Fun in Hong Kong 2014


This post was long long overdue.

It was a family trip in August 2014. (16th-23rd)

This post is not any typical travel post where you are taught to take what transport to a certain location but more of a diary to keep track of what I have purchased and note down the places we went and the food we had. <3

So when I think about Hong Kong, I associate it with Shopping Heaven especially skin care products and clothes.
What about you?? =)

Couldn't believe that we were already buying stuff on the first day of arriving the place. The place we stayed at was super convenient to shop, that's why. ^^ And, it's more of a shopping trip rather than a sightseeing kind. So, more time to shop ^^
My haul post will be a separate post.
Please be patient with me. Thank you.

All I can say is that we ate a lot, sleep just fine, and shop so so much more ^^
There is no day that can be compared to the shopping haul back in August! ^^

Anyway, we only played one whole day on Day 4 of our stay.

Let us rewind back to Day 1 of our trip.


Baby brother, big sis, and I. Wefies before we fly off. =)

The map shows that from the airport in HK, we can  easily take a train to Tsim Sha Tsui then to Yau Ma Tei (where Jie Fu's mom is staying). Was impressed by the super well-connected trains there and the efficiency. 

That's where we stayed at HK. Thank you so much aunty, er jie fu and second sister for your very very kind hospitality. Super appreciated.

And that was the elevator. It was a 'jumpy' ride which we eventually got used to when my second sister said this, "They are old, but they are maintained." Lol. And we are safe. So don't be too surprised with the lifts here. So antique-like in my opinion. Scary at first but couldn't be bothered much since the urge to shop is so much greater. 

Aunty served us cherries before we go for lunch together. It's a Tuesday and am so glad and thankful that everyone made their time available to accompany us and show us around. Was so excited to experience how a real-life dim sum setting would be like. Like the movies maybe?

As usual, selca is what we like to do while waiting for everyone else to get prepared.

Haha. Actually I did not want to capture a duo picture but a selfie. She went to grab some stuff or I asked her to go away first so I only managed to capture a not-too-bad selfie. No make up needed coz' I have beauty effect in my camera. ^^

Don't look too busy huh on a Tuesday? Second sister said  'cause everyone is working and that we should come out again in the evening to see the crowd.

Everyone heading up the escalator to the dim sum place. A narrower escalator, not bad. People don't really cannot rush that much, maybe? Lol.

That's the name of the Dim Sum place. The place is called "Hao2 Cai3 Hai3 Xian1 Jiu3 Jia1." The service there were attended fast and we were quickly served to our table. The waitress is like a pro when she quickly and steadily lay out the cutleries on the table. I can't speak much, and there's no need to since aunty is super familiar with it. Their Cantonese is so so so so so fluent and fast.

Selca again with big sister upon reaching the place ^^

Spring roll, dumplings, fried fu-chuk, and the very recommended soup dumpling aka  小笼包 by my second sister
Next is roasted pork, pork ribs, custard bun and also some "siu-mai"

Lastly are some stir-fried cucumber with mu-er (the black jelly texture thing which promotes blood or something), stir-fried mi-hun and also something like shrimp or is it fishball-like food? I don't know and don't remember. Overall it is a lot for all of us to finish. Nice meal. Thank you so much aunty for being so generous. We felt paiseh already.

Then second sister brought us jalan-jalan (it is a Malay term which clearly describes the act of exploring a place) while aunty and her hubby went to run errands/work. I quickly captured this bus which I find cute. It is the bus that I have been seeing in HK movies... paiseh for behaving like  I just got out from the cave era.

I took a quick picture of us while waiting for the traffic light to turn green, without me in the picture of course. (From left, back: Baby brother, second sister, mommy. From left, front: Big sister and daddy) 

Dinner Day 1. From left top, moving clockwise: The full picture of our dinner that day, mostly prepared by aunty. Roasted goose, (according to big sister and baby brother, it has much more fats under the skin. And yes, you can see the oil lingering in the polystyrene box if you lift all the meat up!!!) Er Jie Fu bought for us to try. He said that it was really really famous. Swiss Chicken aunty made; her son loves it. Lastly was the roasted duck, also very well known.
I didn't dare to try the roasted goose, just had the roasted duck and everything else. ^^

Day 2

OOTD. For fun. Just trying to show my newly purchased shoes when it is still clean. ^^

What I actually looked like when I was out in the streets. Too hot. Must protect myself from the UV rays.

The busy street on a Wednesday!

Second sister said we should try snacks in HK. So we tried this one with a big crowd.

First set of snacks. Curry fish ball (Better than the one in Malaysia. Would totally recommend you guys to eat this if you visit HK). Original fish ball w/o curry (just normal). Cheese fries (okay), and also "gai dan zai" which in direct translation means egg-lets. (Just normal). Lol.

Next were the fried "Sotong" (Mom was complaining that the squid was toooooo chewy. I would not recommend you to try it but many seems to order it so no harm in trying one). Fat hot dog (Not nice, don't remember what the meat was made of). Stinky tofu (in my memory, the one in Taiwan tastes 10x better).

Dragon Beard Candy. It was what we see in movies. Second sister bought for us. I didn't try it but mom and sisters were saying that it was quite nice.

Dinner on Day 2. Half of them were prepared by my mom while the other half  by the very kind aunty.

Day 3
Only shopping
It will be in another post as mentioned ^^

Day 4
Ocean Park

While waiting for a cab...
Big sister, Me, Baby brother 

My fat face. Love my hair color. #vainpot

When in the cab. Selca with my big sister. Dad is totally not interested in taking pictures in a cab.

Another selfie. #vainpot

Yes, and another.
 When we reached ocean park.

We need to get to the entrance of the Ocean Park via the escalators.
Ta-daa! This is the entrance of the place.

Mom made us eat a little before entering. I had a banana. Healthy right? ^^
The loves of my life, my home, and my family (including my baby sister, second sister, granny and also two baby doggies).

Entrance of Ocean Park ^^
 I find the pond quite fascinating with the fountain. Wow at first sight but uhh thinking about it now just feels meh.
The water fountain. Quite pretty huh!
We saw people queuing for the panda. So we followed.

The entrance of the panda place and also the golden snub-nosed monkey. There were only a few panda and monkey. Their names and other details are on their respective windows.

Although the line were long, we just cannot resist to not take selfies with the adorable panda. #SelfieWithPandaFail99

Pattern all the way with my big sister. #rofl 

After watching the panda and the golden snub-nosed monkey, we walked through a place where they sell food and some small place for mini games.

I love love love the architectural here. So Shanghai-like (not that I have been there, but similar to that of my imagination/movies I watched)... . Lol.

Just another one. ^^
Finally we reached the train place to go to the theme park, leaving the venue of watching the Asian wild life.

Queuing up to go into the train (submarine)

When in the train (or submarine).

In the train, you will view a movie as if we are in a submarine and was attacked by a gigantic octopus-like creature. Luckily somehow it swam away (maybe it was attacked??) so we are all safe. 

"1" is when the octopus came. "2" is when someone was caught by the creature. "3" is when the person got away somehow, I think, and the submarine have reached a destination. "4" is when we reached safely- our destination is here :)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We got off, got a map. After a while, we all agreed to start from the back where we hoped (or assumed)  that there will be lesser people waiting for the ride.

It was quite a long walk.
These are the stream of pictures I had while walking on the way to our destination.

1= Never, never, never have food in there coz it is just too expensive (for me). Even second sister and aunty warned us to eat before entering or pack along and bring them in.
2= I am super amazed by the escalator here. It is super steep yet stable. =)
3= My baby brother is just taking a picture with the sculptured seal imagining it was our Choppa baby (our baby schnauzer back in Malaysia).
4= Just bored and want to show off my new bought shoes before it gets all dirty =)

First off ,
The Water Raft.
Only a maximum of 4 people per boat ride. We split to 3 and 2. Baby brother and I. We were both really nervous for the fall of it. But hmm, it wasn't that scary at all. Oh well.

Look at my stupid face.
Was anxious of "what if I dropped the bag when the boat fall downwards" and "it's not my bag!".
But. Bleh. Nothing to be afraid of, I can assure you that! ^^ 

Before I continue with the second venue, I would like to show you this exciting ride.
The Space Wheel.
So so so exciting that we all dared not have a ride.
I think I will faint upon riding this seemingly super thrilling ride.

Okay, going back to the story of the next venue.
The Dolphin Show.
Family selfie first.

Next, have a look at the flooding spectators.
We sat on the already wet seats (bad,  rainy weather!) as the available seats were running out.
Even the wet ones were filled in fast.

As for the video, I'll edit it in when I have the time.
I do not know why, this time, I just couldn't upload any videos.

The video clips were recorded using my sister's Sony mobile as my camera battery ran out.

### till next time ###

Trained dolphins and seals were extra smart!!!!
*big applause to them!!*
Must watch la I say.

The second ride was,
The Space Ship.
It is like the "UFO saucer" that we have in Malaysia combining with a Ferris Wheel. So fun and it successfully elevated my adrenaline much more than expected. Not the plain Ferris Wheel anymore. If I don't recall wrongly, it is from Germany or somewhere. I was in one "capsule". Baby brother went with my big sister. Dad in another. Mommy helped us to take some photos from afar. ^^
After the ride, everyone agreed that it is a MUST to shout out to release the pressure in our tight/stressed lungs or chest area NO MATTER YOU ARE AFRAID OR NOT.
Main point here is to RELEASE the TENSION in your my small lungs.
*Gentle reminder: Do shout out if you want and focus on the capsule in front of you so you won't feel like barfing*
MUST RIDE, I say! ^^
*loved it*

Started out low. Speed gradually increased.  Don't look scary enough horr??

Speed increasing.

Pace picking up. Much more slanted.

*just scream *

#3 The Flying Swing
It is like the usual one that we had experienced at the Theme Park in Genting Highland, Malaysia. We went to play just to feel cooler and because there isn't that many people so no need to wait so long (eg 45 minutes, 1 hour, and more) under the scorching sun or light drizzle. However, I would say is that the rotation height wasn't as tall as the one in Malaysia. Thus, the one in Malaysia WINS! Of course, if you are not keen into the slightly more extreme kind of theme park, this will do fine for you and your heart.

No, I am not kidding you.
"All rides were suspended due to BAD WEATHER"
Wth. So we decided to just visit and walk around the extreme park (it is located at another section of the "hill"). Below are some photos. No mood to take also, too squishy with people and drizzle.
Stopped at a few places because we just wanted to optimize the money we had spent

# Visit the Penguins #
(pictures taken by Sister's Sony)

Posed for us to take pictures some more. So smart!!!

Most of them were gathering or standing in groups.

BUT. This one seems so lonely. We do not know why....

A "Loner" I shall name it. Or is it the "Brave" one, going on itself. 

Next came the ...
# Arctic Wolf #
(I don't remember what it is called)
(Pictures taken by Sister's Sony)

A type of fox. My Chinese isn't good so, please help yourself. What is it in English? Please tell me if you know. Thank you very much! Cute names too! ^^

Posed in such adorable positions. <3 <3 <3
We immediately thought of our dogs at home.

So much of love! Or are they playing? ^^

So cute and fluffy! Almost similar to the Siberain Husky in a way, at least to me ^^

# Souvenir Shop #
(pictures taken by Sister's Sony)

Bro is blending in well with the cute polar bear cap while I kinda "photobombed" the whole picture with the cute polar bear plushie. 

Just look like Husky and/or Baby Choppa (the cute miniature Schnauzer we have back in Malaysia)

# Random posing #
 (pictures taken by Sister's Sony)

After the exit, we saw people taking pictures with it. So it feels like a somewhat mandatory shot.^^

# Extreme Park #
 (pictures taken by Sister's Sony)

We didn't get to ride on any of the rides at the Extreme Park as it was already drizzling a bit and that the line requires at least 1 hour to queue. So....

One of the entrance of a Roller Coaster ride. Such similar looking entrance to the one in Australia!!

Big sister in Black tee and shorts. Posing. Again.
This picture just makes me feel like we humans just love to challenge ourselves / walk into our own nightmare.
Suddenly feel like writing a post for this random thought.

The super tired faces. Taking 5 while the others free the tension in their bladders. ^^ 

# Asian Animals #
(I think this is a category as labelled according to the signboards there)
The "Asian Animals" there were panda, alligators and fishes. We stopped at the panda place first.
(I "felt" a bit more when I see the word "Asian". Why the term? Are you trying to say that all these animals I see are only found in Asian countries? )

Since I am tired and just love to take pictures, let's see what I have captured using my sister's Sony mobile ^^

That's the intact remain of leaves in the faeces of the panda.

So lazy.....

Feeling bored, Sister and I have created this pic just for fun. Cute panda! #cutedieme

Other than panda, there were also some other animals which I do not bother to snap pictures of. So sorry.

But I snapped some fish!

Some are common but some are just my first time seeing it. I never knew.
#somuchtoknow #somuchtosee #somuchtoread

We had a quick visit at the Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium.
Nothing much to really see.
Just sharks that look the same to me (who lacks knowledge about fishes).
Blurry pictures of the sharks taken.

Finally, the last visit was the Shark Mystique (Aquarium).
 The visitors are just sad people I think (so sorry to be this rude but it all got on my nerves). It's as if they have never seen fish in the aquarium. So sorry for the lengthy on and off complaints. But they just push you, cut the queue and etc.
Enjoy some pictures I took in there. Thank you!
The entrance is cute (on the top right of the picture).
There are loads of sting rays and sharks in all sizes.
Baby shark at the bottom left. =)
Jelly fish with different lighting
A cylindrical tank of pirahnas I think. The bottom left picture was me simply posing. Unfortunately, some people were really looking at the direction that I was pointing (I really don't mean to trick any of you, I swear!)

More sharks, sting rays, and swordfish.

We waited awhile at the souvenir place 'cause it was raining heavily.
After a good 20-30 minutes it stopped and drizzled a little. We all walked fast and went to queue for the cabs.

It was 6.06 pm that time. Looking bright eh but already drizzling non-stop
Tick tock tick tock.

7.35 pm now.
Big sister captured this...

Pity all kids and parents. Queuing, standing and squatting for the longest time in their lives, at least it was, for my family and I. I have been drenched and alternating between squatting and standing throughout the whole wait.

At 7.45 pm we were finally at the front of the line. It took awhile for the cabs to come.

Still got to wait for another ten plus minutes before a cab arrive.
FYI: the taxi/cabs are different there. At the bumper, you'll see a sticker labelled number 4, 5, and etc.  It represents the maximum number of passengers per cab ride.  Luckily the one that came was for  5 people. Thank god!

 Overall, we waited for a long 2 HOURS, with some rain, drizzle, and chilly wind. One little kid tried to cut our queue. Daddy and others behind us said to her that she cannot do that. Can you imagine how she reacted to us my dad?
She freaking rolled her eyes. Wth. Only then the mom signaled the child to go. What a parent to be to teach their child to do such thing. Hmph.

Let's end this irritating, cold day with a warm shower and dinner by my sister's future mother-in-law.
(No picture because I went shower first while the others had their dinner first).

Thank you so much aunty for the hospitality.

I wouldn't advised any tourists to go. It is not worth your money, energy and totally inconvenient to get there other than cab (that takes forever to come) or having your own car. It's even more hectic than when I took KTM in Malaysia. If you go, you'll have to endure several stuff. 
1. Foot pain
2. Pushy people.
3.Noise pollution.

To further elaborate, don't wear heels or shoes that helps to make you look tall. You'll be in there for hours and you can hardly see any seats for you to rest (that day my feet died, literally, bruises were felt around the top of my feet). People there are simply rude. Mostly they are not of the HK citizen. Just purely rude. No word of "excuse" or so. No matter you want to resist the push or not, you'll still move and in a mere few seconds or milliseconds, you'll be in the train.

Day 5
Only shopping
It will be in another post as mentioned ^^

Day 6
A Walk at Tsim Sha Tsui
From Mong Kok to Tsim Sha Tsui (TST), by foot, it roughly takes 40 minutes to 1 hour walk (depending on how fast you walk).

Before I continue, lemme give mama and second sister a big clap.
So kind of them to do the cooking while we just eat! <3
The "Swiss Chicken" by sister while mom do the frying part. Sister glazed the top with honey.
Our lunch.

During our walk there, I just HAVE TO snap this mural down.
Nice horr? It is taken with a little editing of art by my Casio ZR1200 camera
Venue 1 : Hong Kong's Big Ben

This is the clock tower. My first glance from afar was that it resembles Big Ben clock tower in London.  I Googled and apparently not I alone have mistaken it for London's Big Ben.

My mandatory "hold-the-cloud" shot. ^^

An "Art" shot of the skyline without standing on taller platforms (I wanted to, but, too paiseh coz there were many people there too).
A ship from a far. Looks like pirate ship to me. Wahahah. Too much movie for me.

Desserts prepared by aunty once we returned from our sightseeing.
Of bird nest steamed with milk and mango.

Day 7
Only shopping
It will be in another post as mentioned ^^

Day 8 (23082014)
Heavenly Buffet & Supper
Highlight of the day would be a short jalan-jalan at a mall as there were Sanrio characters displayed. Many people were snapping their cameras/phones away.

I am not a big fan of Sanrio characters but I do not deny I did collect some of its product. ^^

Another picture taken in honour (She used to collect hello kitty stuff, though not a big fan of it) to baby sister who did not come. Big sister has ben a super fan to Purin. She had some collections and stopped for quite some time because there isn't much place to store them.

Dinner at MIYAZAKI...

Group picture while waiting for seats.
From left: Second sister's bf, second sister, big sister, baby brother, mom and dad. 

Of mom and big sister, posing at the entrance
The various awards. I assume they serve good food from looking at it. So glad that we were brought here to savour the goodness.

That's the mouth watering menu. <3 <3 <3

Group picture at the table before the food arrive. ^^

Now, let's take a look at our food ^^
Shrimps, fried dumplings and also some sushi thing.

Endless B-E-E-F-S for my family members and I.
Some salad, udon, and fried stuff.

We ordered A LOT of SASHIMI. Baby brother alone had around 40 pieces. Lol. Scary or not? I think I have around 10ish to 20 plus of sashimi only because I was swallowing more beef cubes than ever!! It was soooooooo sooooooooo nice!!!!!

We love the shrooms!

Corns with butter were nice! Mom had seaweed udon and salad too ^^
After dinner, we walked some more.

Credits to baby brother for capturing a "tall-looking" me.
Fat me while eat like an elephant there that time.

Dessert time at Ocio...
The menu. Simple and nice!

Is it even cheesy? I don't remember. I know it is as soft as tofu and sweet on the upper layer. Sorry about this explanation but I didn't order it.
I ordered the one on the right. I do remember that it is cheesy and the chocolate somehow reduce the cheesy taste. The fruits help to balance the flavour a little bit more. But if there isn't fruits, nuts and chocolate, the plate would be very filling and ugh. Love the combination. The one on the left, I didn't order. but I think they said it is okay.

Us waiting for our dessert whileom and dad were strolling outside to digest the dinner we just had.

1 = very artistic touch of the interior of the shop.
2 = Pretty toilet door.
3 & 4 = relaxing-looking toilet

Quite nice. As ordered by second sister. Sorry cuz I couldn't comment much about the taste.  All I remember is that it is soft and not overly sweet <3

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