am still learning.

Then they went on and said that in life, one can have the "first love" and "second love".

"First love" as in when one meets the first love of their life where intimacy and responsibilities are involed. (Eg: marriage and give birth to ensure continuity of generation)

Yes, I am in this stage right now.
I feel the stress of the responsibility yet I am excited about it. Though I may not be doing something serious and aligning with my education but I truly want to do what I love. Was planning to do something related to my education in my later life though. Not sure if it'll happen or not. Well. That's how it is. Just wait and see.

"Second love" refers to one who have lesser responsibility and your support system (eg. colleagues) becomes your new love. I guess it is the companionate love that I have learnt in one of the many subjects I had in my degree. The need of intimacy is decreased and directed to the need of doing/learning something new & commiting in constant exercise (not so vigorous though).

I wonder what I will be doing then?
Maybe I may be continuing my education? Lol. Travelling sounds great! Volunteer programs maybe?I have zero idea about it since I am nowhere near this stage yet. So what do you think you'll be doing in this stage? ;)

To the speaker, she would do exercises , go for professional talks about deciphering dreams, questioning life and death issues and such. She and her companions (both male and female colleagues) had decided to travel around the island of Taiwan, which she had never done in her younger days.

Anyhow, I feel inspired and calm when listening to the program. Just like to share with you guys and girls and see what you think about this topic. :)

Thinking game starts especially at night, for me.
Go exercise your brain lovelies and use your time well :)

Thank you for reading this wordy post. :)

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