HANAKA Blackhead Pore White Mask

A review of the this cute tub!
Hanaka Blackhead Pore White Mask

Brand: Hanaka

Product: Blackhead Pore White Mask

Content: 250g

Price: RM39.90


Purchased @ physical shop of Natta Cosme, S2.

Bamboo charcoal powder, Applephenon, Witch hazel extract, Tranexamic acid, Cucumber extract, Aloe vera extract, Morus Bombycis root

Purpose (taken from Qoo10 (an online shopping website) :
1) Unclog pores
2) Charcoal ingredients nourishes the skin therefore achieving a supple, moisturized skin
3) Tranexamic acid allows firming and whitening of skin.

After cleansing, apply a generous amount of mask on your face. Wait for 30 minutes and scrape it off with a spatula. Wash the remaining mask on your face. Pat dry and continue with your usual steps.

Skin thinks?
I have done it several times. I am unsure whether i should say that I have big or small pores so I asked my big sister. According to her, mine aren't big. So I should maybe quantify that I have not so much of a not-too-big pores ;) especially around my nose and around the nose areas. I don't know what else it does. Oh, I think my face is brighter and breathable when o have scraped away the dirty residues. :)

1) Affordable (for the size and price comparing to Annie's Way Jelly mask)
2) Easier to wash off (wash off remaining mask as compared to Annie's Way Jelly Mask)
3) Instant brighter face (almost similar effect with Annie's Way Jelly mask)

1) Slightly strong flowery scent (don't irritate me that much)
2) In terms of removing blackhead/whitehead (by squeezing lightly) after mask, Annie's Way has aided a much easier process.


Overall, I prefer Annie's Way Jelly mask more than Hanaka (second reason in cons).


Here are the links to my favourite Annie's Way tub mask.
Aloe Moisturising Jelly Mask
Brightening Jelly Mask

Mini Haul at Markets Fourteen

I came across Carinn's post on 19/12/2014 but only managed to have a read about it the following (20/12/2014) morning at around 10.40am.

Image taken from Carinn's post.

I told bf and he was like, "You want to go?"
And I was like, "Are you serious?"
I quickly got ready :)
(felt like a great great day already!)

We arrived there around 12.30noon


While queuing up for the goodie bags for the first 1, 200 customers, I have pledged for the cute shark there

Just sign the petition, hopefully then the total amount of pledges can make the government help the sharks. Thought they look ferocious, the real ferocious ones are the greedy humans/demands of consumers.
(Image taken from the Markets)

There were quite some choice of food there. 
We had these:

He had the Chicken Chillie Cheese Dog and part of the Fish Burritos (RM14) while I had the desserts of Mixed Berries (RM7) and Smore Brownies (RM4) from "that last slice". Desserts were quite good but sweet for me. However it is alright coz' I don't eat it everyday :)


Who go there but don't buy one?

These are my hauls ;)
I finally bought these pieces.
I have seen numerous pictures on Instagram and all by fashionistas.
I have been itching to get my hands on these pieces.
And, yes, finally I got the gut to get them and added them to my wardrobe.
Better late than never right? :)

Black midi skirt from Wonderism. White crop from Apee. Red off-shoulder crop and champagne lace top from Dreamscape.

All I also don't have so.....Buy, Buy, & Buy. Don't care if there will be any event to wear to but I should just get them first :)
One each should be enough for now :)
Quality were all very very good.
Such a pity that the white crop was a bit dirty.
Wash also cannot really remove.
I buy till I forgot to inspect my goods properly.

Chiffon black blouse. Plain blouse on the right. Stretchable yellow tube top. Free yellow stripes top found in bf's goodie bag.

Got them coz I just needed them I guess. :)
Love how good the material was for the stretchable yellow tube top.

Oh, and I also got my first stack rings of three pieces.

Sorry for my unpolished fingers.  :)
That is all for today's super duper short update.
Just to tell myself that I have updated part of my wardrobe.

Holika Holika Pig-nose Clear Blackhead 3-Step Kit

Hello to my beautiful readers!

This post was long overdue till I thought I have posted it last year....but, here goes.

Do any of you have problems with black- or whiteheads??
I do.
When I really really cannot stand it, I would just squeeze them, after I have cleansed my face.
That's when I regret my "squeezing actions", but...oh well.

I have tried nose strips by Biore. They don't work that "wow" for me so I searched on.
Next I came to the pore pack of Saave (a Singaporean brand I think), follow by that of Hanaka (have a read here). I think they don't work as good as expected. =.=

This time I tried the Holika Holika Pig-nose Clear Blackhead 3-Step Kit.
My very first time in buying the brand and also such cute packaging to treat my nose/pore problem.
Yes, I cannot deny. I am a sucker for cute packaging and also when I see the product running out in a shop. It is as if the product was "meant to be purchased by me!" Lol. That's what I always tell myself.

On that particular noon in Hong Kong, we witnessed a consumer asking for the seller if she still had this Holika Holika Pig-nose Clear Blackhead 3-Step Kit.
Seller: "I only have less than 4 left."
Consumer:  "I;ll take the remaining. When will the stock arrive?"
Blah blah blah....

So, without hesitation, I got 1 piece to try out (but I did not try it before I bought the other 9, big sister tried it than can already) and another 9 pieces the following day. 

Unfortunately, a few weeks back, big sister was telling us how ineffective it was.
I was seriously discouraged in using it for the second time (I have tried the first time but forgot to wet my nose for the second step so it wasn't that accurate).

Nonetheless, I tried it. I used it after I did my Q10 Annie's Way Jelly Mask**
Hope it works.

Please shoo, whiteheads and black-!

Cute packaging right?

Step #1 : Apply 15-20 minutes. Helps to open up pore.

This first step stings my nose a bit.  Probably it really does help open my pores. 

Step #2 : Wet the nose area. Peel off the transparent film and stick the non-cloth darker pink layer to your nose for 10-15 minutes.

Number 1 and 2 shows the two sides of the nose patch of step 2. Stick the side of number two to your nose after you have wet your nose.  Aft error 10-15 minutes you can peel the patch and see if there is anything on your patch.

Step #3 : Close pores. Apply a rough 5 minutes will do.

There are three layers in this step as seen in image "2". Only apply this hydrogel layer in the middle layers to your nose. It is slippery so it "kacau-ed" me when I was hurrying to apply it on my nose and play Dota with my siblings. So I think one is to better relax while applying any type of masks.

Rating time!!

1) Effectivity?
#1 - stinging and warm feeling
#2 - not much whiteheads were extracted. no blackheads at all. maybe I do not have that much to be extracted? Pain level not that much for me because I think that the pore pack are much more painful. Does less pain means less efficient when cleaning my pores ? ?
#3 - nose were oily slightly but not oily anymore after dry, leaving smooth nose. I cannot be sure if my pores were really closed. Lol.
2) Scent
#1 - smells citrus like lemon.
#2 - scentless
#3 - sweet like candy
3) Any breakout/drying out?
No. But I failed to continue my serum and all as I read her (my big sister) review (here) saying it is sticky and all so while I waited it to dry and play Dota with siblings, I totally forgot to follow up with my skincare routine. So I find that this nose mask is not that user friendly, for me.

- shape was easy to stick on nose
- cute packaging

- did not extracted as much as compared to first use.
- process is time consuming

No. Cons outweighs the pros.

In case, if you have missed my HK FAMILY TRIP, click here for the food and fun stuff that I have experienced with my family.

Have a good night.

Android Games under 25mb!

Do you play games?
Online or offline?

I play on whichever that are available.
But usually, my phone.
So I would say that I AM AN ADDICT

So what kind of games do you play?
What do you want in a game?

Do you have short span when playing certain games?
I am definitely.

I am a faithful android user.
With short span in playing games.
Thus, I usually install new games and uninstall old ones.
Because there isn't much space left in my Samsung Note 2
(from whatever that I have downloaded).

Yet, I still am able to install games into my phone.
Just found out a week ago.
Check it out now if you have the time!
For Android users, 
Click your "Play Store".
Select "Games Under 25MB".

I have downloaded the games I find enjoyable.
They are addictive. However, you may get bored of it.
**The downloads are based on when I played it and when I find enjoyable**

The numbering shows the interest I have towards each game ;) (as the number ascends, my interest to it ascends along too) ♡

#1 Timberman

This is how the game looks like. Press "play" and enjoy your game! ^^(picture as taken from Play Store)

Different Timbermen can be unlocked!(picture as taken from Play Store)

Chop the wood during winter season(picture as taken from Play Store)

INFO (as written in Play Store) :

A game offered by the Digital Melody.
Updated on 30 July 2014.
Size: 10.74MB.
Developer email: hello@digitalmelody.pl

Basically it is an oldschool arcade style casual game. You become a Timberman, chop the wood as fast as you can and avoid the branches. Game is over when you are tripped by the branches and/or when the time runs out. Sounds easy? Just try to master (it gets on my nerve, argh). There are 4 variable environments and 8 Timbermen to unlock.


Honestly I do not know whether there are any differences among the different character available (you can unlock them by accumulating the total "chops" or "score", like them on Facebook, "chop" over XXX times in a row

Overall a cute game to test your reflexes and patience. ^^

Thank you to the producer.  But hmm, I have already uninstalled it after 5 days. Sorry for my short span of playing games. 

#2 One Touch Drawing

This is how one of the line game is played.
(picture as taken from Play Store)

INFO (as written in Play Store) :

A game offered by Ecapyc Inc.
Updated on 20 August 2014.
Size: 6.93MB
Developer email: support@ecapyc.com

Just like the name of the game, draw everything with only "One touch". Test your brain with an amazing puzzle game. It is simple yet addictive. According to clear levels, new lines and points like below will make it difficult:
1. Line that must be passed twice
2.One directional line.
3. Warp point.
4. Direction trigger.
5. Way trigger


There are two different modes of play. First is the Normal mode. Second is the Time Attack mode. Both of them are similar. Both modes of play have 5 worlds and in each world there are 100 levels.

I am surprised by it's considerable nature of the game where you can set "ColorBlind" status in the setting. Therefore, whether you are color blind or not, you can play the game with ease.

It is a brain-straining game. I love and hate playing it at the same time 'cause the irritation builds up when I try to solve a certain level for multiple times.

#3 PewPew

This is in the Pandemonium game mode.
(picture as taken from Play Store)

INFO (as written in Play Store) :

A game offered by Jean-Francois Geyelin.
Updated on 17 June 2014.
Size: 6.70MB
Developer email: jfgeyelin+pp-android@gmail.com

PewPew is the best multidirectional shoot them up on Android. It's basically megatons of enemise and FIVE (Pandemonium, Dodge this, Assault, Chromatic Conflict, Asteroids) very different game modes, everything rolled up with sweet, smooth retro graphics. Win medals, unlock ships, and compete on the online ladder board.


I seriously love this game and recommended it to my brother. He loves it too. Although I may not be the best in directing and shoot in different directions at the same time, I do truly enjoy the game.
Enough said. Go download it now and I bet you'll love it too. Such smooth game play with using just a small memory in your phone space.

#4 Hoplite

INFO (as written in Play Store) :

A game offered by Magma Fortress
Updated on 29 September 2014
Size: 5.54MB
Developer email: magmafortress@gmail.com

Hoplite is a turn-based strategy game focusing on tactical movement around small maps. It is a challenging gameplay which aims to make you think before you act. Every move counts! Make strategical choices to upgrade your abilities

I rarely download tactical games like this. It is a surprise that it occupy such small memory. I absolutely love playing it. Overall a very simplistic but capture my full attention when playing the game..

Hot Food at Magnum Cafe, KL

Hello to my beautiful readers!

I bet a lot of you have already visited Magnum Cafe, Midvalley.

Guess intro of the place is not needed as many have already raved about it, especially their "make your own magnum". Before I went there, I have already read a few reviews of the place before and after the opening. I also saw tons of Instagram updates of the super fancy-looking ice cream. Omg, so wanna try.

I finally then visited Magnum Cafe for the very first time back in 26th November 2014 with Ms. S.
It's like about 2-3 weeks after the opening.
Although late but they say, "Better late than never!"

In my post I would like to talk about the hot food served there.
Hot as in a proper meal/dish eg spaghetti etc.
Yeah. Hot dish.
Not just desserts because I think many have already talked about it
(but I will still do that, for the purpose of closure).

There were two floors.

The image above was taken after we were done eating. Scarily long right?

When we were there, the queue downstairs were a quarter of the picture as seen above. 

 But on the second floor, no one was really queuing yet.

That's how "long" the queue was on the second floor. So lucky for the both of us ^^

So we asked the waitress there and she told us that if we want to have proper hot food, then we can have it here. But if we just want desserts, we can go down. Bet the long queue was due to the "make your own magnum". As for the already set combination of ice cream or other desserts and spaghetti dish, be seated and enjoy on the second floor.

The deco there were super pretty.

So bling, attractive and pretty!

Just can't get my eyes off all these pretty deco.

And one more ^^

Have a look at some pages of menu that I have captured:
(I didn't get to capture the "hot food" pages as I was too hungry)

That's the menu at the entrance of the Magnum Cafe. Simplistic and elegant looking menu! ^^

First page of the menu that reads, "A day without pleasure is a day lost."

The next page of the menu showing the step-by-step in making you own Magnum."

The Magnum Signature Combinations<3

These are the food we ordered:

A table full of food for 2. The table is a little small but it was okay.  Also do bring along jacket/scarves as it was cold for us that time.

I had Chicken and Salted Egg Spaghetti & Golden Flower.

(According to the Menu) Chicken and Salted Egg Spaghetti. Pasta served with salted egg sauce crisp chicken, Asian pesto and chickarones. A Malaysian inspired pasta.
RM 22

Comment: Spaghetti wasn't that great as the salted egg makes me feel so full. Too much, maybe? At the first look I thought the portion was very small and I was surprised that I cannot finish it. The overall dish leaves a "sandy" feeling after the meal (I know it is due to the salty egg right?), consequently not that appetizing. Luckily the ice cream that I ordered save my day.
Rating: 2/5

Golden flower is a coat of classic vanilla and white chocolate, topped with gold nuggets, popcorn and culinary rose petals + drizzle with dark chocolate.
RM 9.33

Comment: I love it! So smooth and very satisfying for a sweet tooth like me. It may be overwhelming for people who don't consistently take cold dessert. Worthy anyway! ^^ Another thing is that I simply feel like some herbivores churning and swallowing the rose petals. The scent is nice but when I gotta eat it, hmm. I am supposed to consume them right? Lol. Nevermind, it has already been digested. ^^
Rating: 4.5/5 

Ms. S had Spicy Crab Spaghetti and also Cookie Monster.

(According to Menu) Spicy Crab Spaghetti: Spaghetti tossed with hand-picked crab meat, crustacean bisque, and cilantro pesto.
RM 28

Comment (by Ms. S): I liked it because I think they balanced the ratio of crab to spaghetti. And at every mouthful you can definitely taste the crab. The spices are not overpowering, making you want more of it each time, Ms.S highly recommend you to try it1!!
Rating: 4.5/5

(According to Menu) Cookie Monster is a coat of classic vanilla and dark chocolate, topped with crushed oreo, white crunch pearls and also dark crunch pearls + drizzled with white chocolate.
RM 9.33

Comment (by Ms. S): Cookie Monster is to die for. Those who love the combo of chocolate and vanilla will love it. The sweetness is not too much and the oreo crumbles gives it a crunch to the ice cream.
Rating: 5/5

We also shared Chicken Karaage that was served with some cheese and sour sauce, don't remembered what it was already.

Chicken Kaarage
RM 17

Comment: We agreed that it is a little tasteless and would prefer it to have a little more seasoning. The inside of the meat  is juicy, we like it! However the lack of taste for us, the sauce served counter that as it goes well with the meat. But this snack do not make us crave for more.
Rating: 3/5


Friendly Reminder: You do not have to rush to eat or take pictures of your ice cream if you do order hot food because the outer layer of the ice cream won't melt (the inside do however unfortunately). We tried that, so do not need to worry if you do not mind eating the already melted insides of the ice cream!                                                                               =)


P.s. If any of you went and tried their other hot food, do let me know what you think of them! Thanks!


At 4am (13/12/2014) I was still awake.
(Browse feeds in facebook and then blogger)

Stopped at Daph's post.
A post posted a week ago.
Her blog always touches my heart (I bet many had been touched too when they read it.)
I can almost always feel something when I read her blog.
Feeling something is better than not feeling anything. 
That's what I think. :)

Anyway, this post is never meant to be blogged (I just did, wth) coz I am always trying to not pour my feelings too much since it is no longer a diary blog that I once used it so.

But after reading Daphne's blog about religion, I just feel...




And whatever negative words that you can think of, all that just got into me.

This is the feeling that's been in me for some time. Not the long term kind I guess. More of an on and off kind.

This feeling is just like I am falling into a never ending black hole.
Or trying to escape a maze. 

(Image as taken from Google)


What I am feeling is not due to the fact that I don't belong to any religious groups but more of the fact that I am still not doing anything after I am done with my degree unofficially.

I mean, I know.
I just want to choose the most "right" job for me that I can think of when I land for my first job. Don't really dare to risk my resume just by landing in whatever job that I may get.

Please excuse my behavior.
Just for a while.
That is all I ask.

I just wish that whoever (me, you or Daphne) it may be, please please please talk to someone or do anything (excluding harming to self and to others) that would make you feel better. 

Many times I'd talk to friend/family, go for some comfort food, sleep, and etc.
Remember to keep them short.
Then set a date to think things through.
Eg. What to do? Re-plan. Dream and act.

Things will slowly fall into place once we take the first step out from our fall.
we just need a little faith sometimes.

Just take it slow.

Telling myself that from time to time.

I believe I can.

Not now.

Miss Hana Smudge-proof Eyeliner

Hello, my beautiful readers!

I bet a lot of you have been asked, "Which body part you love/disliked the most of yourself?"
As for me, I love my eyes the most although I have dark eye circles (but fret not, there is concealer to save the day). Eyes are one of the very important assets we own. Not only do they let us see the world, colors, acknowledge and communicate with all the beautiful living things on earth and many more - so please take care of them. In the market now there is a lot of cosmetics sold to aid us in enhancing our natural features.

More awakened eyes.
Fun. (popping colors maybe).
Innocent (eg. puppy eyes).
Sexy (eg. cat eyes!).
It all depends on how you draw it and the colors you use.
So have fun experimenting with different strokes and different colors!
Here is a video by Bubzbeauty, my go-to Youtube Beauty Guru showing the different methods of using an eyeliner in creating different eyes for different occasion.

Today we will talk about an eyeliner that I have purchased back on 07072014.

Image taken from Natta Cosme website

Brand: Miss Hana

Item: Smudge-proof eyeliner

Color: Dark black

Size: Ultra slim 0.1mm

Content: 1ml

Cost (RM) :
35.90 on Rakuten Malaysia site
29.90 on Hermo Malaysia site (retail price of 39.00)
29.90 on Natta Cosme Malaysia site (retail price of 35.90)

As claimed (on package):
Perfectly defined gorgeous eyes & 24-hour lasting
Super-fine brush tip designed as marker pen
Highly pigmented and color-saturated
Apply smoothly with super-fine brush tip
Quick-drying (Waterproof) & greaseproof formula
Vitamin B5 & repairs eye skin,

Pure water, Ammonium acrylates copolymer, Glycerin, Propylene glycol, Polysorbate 20, Phenoxyethanol & Ethylexyglycerin, Xantham Gum, Pantothenic acid, D&C Black 2, Iron oxide Black

How to create an ideal eyeliner (on package):
1. Draw 2mm eyeliner from the inner to the middle of the eye.
2. Apply along the lashes from the middle to the outer corner of the eye.
3. Featured the outer corner of the eye upper by extending 1cm.
4. Deliver charming eyes effortlessly with color-saturated.

Pretty packaging right? Diamond at the cap. ^^ Attractive eyes aren't they? (Image taken from Natta Cosme website) 

I got it from the shop of Natta Cosme, S2, Malaysia.

The eyeliner drawn using Miss Hana Smudge-proof Eyeliner (picture taken back in August)
Why I bought it in the first place?
I have heard of the good name of Miss Hana initially on Instagram by some shop online. Thinking that it is so good, I just randomly purchased the product. Plus, it looks so pretty. Black was chosen coz my last eyeliner was a brown one. Thus, I need a fresh change. Black also makes my eyes more alert, I think. Lol.

Glides on smoothly
Thickness is easily controlled by me
Love the pretty package (diamond at the end of the cap)
Not that Waterproof? - I can rub the tails of my eyeliner off with my fingers or a Q-tip (whether it is wet with water or not) if I want it.
Do not last for 24 hours in my case.
The whole tube dries out in about 2 months with no frequent using of it. It is so irritating that I got to find another eyeliner now. Any brands that you can recommend me? ^^

I have read numerous reviews on Miss Hana Waterproof Gel Eyeliner, here are a few:

Maybe I should give it a try on this brand again?

No. However I will most probably try out some other eyeliners under the same Brand.

My September Blogger-Singer Crush

So sorry guys. And so sorry to my deary blog for I have abandoned you for so so long. I constantly gave myself excuses for not blogging. Eg. Shitty Internet connection, uploading of photos that takes FOREVER, traveling and not doing much at home like I don't need to find a job (In fact, I really really do!). So I have been keeping up with my blog MANUALLY. *cheeky smile*

Now I am just paraphrasing and pasting my words into this blog space. I kind of enjoyed doing this coz' I am as if reliving my moments. ^^ Kind of. 

I know I know.
It was so so long ago.
It was an unplanned, amazing Saturday night (07092014) in JB.
(Already posted a pic or video on that day itself via my Instagram account!)
 Never did I expect to be in the place so I left my camera charging in the hotel.
*so regret*

Before I reached there, I already saw Daphne posting of her going to sing in the public for the first time. I was excited but sad coz' I am going to JB with the bf and his friends on that day. Totally thought I couldn't see her. So surprise we were to go to the club and in that club she was performing! *fan girl mode so on*

Below will be a stream of videos and pictures of her performance and the place. So sorry for the spam and unclear videos/pictures quality, they're taken from my Samsung Note 2.

The place. Don't really go to places like these often. Was amazed by the lighting and sound system.

Here comes Daphne and Kang Er.

Trying to capture it well, but uhh, phone is just not good enough.

Capture more from afar. 

Then Bf accompanied me to take pic from the nearest spot that we could stand on.

One more should be sufficient.

This is taken by using an Iphone. That's the closest I can get.
Here are some short video clips of the performance that I have recorded in my phone. Sorry for it being short and not professional of me but the mobile battery is running low. So that is the best I could do.

In short, I thank you for today. Felt all LUCKY after seeing Daphne though I didn't get to really snap a pic with her. I am grateful to be able to see her perform that night. To be honest, I have never felt the rush of the "fan girl" symptoms. Lol.
Thus, I conclude that I really do admire her, her character that I see in her blogs.

Thank you to my one and only supernatural energy that has allowed me to meet her. Felt like the fate kind of thing. <3

Lastly I want to say that I feel like Raj (in Big Bang Theory) who requires liquor to help him talk to girls. In my situation, I believe that liquor would help me to have the courage to talk to my idol, Daphne. Bahahhaha,