My September Blogger-Singer Crush

So sorry guys. And so sorry to my deary blog for I have abandoned you for so so long. I constantly gave myself excuses for not blogging. Eg. Shitty Internet connection, uploading of photos that takes FOREVER, traveling and not doing much at home like I don't need to find a job (In fact, I really really do!). So I have been keeping up with my blog MANUALLY. *cheeky smile*

Now I am just paraphrasing and pasting my words into this blog space. I kind of enjoyed doing this coz' I am as if reliving my moments. ^^ Kind of. 

I know I know.
It was so so long ago.
It was an unplanned, amazing Saturday night (07092014) in JB.
(Already posted a pic or video on that day itself via my Instagram account!)
 Never did I expect to be in the place so I left my camera charging in the hotel.
*so regret*

Before I reached there, I already saw Daphne posting of her going to sing in the public for the first time. I was excited but sad coz' I am going to JB with the bf and his friends on that day. Totally thought I couldn't see her. So surprise we were to go to the club and in that club she was performing! *fan girl mode so on*

Below will be a stream of videos and pictures of her performance and the place. So sorry for the spam and unclear videos/pictures quality, they're taken from my Samsung Note 2.

The place. Don't really go to places like these often. Was amazed by the lighting and sound system.

Here comes Daphne and Kang Er.

Trying to capture it well, but uhh, phone is just not good enough.

Capture more from afar. 

Then Bf accompanied me to take pic from the nearest spot that we could stand on.

One more should be sufficient.

This is taken by using an Iphone. That's the closest I can get.
Here are some short video clips of the performance that I have recorded in my phone. Sorry for it being short and not professional of me but the mobile battery is running low. So that is the best I could do.

In short, I thank you for today. Felt all LUCKY after seeing Daphne though I didn't get to really snap a pic with her. I am grateful to be able to see her perform that night. To be honest, I have never felt the rush of the "fan girl" symptoms. Lol.
Thus, I conclude that I really do admire her, her character that I see in her blogs.

Thank you to my one and only supernatural energy that has allowed me to meet her. Felt like the fate kind of thing. <3

Lastly I want to say that I feel like Raj (in Big Bang Theory) who requires liquor to help him talk to girls. In my situation, I believe that liquor would help me to have the courage to talk to my idol, Daphne. Bahahhaha,


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