Mini Haul at Markets Fourteen

I came across Carinn's post on 19/12/2014 but only managed to have a read about it the following (20/12/2014) morning at around 10.40am.

Image taken from Carinn's post.

I told bf and he was like, "You want to go?"
And I was like, "Are you serious?"
I quickly got ready :)
(felt like a great great day already!)

We arrived there around 12.30noon


While queuing up for the goodie bags for the first 1, 200 customers, I have pledged for the cute shark there

Just sign the petition, hopefully then the total amount of pledges can make the government help the sharks. Thought they look ferocious, the real ferocious ones are the greedy humans/demands of consumers.
(Image taken from the Markets)

There were quite some choice of food there. 
We had these:

He had the Chicken Chillie Cheese Dog and part of the Fish Burritos (RM14) while I had the desserts of Mixed Berries (RM7) and Smore Brownies (RM4) from "that last slice". Desserts were quite good but sweet for me. However it is alright coz' I don't eat it everyday :)


Who go there but don't buy one?

These are my hauls ;)
I finally bought these pieces.
I have seen numerous pictures on Instagram and all by fashionistas.
I have been itching to get my hands on these pieces.
And, yes, finally I got the gut to get them and added them to my wardrobe.
Better late than never right? :)

Black midi skirt from Wonderism. White crop from Apee. Red off-shoulder crop and champagne lace top from Dreamscape.

All I also don't have so.....Buy, Buy, & Buy. Don't care if there will be any event to wear to but I should just get them first :)
One each should be enough for now :)
Quality were all very very good.
Such a pity that the white crop was a bit dirty.
Wash also cannot really remove.
I buy till I forgot to inspect my goods properly.

Chiffon black blouse. Plain blouse on the right. Stretchable yellow tube top. Free yellow stripes top found in bf's goodie bag.

Got them coz I just needed them I guess. :)
Love how good the material was for the stretchable yellow tube top.

Oh, and I also got my first stack rings of three pieces.

Sorry for my unpolished fingers.  :)
That is all for today's super duper short update.
Just to tell myself that I have updated part of my wardrobe.

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