Hot Food at Magnum Cafe, KL

Hello to my beautiful readers!

I bet a lot of you have already visited Magnum Cafe, Midvalley.

Guess intro of the place is not needed as many have already raved about it, especially their "make your own magnum". Before I went there, I have already read a few reviews of the place before and after the opening. I also saw tons of Instagram updates of the super fancy-looking ice cream. Omg, so wanna try.

I finally then visited Magnum Cafe for the very first time back in 26th November 2014 with Ms. S.
It's like about 2-3 weeks after the opening.
Although late but they say, "Better late than never!"

In my post I would like to talk about the hot food served there.
Hot as in a proper meal/dish eg spaghetti etc.
Yeah. Hot dish.
Not just desserts because I think many have already talked about it
(but I will still do that, for the purpose of closure).

There were two floors.

The image above was taken after we were done eating. Scarily long right?

When we were there, the queue downstairs were a quarter of the picture as seen above. 

 But on the second floor, no one was really queuing yet.

That's how "long" the queue was on the second floor. So lucky for the both of us ^^

So we asked the waitress there and she told us that if we want to have proper hot food, then we can have it here. But if we just want desserts, we can go down. Bet the long queue was due to the "make your own magnum". As for the already set combination of ice cream or other desserts and spaghetti dish, be seated and enjoy on the second floor.

The deco there were super pretty.

So bling, attractive and pretty!

Just can't get my eyes off all these pretty deco.

And one more ^^

Have a look at some pages of menu that I have captured:
(I didn't get to capture the "hot food" pages as I was too hungry)

That's the menu at the entrance of the Magnum Cafe. Simplistic and elegant looking menu! ^^

First page of the menu that reads, "A day without pleasure is a day lost."

The next page of the menu showing the step-by-step in making you own Magnum."

The Magnum Signature Combinations<3

These are the food we ordered:

A table full of food for 2. The table is a little small but it was okay.  Also do bring along jacket/scarves as it was cold for us that time.

I had Chicken and Salted Egg Spaghetti & Golden Flower.

(According to the Menu) Chicken and Salted Egg Spaghetti. Pasta served with salted egg sauce crisp chicken, Asian pesto and chickarones. A Malaysian inspired pasta.
RM 22

Comment: Spaghetti wasn't that great as the salted egg makes me feel so full. Too much, maybe? At the first look I thought the portion was very small and I was surprised that I cannot finish it. The overall dish leaves a "sandy" feeling after the meal (I know it is due to the salty egg right?), consequently not that appetizing. Luckily the ice cream that I ordered save my day.
Rating: 2/5

Golden flower is a coat of classic vanilla and white chocolate, topped with gold nuggets, popcorn and culinary rose petals + drizzle with dark chocolate.
RM 9.33

Comment: I love it! So smooth and very satisfying for a sweet tooth like me. It may be overwhelming for people who don't consistently take cold dessert. Worthy anyway! ^^ Another thing is that I simply feel like some herbivores churning and swallowing the rose petals. The scent is nice but when I gotta eat it, hmm. I am supposed to consume them right? Lol. Nevermind, it has already been digested. ^^
Rating: 4.5/5 

Ms. S had Spicy Crab Spaghetti and also Cookie Monster.

(According to Menu) Spicy Crab Spaghetti: Spaghetti tossed with hand-picked crab meat, crustacean bisque, and cilantro pesto.
RM 28

Comment (by Ms. S): I liked it because I think they balanced the ratio of crab to spaghetti. And at every mouthful you can definitely taste the crab. The spices are not overpowering, making you want more of it each time, Ms.S highly recommend you to try it1!!
Rating: 4.5/5

(According to Menu) Cookie Monster is a coat of classic vanilla and dark chocolate, topped with crushed oreo, white crunch pearls and also dark crunch pearls + drizzled with white chocolate.
RM 9.33

Comment (by Ms. S): Cookie Monster is to die for. Those who love the combo of chocolate and vanilla will love it. The sweetness is not too much and the oreo crumbles gives it a crunch to the ice cream.
Rating: 5/5

We also shared Chicken Karaage that was served with some cheese and sour sauce, don't remembered what it was already.

Chicken Kaarage
RM 17

Comment: We agreed that it is a little tasteless and would prefer it to have a little more seasoning. The inside of the meat  is juicy, we like it! However the lack of taste for us, the sauce served counter that as it goes well with the meat. But this snack do not make us crave for more.
Rating: 3/5


Friendly Reminder: You do not have to rush to eat or take pictures of your ice cream if you do order hot food because the outer layer of the ice cream won't melt (the inside do however unfortunately). We tried that, so do not need to worry if you do not mind eating the already melted insides of the ice cream!                                                                               =)


P.s. If any of you went and tried their other hot food, do let me know what you think of them! Thanks!

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