Noble House Seafood Restaurant

Foodie post again!

I went to this restaurant for dinner. It was some time ago. That time, there were a lot of people.

So we ordered 3 dishes and yeah I felt cheated by one dish.
For more information, please continue reading it. ^^

Dish #1 : Special "Shu Fen Gen"

For "S" it costs RM 12.
For "M" it costs RM 15.
For "L" it costs RM 20.


It is extra "chewy". Not my kind of dish BUT good for you if you are into it. When I chew it I thought of "sotong" BUT honestly, I have never eaten one before. I was told by my sisters that it is chewy. Anyway, the texture is not like chewing gum. So yea. I personally think chewing gum is better than this "Shu Fen" above.

It is also "too SALTY"!

It should also have more pork fats (cause' I love them soooooooo much!)

Overall, we agreed that the texture is BAD not as good as expected!



Dish #2 : Crispy Chicken with Almond

(this is the dish I said I felt cheated by. Ok lah, maybe I wasn't reading the menu carefully??)

For half a chicken, it costs RM 19.
For the whole chicken, it costs Rm 38.

The sauce is of spicy, sour and sweet. A perfect combination with the chicken!!

Do you think it is chicken meat?? NO! It is actually made of fish cake . On top of its finely roasted chicken skin there were sesame seeds and nuts sprinkled on top.


I like how the sauce compliments well with the chicken (fish cake).

Quite nice la although I felt cheated.

Overall dish isn't that oily.



Dish #3 : Tong Poh Pork

It costs RM 20.

Small right, the portion? I am glad that the bun is not semi-soaked in the same dish as the pork. ^^

Ta-daa. A close up picture. The meat looks nice and tender right? ^^


It is just like any other typical dish la. Nothing much to comment here.

It has a not-so overwhelming herbal scent.

Overall it is nice. The bun is also soft.

However, I saw a mini hair on its skin




All three dish totals up to RM 60. So expensive la I think. Portion also not that big and some dish are just normal to my tastebuds. In the end I left the place still feeling hungry. "Shu Fen Gen" is the most salty dish of all, making me TOO THIRSTY!

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